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As Halloween knocking the door, you must be confused about what to dress up as or what costumes to wear for Halloween. As the increasing fanbase for animes, most of you must be wondering if you can wear anime characters costumes for Halloween and the answer is yes.

We have collected some best tips and ideas  for you which will help your dream of an anime character cosplay come true! In this article, we have discussed various things related to anime costumes for Halloween such as the characters which you choose, the horror anime character to cosplay, dressing up as anime characters with a group of friends, and also some anime Halloween makeup tips.

Halloween is right around the corner, it is celebrated on 31st October all around the world. It is mandatory to wear costumes if you are celebrating Halloween. Since anime has become a very likable topic right now, here are some anime costumes and characters you can dress up as.

Anime Characters To Dress Up As For Halloween

Anime Characters To Cosplay For Halloween

If you wish to have an aesthetic Halloween, based on Anime, you can take inspiration from No Game No Life, Noblesse, Anohana, Orange, Violet Evergarden, and so on. If you wish to have an aesthetic theme in your party, these are the best amongst the lot. The sceneries are beautiful and can be extremely attractive for a theme party such as Halloween.  

Are you confused on ‘who should I be for Halloween anime?’ Here are a few of the anime cosplay ideas we have put together for Halloween this year.

Anime Characters To Dress Up As For Halloween

If you want to dress up in something minimal and cute this is what you can go for. The costume is super cute and not very exaggerated.

If you wish you cosplay characters from Anime, you should dress up as Hinata from Naruto, Sasha Brass from Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager from Attack of Titans, Levi from Attack of Titans, Naruto Sasuke Kakashi Sakura from Naruto. These are some really popular characters therefore, you will be easily recognized and if you can make the costume as close to the real characters, you are going to be praised like no other person!


Who wouldn’t want to dress up as Kakashi right? This costume is not only minimal but also looks super cool!!


This Ashe costume looks gorgeous and rich.The colours and the silhouette is absolutely stunning. This something you should definetly try for halloween. This costume gives off very strong and powerful vibe just like the character.


This Naruto Gaara costume again looks super comfortable as it does not have a lot of accessories. It’s not too fancy yet something a Naruto fan would definitely wear!


This costume of Ichigo Kurasaki from the Bleach manga series is absolutely halloween-like. This would be best for people wanting to dress up in some dark characters which looks a little intimidating.

Anime Group Halloween Costumes

Do you have a group of friends who loves anime? If yes then here are few anime group Halloween costumes for your group of anime fanatics.

If you and your group are all fans of Anime and want to dress up as an anime group, I have options for you all. Black Bulls of Black Clover, Team 7 of Naruto, Tokyo Manji Gang of Tokyo Revengers, Special Operations Squad from Attack on Titans and the Z Fighters from Dragon Ball Z.

Anime Group Halloween Costumes

One can go for the costumes of Blue Exorcist if they have a group of men and women.These costumes looks a little school uniform types, with no efforts you can dressup in groups and represent this anime.

Anime Group Halloween Costumes

Girls group of Anime fans for Halloween? Well, this is something you must try. These costumes are super fun and colourful.

Anime Group Halloween Costumes

Naruto fans ? Well dress your group up in these costumes of different Naruto characters. It can be a group pd girls and boys as there are many characters and you may choose few out of them.

Anime Group Halloween Costumes

Boys day out on Halloween? But in the Anime-way? Then consider Hunter X Hunter

Anime Group Halloween Costumes

This is the best costume for girls trios group you can go for this Halloween! These characters costumes from Sword Art will make you look like you’re right out of the anime world.These costumes look very pretty and something that will make you stand out on Halloween.

Horror Anime For Halloween

If you want to dress up in something intimidating and spooky and you love animes. Here are a few of the spooky characters from different animes which you can dress up as; the perfect combination of horror and anime for Halloween.

Mamuru Uchida from Perfect Blue, Shion Sonozaki from Higurashi, Monokuma from Dangaronpa, Yoshikage from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia are some horror-filled anime characters who can be your biggest nightmares.

Horror Anime For Halloween

This is Itori, a character from Tokyo Ghoul series. There are few things that are added to this look but it looks really good. You can add your own elements to the look it doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the character.

Horror Anime For Halloween

Mei Misaki is a female protagonist of the series Another. The costume is not very exaggerated or anything but this does look little creepy. It is a simple yet mysterious.

Horror Anime For Halloween

This is Yuno Gasai, she is the main female protagonist of the Future Diary Series. Her looks are psychopathic. Her character is portrayed as a crazy stalker, obsessive and very cruel; which is a deadly combo.

Horror Anime For Halloween

Sunako is the protagonist of the series Shiki. Her name means “corpse demon.” She is a creepy character with jet black eyes and hair, that is perfect for Halloween.

Horror Anime For Halloween

Kaneki is the amin protagonist of the series Tokyo Ghoul. He is a one-eyed ghoul. His eyes and mask are what make this character unique. This character can be easy to dress up as but it looks kind of scary.

Anime Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup is very important especially if you are dressing up as a character. But however, it is not always important to dress up exactly like the character itself. You can always add up something of your own and give it a personal touch.  

Anime characters tend to look like dolls, they usually have a very fair skin tone with rosy cheeks and rosy lips. Use a lot of blush all over your cheeks and nose, get a tinted pink lip color to cover the inner parts of your lip, and put a clear gloss over it, in order to enhance your eyes you need to use a white liner to border the lower lash line and a nice liner for the lid, put in contact lens and lashes to finish it off. There are other forms of makeup to look like an anime character, but this is the most generalized and basic form.

The makeup for anime characters can be done in the same way as of the character or you can do it your way. It totally depends on what look do you want. If you wish for example you can take up your favorite character and change it into a murderer or a zombie. The idea here is too keep some main elements of the character alive and changing it’s personality into something you want.

Here’s an example of Shoto Todoroki who is a protagonist of the series My Hero Academia. The real character in the right is actually a male character whereas this girl in the left dressed up as him. The main important elements and features of the character is beautifully shown as I mentioned above it is important to keep the main features of the characters you choose which makes them instantly recognizable. In this case, the red spot around the eye and the two coloured hair are the unique features! She has also added few elements on her own: the hair is long, she did not change the colour of the iris using lens, the costume is not same as the main character. I hope this example made the point very clear.

