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7 Hot Runway Trends to look uber-stylish this winter

Well, winter is almost here and all designers have showcased their stellar collections and everyone is excited to know the most fashionable trends. We are here to make you feel like a million bucks and make people swoon in every room you enter

It has been a rather tumultuous year for everyone; all the social-economic factors have influenced the fashion, from opting for more cozy fits to desiring more functional clothes, the demand has changed drastically and damns the designers talented enough to give what the customer asks for, so we are here to list for you the 7 hottest runway trends.

  1. Zoom outfits.
Zoom outfits.

Even if the world goes back to normal (hopefully pretty soon), the chances of us getting rid of zoom meetings are pretty slimmer. So most designers wanted to tap into the luxe loungewear market and boy did they serve! From Raf Simons to Prada to Virgil Abloh For Louis Vuitton loungewear has officially taken over. You can find them in funky prints. Being stylish for zoom meetings will surely impress your co-workers and give you an edge.

  1. Look chic in Leather  
7 Hot Runway Trends to look uber-stylish this winter Look chic in Leather  

Not only is leather a staple winter/fall material (we would recommend getting faux leather), but it is also very versatile. You can put it on to feel rich and look stylish even if you are out for a walk. This season we were blessed with so many different options in just leather coats, you can go for GmbH’s stunningly constructed snake print set or Fendi’s time’s black jacket, or if you want to add some spice opt for Berluti’s multi-colored jacket

  1. Chilly legs
7 Hot Runway Trends to look uber-stylish this winter Chilly legs

A lot of designers astonishingly feel like a lot of men would love to put on some shorts and bare it all. So if that is your style, you will not be disappointed with the myriad of shorts that were shown this fall. We feel you would love the Burberry shorts, the Fendi and Versace shorts were also phenomenal  

  1. Baggy Trousers
Baggy Trousers

If you are not the kind who would bare their legs, don’t worry you don’t have to suffer in the tight skinny jeans, trousers or chinos, this season most designers chose to show baggy trousers (and with good reason as most people are still in the pyjama phase). Designers from Dries Van Noten to Olivier Rousteing to Zegna to Raf Simons have catered to people wanting comfort over impractically skinny pants.

  1. Sweaters and Sweater vests
Sweaters and Sweater vests

Flaunting fun sweaters and sweater vests seems to be a form of escapism this season, and there’s nothing wrong in feeling amazing so let’s wear it with a new sense of optimism and boldness. Hermès showcased cashmere sweaters having a triadic color scheme print in an almost Matisse style. Fendi and Zegna put out baggy, fun, and Gen-Z trendy prints to appeal to the younger customers.

  1. Turtlenecks are in vogue
Turtlenecks are in vogue

Pretty similar to sweaters, another winter staple – the turtleneck made a statement in quite a few collections. Zegna put out greenish aqua blue pants pained with blueish-grey turtle neck,, Balmain had neon green turtleneck chunky sweaters and even Hermès decided to include classy chunky turtlenecks although in earthy tones and Dion Lee added a touch of his deconstruction style to turtleneck as well.

  1. Mini Bags are hot
Mini Bags are hot

Yes! These mini bags are so practical and fashionable at the same time you just can’t say no. So instead of carrying a huge bag everywhere just for a few essentials or to put it all in your female companion’s purse, you can just get these super hot mini bags. Prada-designed gloves that come with mini bags attached to them are simply *chef’s kisses* similarly Zegna showed foldable bags, Dries Van Noten came up with bright yellow mini bags to add a pop of color to your fall outfits and Etro also made super chic small bags for men.

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