Where To Buy Anime Halloween Costumes?

We have got top 3 stores where you can find a variety of anime costumes. These stores have a variety of costumes to choose from, however, you can also make your own anime costume at home!

Anime Halloween Costumes For Best Friends

Best friends are very essential parts of our lives, and to dress up as best friends from anime characters for Halloween is even more delightful and compelling. If you wish you do the same, you and your best friend could go as Gon and Killua from Hunter X Hunter, Mikey and Draken from Tokyo Revengers, Asta and Yuno from Black Cover, Kagome and Sango from Inuyasha, Sakura and Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura, Kyoko and Yachi from Haikyuu are some best friend duos you can very easily pull off to showcase your friendship.

Anime Fashion for Halloween

Dressing up as an anime character is not very easy but once you start watching anime, you get a very good idea and it can be easily accessible. Some Gothic clothes worn in the anime style, dressing up like anime characters, going for Halloween aesthetics with a tint of anime, and so on is the fashion for Halloween if you want to dress up in the anime theme.

Anime Halloween Fashion Ideas

Anime Fashion tips for this Halloween could be a lens for cute, big eyes, aesthetic eye makeup for different characters, simple ideas like a onesie or a cartoon hoodie, anime accessories like choker or necklaces, earrings, netted stockings with short skirts, and wrist bands from different anime characters.

Anime Halloween Fashion Images

What Do I Give Anime Characters on Halloween?

Give Kaguya the love she deserves, condolences for Hinata for her dead brother, give Goku a picture of his parents, freedom for Eren Yeager for the lifelong battles he has been fighting. These are some things you can give to these characters if they turn up.

Which Anime Character should I dress up as?

You can dress up as Goku, it is very simple and easy as well as it is extremely famous. All you need is a blue top, orange suit, thick eyebrows, and spiked-up hair. Lelouch Lamperouge is another character whose outfit is easy, although it will take some customization, and is very attractive. You are bound to look amazing in it. All you need is a blue or black suit with a ruffled shirt and some golden borders on it to finish the look.


We hope you found this article helpful and it gave you some interesting ideas for this Halloween.

Thanks for the read! watch this video for more help, slay and enjoy this Halloween make sure you don’t forget to comment and tag us on ig to get featured in the next article

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Styling Cropped Flare Jeans in 2021? We’ve Got Your Back!

Denim is back in style and so are cropped flared jeans. Denim has been everyone’s staple since forever. Everyone owns at least one pair of jeans – they’re comfortable, durable, and can be styled in numerous ways. In the mid-1960s, flared jeans were a thing. It has evolved a lot since then. Cropped flare jeans are the basic flared jeans we know of, but just that, as the name suggests, they are cropped to the ankle.

So in this article we are going to discuss some tips on how you can style them, where to buy them, and we will also be answering some FAQs.

Tips for Getting and Styling the Right Cropped Flared Pants!


When choosing flared jeans for yourself, you need to check the fit and get the perfect one for yourself. There are a lot of disadvantages to wearing the wrong fitted clothes; the most important one is that it doesn’t flatter your body and looks very shabby. Please get the correct size of jeans unless you want to go for a baggy look.

In order to get your perfect fit, cropped flared jeans, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • SIZE: It is very important for you to understand the shape of your body and to know your correct size. This helps you choose a better fit for yourself. When you buy your cropped jeans or any other jeans, make sure to select the right size.
  • LENGTH-As the name suggests, we are here talking about cropped flared jeans. So, the perfect length for cropped flared jeans should be the ankle. You need to make sure the fit is not longer than the ankle, because then it is no more than a cropped flared jean.

High-waisted pants are loved by most people nowadays as they make you look kind of taller and give the illusion of having long legs. We get high-waisted features in almost every piece of clothing nowadays, from skirts to trousers to everything in between. Similarly, you can also find some high-waisted cropped flared pants that look super chic. Although low-waist jeans are coming back into trend, high-waist jeans are never going out of style.

But how do you style them?

You can pair up your high-waisted, cropped, flared jeans with a button-down shirt, or just a casual t-shirt, or even a blouse. Whatever you wear with your high-waisted cropped flared jeans, if it’s long, please TUG IT IN.It looks absolutely stunning.

So, you must be wondering why I got so worked up about tugging on the shirt. Tucking your shirt or t-shirt into any high-waisted pants emphasises your curves, elongates your lower body, and creates a visually appealing proportion. Sounds cool, right? So just go and try it!


Cropped Flared Jeans are super chill and comfortable jeans which you can wear everyday. So how do you choose what shoes go with it? Well, you can go for sandals, flats, heels, or anything you want. Just make sure it compliments your upper garments as well. Wearing a solid-coloured button-down shirt with high-waisted cropped flared jeans and heels, for example, will give your outfit a very classy look while also complementing your upper garment. We have attached some pictures for your visual reference:

Having said that, don’t be afraid to try something out of the box. You can wear chunky heels and different colours mixed and matched, which takes us to another point, colourblocking.


Ever heard of colourblocking? No? Well, no worries. We are here to help. Colourblocking is basically using two or more colours which are opposites in a colour wheel to make interesting colour combinations. The colours compliment each other and have contrast.

Does this sound complicated? Well, to make it easier for you, let’s take an example with some visual reference:

First of all, did you know you can get cropped flared jeans in a variety of colours nowadays? You name it, they have it. This year was all about different colours, patterns, and bright and pastel shades. So, for colourblocking, you can use flared jeans of any colour. So, for example, let’s say you have yellow cropped flared pants, so you can wear a pink shirt or t-shirt on top and then pair it up with green heels and a bag. So this not only makes your outfit look super colourful, but also very lively. But if you don’t like too many loud colours, then you can stick to monochromatic outfits. Let’s look at these beautiful colourblocked outfits:


The frayed hem is very popular and trendy. There are brands selling various clothing items with frayed hems. It gives a raw look and you can even make it your home. Cropped flared jeans with frayed hems look very raw and stylish. The distressed look it gives is not very distressing.

So you have cropped flared jeans but without a frayed hem? Don’t worry, you can simply do it at home. All you need is a scissor and tweezers.

  • First you need to cut the hemline of the jeans very carefully. Don’t cut it too short and make sure you measure it on yourself and mark it first.
  • When done cutting, you need to take your tweezers and pull the threads from the hem.
  • Make sure you have a clear idea of what kind of fray you want. So, accordingly, you can pull more or less threads and TADAAAA….. your DIY Frayed Hem Cropped Flared Jeans are ready to be worn.

Top 5 Best Cropped Flared Jeans

armani exchange cropped flare jeans

armani exchange cropped flare jeans

banana republic cropped flare jeans

banana republic cropped flare jeans

black cropped flare jeans zara

black cropped flare jeans zara

citizens of humanity demy cropped flare jeans black

citizens of humanity demy cropped flare jeans black

high waisted embellished dot cropped flare jeans

high waisted embellished dot cropped flare jeans
Are cropped flare jeans still in style in 2021?

Yes, definitely. They are back in style with a lot of colour and are pretty much liked by most people.

What are the best shoes for cropped flare jeans?

You can wear heels & boots with cropped flared jeans

Crop flare jeans with flat sandals?

Yes, of course, why not? Comfort over style. You can wear Cropped Flared Jeans with a flat sandal and a casual tee.

How do you make cropped flare jeans?

You won’t be able to make cropped flared jeans at home or on your own until you have a solid understanding of sewing and measurement. If you have flared jeans, you can simply measure and cut them to the ankle while keeping the frays. You could also get a regular-fit flared jeans and then cut them, but both would cost about the same, so you might as well get the cropped one.
Unless you already own a pair of flared jeans (in which case you can cut and sew a cropped version), you can get one for yourself.

What shoes do you wear with cropped flare jeans?

You can wear any kind of shoes you want, depending on your upper garments. For example, if you’re wearing a spaghetti top, you can pair it with boots.You may also play with colours.

What to wear with cropped flare jeans?

You can wear literally anything you want. From tank tops to sweaters and shirts. Anything. Just style it accordingly.

Where should cropped jeans hit?

Your cropped flared jeans should normally hit your ankle as it is “cropped”. If it is longer, then it is no longer cropped and if it is shorter, it usually doesn’t look that great.

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How To Dress In 2022

Taking notes from the Spring/Summer 2022 collections.

With Paris Fashion Week coming to an end, just like every year, stellar collections were put out by a lot of talented designers this year too. Of course, our lives have changed drastically owing to the pandemic and so has the fashion industry, but now everyone is looking forward to getting better than before. A lot of shows consisted of new silhouettes, bright colourful designs, drama with elegance and also bringing the Y2K style with a modern twist to it.

This reminds us of a quote by Karl Lagerfeld – “There is nothing worse than bringing up the ‘good old days.’ To me, that’s the ultimate acknowledgment of failure.”

So this feels like an apt time to talk about next year’s fashion and how to dress in 2022. We are looking at runway looks from the Spring/Summer 2022 collections by brands like YSL, Moschino, Alexander McQueen, YY/Project, Junya Watanabe, Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, Dior Men, GmBh, and Dries Van Noten.  In this blog, we will be discussing what caught our eye and why.

All Black Chic

Although it is no new information that luxury/couture designers love black, this Spring/Summer we got a lot more fits in all black than we were expecting. At Junya Watanabe, we got to see the new era for menswear with skirts and blazers in all black. It looks very effortlessly classy and comfortable too.

Saint Laurent is known for his classic, chic and timeless black and white colour palette, which has trickled down to menswear designs as well, almost the entire collection was a sea of black and white just like Rick Owens. But other than the colour palette nothing else is similar about the two giants. The silhouettes at Rick Ownes were a lot more pronounced with deconstructed knits and trains.

 At Louis Vuitton as well we saw quite a few all black outfits, although each one was styled with a different pop of colour, and this green and black combo really spoke to us.

How To Dress In 2022

The trend of denim never fades

We have already discussed about denim in our previous blogs, let us reiterate denim is making a comeback this Spring/Summer. This time designers really put their thinking hats on and manipulated denim in unthinkable ways, which was very fun to watch.

Rick Ownes’ take on denim stunned us the most! Making a long and baggy t-shirt out of denim in a deconstructed style is genius. Junya Watanabe has made really commercial denim jackets for the Spring. GmbH understood the assignment by pairing a blue denim jumpsuit with a brown belt to cinch the waist and also zippers placed all over the garment in a very enticing way. Y/Project also took a dive into the denim on denim look but their pants have two layers, the one on the inside is darker than the one on the outside, giving it a sense of depth. And Louis Vuitton went big with a colourful jacket in what looks like a tie dye print and paired it with acid washed denim with the classic LV monogram

How To Dress In 2022

How To Dress In 2022

For some reason, quite a few designers are anticipating demand for knits this coming spring. Demand or no demand we are here to enjoy the show and high quality artistic knits.

How To Dress In 2022

Y/Project really stunned us with this textured knit sweater with cutouts near the neckline, almost like a fishing net or a bunch of ropes tied smartly to create drama. At Dior it was a knit fest, to say the least, they showcased knits with fun designs, motifs, and their monogram too, which shows the craftsmanship of the brand.

Moschino showcased campy sweaters in bold colours and paired them with denim to let the sweater shine through.


I’m sure you all know by now what monochrome is (if not we recommend you to go through our colour blocking masterclass)

This season monochrome was done differently. It was done in both usual and unusual colours. Rick Ownes and Dries Van Noten chose to showcase outfits in white and khaki monochromatic scheme. While Rick’s whole outfit looks extremely editorial and edgy, Dries Van Noten’s suit deserves to be worn by an A-lister on a red carpet.


Then we have Louis Vuitton and Dior, who took a road less traveled. Louis Vuitton played with texture and volume in this blue outfit, it looks like armor over a raincoat with a hat and mufflers. If you feel this is a bit too much, you always have the option to pick and chooses elements from the look. Dior also showed a look in minty, almost neon, green paired with the same coloured bucket hat.


This seems like a usual garment to be included in every collection, this fueled the designers to add their own flair to it. Dior put long panels of fabric on the sides of the shorts, that look like pockets in the size of paper bags that you get take-outs in, this definitely looks like the next big trend.

At GmbH we got shorts paired with their signature crisscross designed coat. The shorts look super commercial and something their clientele will really enjoy.


Moschino also included shorts with a food motif all over them, Jeremy knows everyone is craving to eat at fancy places so he made an outfit to match the mood. While the food motif is not new at Moschino, here it feels quite fresh.

Saint Laurent designed chic, comfortable yet classy formal wear for their collection. It seems like a perfect outfit for an outdoor summer wedding, because who wants to be in uncomfortable tight pants and sweat all day long anyway. And luxe loungewear got a new face at Dries Van Noten, with bold colours and silky soft shirts and shorts.


Opulence, extravagance, and drama are what we have been craving for some time now, and designers really showed up and showed out. With eye-catching colors, cutouts in interesting places (almost weird too), shiny fabrics, costume outfits, face masks covering the entire face, we were really served a wide range of drama.


Louis Vuitton made monochromatic fits but added elements of drama like a chessboard print face mask covering the entire face paired with a hot pink coat and pants or cartoon-ish ear muffs with cat-like ears on them. Also, their combination of soft furry ear muffs with all leather outfit screams drama in itself.

Y/Project really explored cutouts this season and this coat really impressed us. The construction is so interesting. By putting out this scarf-like shirt having cutouts near the naval with a well-tailored jacket, Y/Project is letting the big players know they are one to watch out for.

Moschino and GmbH explored new fabrics and showcased this stunning sequins suit in a shiny royal purple color. While GmbH did their signature coat in white fur, adding snow king drama this Spring/Summer

Which one of these styles impressed you and what will you dare to wear this coming spring/summer let us know in the comments below.

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Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Winter isn’t coming, it is already here! You better get some good and cozy new sweaters to have fun this season. And to help you decide we have made a list for you.

Before we dive into the list let us be crystal clear that by sweater we mean a garment that is made of knitted or crocheted material, it comes with both, long sleeves and sleeveless.

Sweaters are traditionally made from wool but with technology now they also come in cotton, synthetic fibers, or any combination of these. We will be covering everything that falls under the sweater category, call it a sweater, pullover, jumper, slipover, sweater vests, or anything you like.

Sweaters have been around for over a century now and almost all variations of them have been explored by humans all around the world. From Mick Jagger wearing a turtleneck sweater back in 1965 to Harry Styles rocking cute sweaters in 2020.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Now that we have established that sweaters are always hot, in this blog we will also be showing you different ways to style each sweater on the list.

Zara has so many stunning pieces that it doesn’t take you long to find a good piece. We explored the whole store and bring to you the best of the best Zara sweaters.

  1. Grey Purl-Knit Sweater

Remember Drake’s hit song Hotline Bling? Now let us show you what he wore in the music video.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Well, Zara must have had Drake on their mood board for this grey Purl Knit, just take a look at this –

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Pretty similar right? Now, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this! This sweater is made from spun cotton fabric so you know that it is super breathable. It is a heavily textured, chunky turtleneck with long sleeves with ribbed trims. It feels just as cozy as it looks.

It has a different pattern for the sleeves and the body which not only makes it much more interesting but also accentuates your shoulders to make them look wider.

You can wear this for a cute date night and pair it with black jeans and add a pop of red to make it look hotter.

  1. Basic High Neck Sweater

We cannot stress how important it is for every man to have a staple piece like this in his closet. This is a versatile basic high neck sweater in a calming off-white color to complement the chilly winter weather. Specifically, this is a lightweight straight fit sweater with a high neck and long sleeves with ribbed trims

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

You can pair this with a dark coloured blazer and trousers to impress people at a formal event or a flannel shirt for a semi-casual event. Or even if you just show up in this and either monochromatic trousers or dark coloured trousers or jeans, you will still nail the look. Besides who doesn’t like a turtleneck? Other than looking chic it also helps you hide some hickeys.

Accessorizing the look with a blazer or hoodie and glasses with a Fossil watch on will give you the title of always looking like a boss. Either that or a nerdy teacher depends on how you style it. Either way, having fun with the outfit is more important, isn’t it? 

  1. Timeless Black Turtleneck

Another staple piece every man should own is a black turtleneck. This basic and versatile piece has all the power to spice up your wardrobe and give you the image of the man that makes every woman swoon. Black other than being a slimming colour also has an eerie blanket of enigma around it that makes the wearer seem sexy, powerful, mysterious, and irresistible. 

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

This is a turtleneck sweater made out of wool blend featuring long sleeves and ribbed trims. This can be donned for a formal event, first date, or even a red carpet. “If you are ever finding it difficult to put looks together, just look up what Zayn is wearing and try to recreate his looks. His looks are mostly very chic, timeless, and powerful”, said some wise man. So let’s do that now

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Zayn Malik walked the red carpet many times, looking all hot and sexy in this same black turtleneck, just styled differently with different accessories.

Looking solid in solid colors, you can also pair this black turtleneck with a navy blue blazer or suit and the same colored trousers and finish the look with some silver jewelry to look uber rich. Carry some Ray-Bans too, if you are going out.


This shirt style was often worn by the Britishers with Jodhpur pants while playing the game polo, hence the name. This style was later popularized by Ralph Lauren in America. It is just recently that this style has been adapted in different materials and variations of it are explored by designers.

Zara made it into a long sleeve sweater with collars, front buttons, and ribbed trims to make it fit well

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

This look can be sported, pun intended, with loose-fit denim, a baseball cap, and Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. It is a very “soft boy” look aesthetic, which is very popular with the younger generations.

Want to go out to the cafe to catch up with some old friends or just to work this look is not only comfortable but also makes you look well put together.

 So even if you don’t have your life figured out, your outfit can give that illusion, isn’t that great?


We know what you are thinking “Oh! Another purl knit sweater?” Well, yes. You simply can’t have “enough” sweaters in your closet, not when Zara is still making such fabulous ones.

This is a knit sweater made out of a cotton blend, V neck, and long sleeves with ribbed trims. For us, this sweater just screams airport comfy-luxe, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

It is heavily textured and the V neck is in a different pattern which draws attention to your neck, so make sure there are no hickeys, and perhaps have a chain on to make it even more exciting.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

This sweater would look really good if you have some classes to attend early in the morning. If it is offline, you can pair it with come comfy track pants and loafers or slip-on.

Now that we have shown you some versatile and chic basics, let us move on to some funky sweaters for all you risk-takers out there.

  1. Textured Sweater
Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via –

The idea of men only wearing dark and plain colors is way too old. Gen Z considers flaunting bold and vibrant colors and prints are more manly now. This soothing pastel pink textured loose-fitting sweater with a round neckline, long sleeves, and ribbed trims look so effortlessly rich.

Paired with green or brown trousers it would be a really amazing look for a day out in the park or on a brunch with some close friends.


Staying in line with fun prints and cool colors, next up on the list we have an ombre jacquard sweater that is the definition of a party look to impress your crush.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men


This is a loose-fit ombre jacquard print sweater with a crew neck and long sleeves, which is honestly, great for a movie night or casual dinner or even for shopping at Zara as retail therapy. 

You can pair it with blue or black jeans, baggy or skinny fit both will look stunning. Just remember to keep the sweater as the center of attention. Add only selective accessories to keep the whole look light.

  1. Mountain Jacquard Cardigan

Harry Styles may have been the pioneer of fun and colorful cardigans by wearing the patchwork multi-colour cardigan by JW Anderson. But it is now time to take it ahead by donning this mountain print cardigan.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via –

This print pays homage to the majesty of the Alps while keeping you warm at the same time. The pastel blue contrasting the grey and the black of the cardigan make the pattern seem tranquil. With pastel colors being the hit this season get this sweater to stay on trend as always.

  1. Colour Blocking Sweater

We informed you in our color blocking masterclass (if you haven’t read it already, we highly recommend you check it out to amp up your fashion game) that colors can be used smartly to accentuate the body parts you like.

If you have narrow shoulders and a wider waist and want to make the shoulders look bigger while making the waist smaller, you will love this color blocking sweater.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via –

Or even if you have wide shoulders and want to flaunt them you can opt for this loose-fit sweater made out of spun cotton fabric, having a round neck with long sleeves.

Zara is tricking our brain with colors – the dark color of the torso makes it look slimmer and pushes it to the back, and the bright and light colors make it seem closer to us thus making it look bigger than it actually is.

You can pair them with black trousers, which will elongate your legs.

  1. Abstract Jacquard Sweater

We have not come across anything more punk rock than this black and white graffiti-like print sweater.

We are sure everyone has had a goth phase growing up, if not then perhaps a rebel phase. And this sweater perfectly embodies the energy and mood of that phase.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men


The tie dye-like edges of the abstract white stripes makes the sweater look grotesque and violent. Pairing it with black pants and silver jewelry will definitely make you look like the coolest hitman that has ever walked on this planet. If you would have told us that this sweater was designed by Alexander McQueen or Rick Owens we would have agreed with you.

The next two sweaters are specifically for super funky people, it is not for the faint of heart so proceed to buy with caution.


Want to become the talk of the night? This sweater looks like it was designed for the VIP members of the rave club. The high contrasting yellow and black exude drama. They may seem loud, but if styled correctly, you will look classy.


Via –

The sudden change of the colors in a cut-like design on the chest looks interesting. The letters are randomly placed and don’t necessarily spell anything, but it can be a fun ice breaker, right?

The yellow and black combo makes it a bit difficult to pair it with anything other than black trousers, but you can always try it with some shorts or even a black hoodie over it to add another layer perhaps. If you want to look invincible, you may as well add a black face mask to get a high level of anonymity.


Via ––faes-waves-sweater-p02893300.html?v1=114345407

This is a loose-fitting sweater with a round neckline, long sleeves, and Jacquard Faes print. The dark green leaning toward teal color seems to compliment the light green wavy designs. To talk about the print looks like a modern-day digital art inspired by the painting – The Great Wave of Kanagawa  

Again, just like the previous sweater, the colors make it fit well with mostly black. If you are feeling adventurous we would recommend you style it with green pants that relate to the sweater and blue or red or yellow glasses to add a pop of color.

This is a great look for a day out running errands or window shopping with friends. We can only image high-end designers or famous influencers wearing this at Paris Fashion Week, so you need to hurry up and get this right now!

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10 Best Timothée Chalamet Fashion Moments

Timothée Chalamet, the American actor became the prince charming of the industry soon after his debut movie Call Me By Your Name. Recently spotted on the red carpets with Zendaya with his fashion game on-point. It is safe to say that his fashion is of the same caliber as his outstanding acting skills and perhaps, he is a style icon in the making. Let’s take a look at the 10 best Timothée Chalamet looks so far in 2021.

10. Cannes Film Festival.

10 Best Timothée Chalamet Fashion Moments

We love this look for so many reasons – the colors work, it looks comfy, the bling is perfect and he looks gorgeous. Wearing an Elara In God We Trust pink tee shirt with black slightly baggy trousers and Givenchy Squared Chelsea boots in the same color is a smart way to elongate his body. And to talk about the accessories, he’s wearing Gentle Monster sunglasses and Cartier bracelets and rings worth more than $50,000.

  1. SNL
10 Best Timothée Chalamet Fashion Moments

For his SNL promo looks, Timmy wore a  monochromatic Givenchy light khaki color button-up with high-waisted pants and a cummerbund-like belt, all in the same color. The tiny zippers at the end of the trousers make it a bit more interesting than regular pants. He paired the fit with Wolf and Shepard Chelsea boots

8. Vogue October Issue

. Vogue October Issue

Not afraid to flaunt his rough side, for the Vogue October Issue, Timothée wore Acne Studios sleeveless knit top, Didu cowboy laser-cut Vest with Celine Chain Leather Pants, and a funky Cartier Trinity necklace. This gives us an insight into a completely different side of Timothée that we’ve never seen before.

7. Dune Screening

Dune Screening

Timothée attended the screening of his latest sci-fi/adventure movie Dune in an ultra classy floral macrame top and leather slim pants with a latex finish, both from Bottega Veneta.

Gentlemen, this is how you play with different textures to accentuate your favorite body parts. The sheerness of the macrame top perfectly compliments the latex finish of the pants.

6. Vogue October Issue

Vogue October Issue

Another funky look from the issue is screaming that he’s ready to be regarded as a style icon. A purple oversized puffer vest, a low neck tee shirt with the same Celine Chain Leather Pants, and a Cartier Trinity necklace showing how he can pull off different styles of the same clothes.

Another funky look from the issue is screaming that he’s ready to be regarded as a style icon. A purple oversized puffer vest, a low neck tee shirt with the same Celine Chain Leather Pants, and a Cartier Trinity necklace showing how he can pull off different styles of the same clothes.

5. Met Gala

Met Gala

Haider Ackermann is without a doubt treating Timothée very well. This black and white jacket styled with Rick Owens pants with converse shoes definitely made him the talk of the night. He topped it off with some Cartier white gold bracelet and ring.

4. Instagram


Timmy shared this image on his Instagram story, chilling in Prada floral print shorts with an Entire world upcycled cotton tee styled with a Fendi baseball cap, Stella Mccartney logo belt bag, and Gucci sneakers.

3. Venice Film Festival

10 Best Timothée Chalamet Fashion Moments

Posted on his Instagram story, while attending Venice International Film Festival he stepped out in a stunning Stella Mccartney Jacket and trousers, with an Eva silk shirt under it and classic Chelsea boots. This is a successful look because it is a well-executed semi-formal look, where the blazer and trousers make it formal and the tee-shirt tones it a bit down.

2. Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film

This year’s Cannes Film Festival, like every year’s, was graced by so many fashion icons. Amongst them, Timothée turned heads in this incredible Tom Ford suit, Celine sunglasses, and his favorite Cartier bracelets and rings.

Venice Film Festival

Venice Film Festival

To solidify his star status, even more, he donned this Haider Ackermann sequinned crew neck and trousers. Making the whole look truly magical is the Cartier vintage onyx and diamond brooch in white gold and love rings.

These are all the looks we enjoyed seeing Timothée in. We hope to see him keep serving us with iconic fits. Do you have any favorite looks of his? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Best Ways to style a basic tee

A tee shirt is a versatile piece anyone can own. It can be worn to a party or wedding or a dinner or a date, all you have to do is style it in different ways. In this blog, we’ll show you 5 ways to style a basic tee to look ultra-stylish and appropriate for every event and also to get the most out of a tee.

Tee and jeans.

style a basic tee

This is a timeless combo and we mean it. For decades now this look has been trendy and will stay trendy for a long time.

Not sure what to wear? Throw on a tee-shirt, jeans, some jewelry, and bam you’re ready to serve looks. You can spice up the look by playing around with the accessories – the belt, shoes, sunglasses, shoes, maybe add a pop of color if you feel like it.

Check out this look on the world’s most famous heartthrobs – Shawn Mendes was spotted out in Los Angeles last year in the classic look, David Beckham donned it to go out for Christmas shopping, and Timothée Chalamet added a twist of acid-washed denim, and they all look stunning as always.

This is a timeless combo and we mean it. For decades now this look has been trendy and will stay trendy for a long time.

Not sure what to wear? Throw on a tee-shirt, jeans, some jewelry, and bam you’re ready to serve looks. You can spice up the look by playing around with the accessories – the belt, shoes, sunglasses, shoes, maybe add a pop of color if you feel like it.

Check out this look on the world’s most famous heartthrobs – Shawn Mendes was spotted out in Los Angeles last year in the classic look, David Beckham donned it to go out for Christmas shopping, and Timothée Chalamet added a twist of acid-washed denim, and they all look stunning as always.

  1. Denim on Denim
style a basic tee

Another classic combo to always fall back on is the denim on denim look paired with a crisp nice tee shirt. Here we would suggest you go a little soft on the bling, if you want, add maybe just a watch, belt, and sunglasses.

Want some inspiration? Take a look at this Levi’s campaign or Vicky Kaushal or even Ryan Gosling! You can also explore fun prints on denim or denim of different colors.

  1. Just some shorts
Just some shorts

Every once in a while we all need to step out in some comfy casuals. Pairing a tee shirt with some shorts seems like a perfect solution. You can make it sporty with some Nike Air Force Shoes and a watch, maybe a tote bag if you need to carry things with you. Just take a look at Zac Effron from years ago to Childish Gambino to Justin Bieber in 2021, nearly every celeb has stepped out and been papped in this, perhaps, chic look

Every once in a while we all need to step out in some comfy casuals. Pairing a tee shirt with some shorts seems like a perfect solution. You can make it sporty with some Nike Air Force Shoes and a watch, maybe a tote bag if you need to carry things with you.

Just take a look at Zac Effron from years ago to Childish Gambino to Justin Beier in 2021, nearly every celeb has stepped out and been papped in this, perhaps, chic look

  1. WIth a Flannel or Plaid
WIth a Flannel or Plaid

Flannel and plaid are versatile not only because they are so universal but also because they are androgynous. It makes you look dressed up, but not too dressy, it has just the perfect punch. From BTS” Jin to Post Malone it looks so effortlessly cool. You can go out for a chill night or to the movies in some track pants and a tee-shirt with a flannel shirt over it. With the bucket hat, we would say it’s a pretty cool airport look too.

Flannel and plaid are versatile not only because they are so universal but also because they are androgynous. It makes you look dressed up, but not too dressy, it has just the perfect punch. From BTS” Jin to Post Malone it looks so effortlessly cool. You can go out for a chill night or to the movies in some track pants and a tee-shirt with a flannel shirt over it. With the bucket hat, we would say it’s a pretty cool airport look too.

  1. Blazer up
Blazer up

Long gone are the days where wearing a tee shirt to a formal event was taboo. Tee shirts are not just for informal and casual events, you can totally put them on for a formal gala. Make sure you pair it with a suit or blazer and well-fitting trousers.

Icons Robert Downey JR and Harry Styles are here to show you exactly how it’s done. 

You can definitely look out for other fun options to look dapper. Options like colorful boots, baggy trousers, maybe sequins pants or jacket, just remember to have fun.

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Top Hottest Black Skirts

This year has been pretty iconic and revolutionary in fashion.

Despite these shifting fashion trends, people’s favourite colour has always been black. In this article we will be talking about outfit ideas for women in 2021, especially focusing on  how to wear black skirts in different ways. We will also recommend a few top brands who sell pretty black skirts and will answer some FAQs. So hang on right there and read this till the end.


Here are few ways you can style a black skirt :

Korean Style Black Skirts

Top Hottest Black Skirts

This black mini skirt is mainly a part of Korean fashion and has inspired and impressed many people. It is super chill and comfy. You can style any black skirt with black sandals and socks, wear a casual tee and you are good to go.

Top Hottest Black Skirts

Another way of styling your black skirt is to just use the contrast. Pair it with a white tee and white shoes. This is very comfortable and can be worn everyday. Korean fashion is very minimalist and simple but at the same time looks very appealing so don’t add too many layers just keep it as basic and wearable as possible while trying to style the Korean way.

Boss Lady Looks Black Skirts

Boss Lady Looks Black Skirts

You can wear your black mini or mid-length skirt to work in the office. It can be paired up with an embellished white blouse. You can choose to wear a basic white button down shirt.Pair it up with a pair of stilletos.While dressing up for work some people choose to be comfortable and some try to dress elegantly. Just remember that you would need to sit and work wearing that outfit so make sure you are not going overboard by adding a lot of layers or accessories which might be distracting and uncomfortable for you to work in.

Boss Lady Looks Black Skirts

This look  can be worn to work in the office. You can wear your mid-length black skirt. It can be a cotton pencil skirt or a leather skirt. Just pair it up with a pull over which has a high neck.This look would be more suitable for winter wear. You may wear ankle-length boots or mid-calf boots. Accessorize it with the bag and sunglasses. It is also very casual and comfortable for you to move around wearing this while working.

Streetstyle Wear Black Skirts

Streetstyle Wear Black Skirts

Streetstyle fashion is really popular these days. It’s all about baggy clothes and comfortable fabrics etc. This all black outfit is to die for! Wear a black top with your black pleated mini skirt. You can add chunky silver accessories and pair it up with platform boots or just any black boots.

Streetstyle Wear Black Skirts

This is another street style outfit that can be worn by pairing your black denim skirt with a cropped sweatshirt or even a hoodie that is oversized. Furthermore, you can add accessories, and you may also add fishnet stockings. Wear black sandals, or you can simply wear any black shoe as well. And you are all set to show off your look.

Minimalist Cute Vibe Black Skirts

Minimalist Cute Vibe Black Skirts

If you want to style your skirt very casually and cute, then you can style it with a sweater (preferably a lighter colour). You can choose a solid sweater or one with cute flowers etc. Just pair it with ankle-length boots and some pendants. You can style this with a pencil mini skirt or a flared skirt. To make your outfit look cute you can choose some soft colours, it instantly makes it very soothing and cute.You can choose pastels or just neutral shades.

Minimalist Cute Vibe Black Skirts

Another way of styling your black skirt is to wear a cropped shirt along with it. It looks cute and it can be worn black. You can now even wear a pair of black lace shoes with black socks. If you don’t own a cropped shirt you can simply turn your old shirt into a cropped one by just measure g it and cutting it with scissors, you wont even have to stitch it as it anyways looks nice. Tie your hair in plaids and you’re ready to go.

Another way of styling your black skirt is to wear a cropped shirt along with it. It looks cute and it can be worn black. You can now even wear a pair of black lace shoes with black socks. If you don’t own a cropped shirt you can simply turn your old shirt into a cropped one by just measure g it and cutting it with scissors, you wont even have to stitch it as it anyways looks nice. Tie your hair in plaids and you’re ready to go.

The Fashionova Style Black Skirts

The Fashionova Style Black Skirts

Want to look like a FashionNova in your black skirt? Well, we have got you all covered. Styling like a Fashionnova does not mean wearing a lot of things. You just need to style it correctly. So, for styling a black skirt like in the picture, you can wear black on black and it never goes out of fashion. You can either choose to wear a leather skirt or a flared, pleated skirt. Wear a skin-tight top and, preferably, full sleeves. It makes you look chic, elegant and stylish at the same time.

The Fashionova Style Black Skirts

For this look, you can go with a pleated black skirt or any other black skirt and pair it up with a high-neck top that is skin-fitting. Furthermore, accessorise it with a necklace and a statement bag. You can wear it with black stilletos. It gives off boss babe vibes and is very stylish.

Winter Lookbook Black Skirts

Winter Lookbook Black Skirts

Styling a black skirt in winter sounds cool, but how do you keep yourself warm and look stylish at the same time? Well, we have two winter looks that you can pull off with black skirts in winter!! The first one is pretty warm and casual. You need a sweatshirt, a white shirt, a fluffy jacket or you can even wear a varsity jacket instead. Wear your shirt underneath your sweatshirt and add a jacket as a layer, depending on how cold it is. Wear a black stocking underneath your skirt to keep your legs warm. Pair it up with black boots. You may accessorise it with a simple chain. Also remember to take your collars out of the sweatshirt as shown in the picture.

Winter Lookbook Black Skirts

For this look, you can wear any full-sleeved top and your favourite black skirt. As I mentioned earlier, stockings are to keep your legs warm. To add to this look, you can layer it up with a long trench coat or even a blazer. Don’t forget to carry a sling bag. Pair it up with your black boots. This look is more classy and chic. Add some minimal accessories.

Where to Buy Black Skirts?

Now that you’ve read how you can style black skirts in multiple ways , you must be wondering where do I get one? There are many brands that sell black skirts, different types of black skirts, we’ve have chosen the top five amongst them which sells the best quality skirts and has a lot of varieties that you can choose from. The top 5 brands you can buy a black skirt from are :

These are few brands where you can buy your black skirt; be it denims, leather or just cotton skirts. So go and get one for yourself. We hope this article  gave you some tips on styling a black skirt and it was helpful to you. Thanks for the read.

All images were taken from Pinterest.

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Top Crown Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Crown tattoos are very symbolic and powerful tattoo designs. They are suitable for every gender. You can never really go wrong with a crown, unless you do not get it done from a good tattoo artist. They have a very appealing appearance and can be placed anywhere on your body, according to your choice.

The Meaning of Crown Tattoos for Girls

Crown usually symbolises power and royalty. Crown tattoos can signify strength, ruling one own’s life and being confident, pride, courage, independence and so on. Although the meaning is most likely to differ according to every individual. A couple or best friends getting crowns tattooed together might mean they are going to rule the world together or rule their love/ friendship together. A crown tattoo adheres to every gender with little to no change in its meaning, but also depends on the tattoo holder and his perception of the tattoo.

Crown Tattoos for Girls

A crown on any part of your body is a very simple and attractive design. You can definitely get a skull with a crown, crown with flowers, a very detailed crown, crown with a small quote or a word, rubies or precious stones on the crown, a crown on the head of your favourite wild animal, champion crown tattoo, winged crown tattoo, Greek crown tattoos, a very defined character with a crown on their head are some options for crown tattoos. Girls usually get crowns tattooed on their finger.

Simple Queen Crown Tattoos

A crown with Q written below it, crown tattoo with a key chain, crown with a splash of blood behind it, rubies or diamonds dripping from a crown, detailed picture of a crown, a simple diamond tiara, a thunder with a crown. These designs will surely make you feel powerful and royal, like a queen.

Small Crown Wrist Tattoos

Since wrists do not allow too much space for a very big tattoo, which would not be too appealing either, wrist tattoos should be small. The basic crown, colourful crown, tiara, laurel, your favourite crown from across the world, a word with a crown are designs which can be tattooed on the wrist. Wrist crown tattoos will give you hope and strength whenever you look at it and obviously look extremely alluring to everyone. 

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Why Louis Vuitton is trending after BTS airport appearance, explained.

BTS, the K-pop sensation has taken the world by storm once again, and no, this time it isn’t by releasing a chart-topping song. While we are still dancing to the bop that is Butter, BTS was papped at the airport. They are flying down to New York to represent their country at the UN General Assembly.

This is the first time ARMY has seen them at an airport since the pandemic broke out and all the members look impeccably dressed for a long flight. All of them donned the best of Louis Vuitton, getting the brand trending on Twitter. Call it the BTS effect, perhaps.

Have a look at what they wore.

Looking extremely dapper in a light blue LV monogram button-up paired with brown LV monogram trousers, V definitely made a few thousand fans swoon.

RM, the leader of the band stepped out in a grey LV hoodie and pants, a very practical fit for a more than 14 hours flight.

Jungkook turned the party up in this black tee styled with co-ord tie dye LV monogram jacket and cargo denim pants.

Jimin made heads turn in an all black outfit, LV tee shirt and pants. His LV Petite Malle bag is what we’re living for! He also added a little bling with his LV Volt One pendant and Vendome FLex Chelsea boots.

Jin kept things casual in this End Goal LV Crewneck and LV x NBA Flared Denim. But what ARMY is obsessed with is the cute RJ Baby Silicone Keyring on his LV green Litter Bag.

Suga looked comfy in a LV Cuffs Cashmere Crewneck with Damier Knit travel pants.

J-Hope pulled off a look which not many people would dare to wear. SHowing off his legs in a GoodBoy Golden shorts with a LV x NBA Zip hoodie and LV Petite Malle bag in the classic LV monogram.

Garnering millions of likes, tweets and sales for LV is a side effect of their charismatic personalities and unbelievable talent.

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Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

Acrylic nails are colorful nail extensions made out of a powder mixture and a liquid. They fit your nail perfectly if done by a good nail artist. They are usually time-consuming to get but last a considerable time and do not damage your nails. The best part about acrylic nails is that anyone can get them, it is possible to make them of any desired length, shape, color, and design.

Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

Top 10  Acrylic Nail Designs

As said before, acrylic nail designs can be according to each individual’s preference. There are several options like the basic short nails with a neutral colour, long acrylic nails with colourful water dripping upside down, simple glittery acrylics, acrylics with marble designs and golden or silver lines, geometric line and designs on acrylics, French manicure blended with the nail colour, floral designs, colourful water colour effect designs, several designs with favourite food, flowers, designs with quotes and lastly nails with cloudy effects as a design.

Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

How To Use Colored Acrylic Nail Powder?

Coloured Acrylic Power needs to be used very carefully. It should always be taken in very small quantities and spread evenly all over. It normally flows so let it flow down and lightly tap it and blend it with the nail. The product must not be very thick over the nail but should be thin. It is usually recommended to not mix two colors without experimenting because it might ruin the design. All in all, it takes practice to perfectly make acrylic nails so surely practice and you will do a good job.

Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

What Can You Use With Acrylic Powder?

You can use monomer liquid, water, especially warm water as it helps harden the acrylic nails faster, polyester resin. You can make the liquid at home as well with water and washable glue, it works perfectly, just like a proper acrylic liquid.

Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

How to Buy Acrylic Powder?

You can buy Acrylic Powder from Amazon. It is very easily and readily available there. You can find the powder at different nail salons, other online options are,,, and so on.
If you are a beginner you are recommended to use Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail Kit for Beginners, Coscelia Acrylic Nail Kit and Liquid Set, Fashion Zone Acrylic Nail Art Kit are some options.  

How do you make acrylic powder?

It is not possible to make the Polymer Powder with the Monomer Liquid. By adding water to the mixture, you can separate the monomer and extract the polymer powder.

Can you use acetone with acrylic powder?

You aren’t supposed to use acetone with the powder but make sure to clean your nails beds with acetone before applying the powder, also make sure the acetone dries before the powder is applied.

How do you make colored acrylic powder?

You can use colored chalks, soft pastels and mix them with the acrylic powder and create colorful powders.

How long does acrylic powder last?

Acrylic nails last for a considerable amount of time, about two to three weeks or a month, with proper care, after which your nails start to grow.

Do you need a UV light for acrylic powder?

No, you do not require a UV light for curing or drying the acrylic nails. They are supposed to be air-dried.

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