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How to dress like Wi Ha-Jun – the Squid Game superstar

Squid Game has become a global phenomenon catapulting its cast to global fame and it shows no signs of slowing down as the show has been renewed for season two now. Even though its cast was a part of quite a few notable movies, shows, and events after Squid Game they are now invited to most major events and signed as brand ambassadors, and they need their fashion to reflect their popularity.

In the show, Wi Ha-Jun played Hwang Jun-Ho, a police officer who is in a desperate search of his brother. Don’t worry we will not give any spoilers, in case you have not watched the show yet (what rock are you living under if you have not watched it yet)

In this blog, we will be looking at Wi Ha-Jun’s hot fashion game outside the show, mostly his Instagram posts. We can notice his post Squid Game fame elevated his fashion too, now that he has huge brands waiting for him to wear their clothes. But even in his daily life, when not dressed by big brands, he shows amazing fashion sense.

We can see him sporting strong impeccably tailored suits to casual yet stylish streetwear, let’s discuss that.

  1. Burberry Jeju

Burberry signed a few high-profile celebs to launch its store in Jeju, South Korea. And it was obvious that Wi Ha-Jun was one of them.

Give adventurous vibes in this cream puffer jacket, black turtleneck, and brown trousers.

The mix of textiles is something you can draw inspiration from. The matte puffer jacket gels well with the shiny brown trousers and to not overcomplicate the look he styled it with a plain black turtleneck tucked in and a pair of brown boots.

Wi Ha-Jun burberry

This would make a great luxurious vacation outfit. The fabrics make you look like a million bucks and you will stand out in group pictures too.

  • Burberry Jeju II

All black outfit styled with a red-ish brown sleeveless varsity jacket with dramatic shoulders and Burberry’s BB monogram on the chest. The Burberry imaged landscape looks stunning, no doubt, but Wi Ha-Jun truly stole the show.

Burberry Jeju II

This is a really awesome look to emulate. All you have to do is get a chic varsity jacket you love and pair it with an all-black outfit. Why all black, you ask. Because it’s super easy to style almost any color with black, which gives you the freedom to pick the jacket in the color you love.

  • Red all over

Out of all his Esquire Korea feature for November Issue, Wi Ha-Jun’s red ribbed sweater look really caught out eye. Let us give props to the set director and photographer too, the muted colors of the sofa and background let his red sweater take the center stage.

Red all over

Want to know how you can style your sweaters? Check out our Best Zara Sweaters to check out great options similar to this.

  • BTS

Presumably, a behind-the-scenes snap posted on his Instagram, Wi Ha-Jun is wearing a classic, college boy vibes and easy fit – a black shirt and shorts with a crisp white tee. The shoes and socks match the entire outfit and on a closer look, you’ll notice that the gray hat matches the grey in his shoes. The devil is in the details.

  • Moments before fame

Wi Ha-Jun donned this oversized suit styled with a white graphic printed tee tucked in, for the online press conference release of Squid Game.

For a while now celebs have been breaking out of the customary black and white suit and this takes that a step further. A suit can be styled with not only turtlenecks and floral print shirts but with tees as well.

Moments before fame

If you are going for a printed tee, you can match/complement the colors on the tee to that of the suit like Wi Ha-Jun did here, the red, pink, and yellow complement the maroon suit.

  • Casualness overload

For his “off-duty” looks, Wi Ha-Jun really sticks to classics. You can take that route too. This denim look is simple yet effective and has been around for quite some time now.

If your tee and track pants feel too basic, throw on a jacket and that will instantly elevate the whole look.

Casualness overload

Furthermore, you can also style the fit with cool shoes, a watch, sunglasses, and matching jewelry.

  • Ditto

Posted on Instagram with the caption “A cup of coffee before the shoot.” Keeping in mind, his love for the classic college boy aesthetic this look really hits differently.

You can also recreate this look, as you won’t need much but all that you already have in your wardrobe.


Get a pair of shorts and match your accessories with them. Throw on a crisp white or black tee and match your shoes with it. Simplicity is the key. This look is so classic that you can sport it at the airport without any hesitation.

  • Jimmy oh Jimmy

The cast was invited to the Jimmy Fallon show and Wi Ha-Jun made a statement in this red and black Prada jumper paired with black trousers and black boots.

We have been saying for a long time now that black and red is a super hot combo to wear at a first date, this may not be a date but he did leave everyone breathless. So let’s take notes.

Jimmy oh Jimmy
  • Shark – The Beginning

For his movie, Wi Ha-Jun donned a sculpted, well-tailored suit. He knows when to dress up and how to turn looks for a particular event.

The black shirt was a great choice as it allows the neutral khaki-ish color of the suit to pop and it also complements his fair skin tone.

Style tip – shoes can make or mar the entire look, so make sure they are in sync with the rest of the outfit.

Shark - The Beginning

Overall, his style is very easy to draw inspiration from. He opts for casual classic and versatile streetwear pieces for his regular life and then amps it up for special occasions by looking dapper in suits that are appropriate for the occasion

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 Looking for some inspos and outfit ideas for the beach? This article has been compiled with all trending beach fits. We have covered topics such as beach outfits for ladies, Kendall Jenner beach outfits, etc. You’ll find some really stylish and sexy outfits ideas that you can plan to wear to the beach So, read till the end to get numerous ideas and amazing inspos for your beach visit.


Here are some beach outfits we have selected for women that can be your beach outfit next summer:


sheer skirt

This is a perfect outfit for the beach. The sheer skirt on top of a bikini set not only makes you feel comfortable roaming around but also looks stylish.


super comfortable outfits

If you are not really sure about wearing a bikini then this is something you must try. Hot pants with a bralette and a flowy shrug. Pair it with super comfortable slippers.


outfit with fabric Pants

This is the chic beach outfit. Comfortable cotton/any breathable fabric pants with a scarf-top. Make sure you feel comfortable in it so that you can enjoy your beach moment.


hawaiin oversized shirt

This outfit looks so flowy and cool. A printed Hawaiin oversized shirt with shorts. Simple and perfect for beach.


black bikini beach outfit

Wearing a skirt outside a bikini set is never a bad idea no matter what the reason might be. It looks stylish and pretty. Here the girl is wearing a black bikini set and an almost-sheer skirt. The leopard-printed skirt is going very well with the black bikini.


Here are some inspos for you to wear on your next visit to the beach.


co-ord beach outfit

This is a gorgeous co-ord for the beach. You can wear something like this in other bright colors and prints too!!


low neck dress outfit

This low-neck dress is that dream-beach outfit. This looks stunning and can be worn outside a bikini.


white beach outfits

All white never goes wrong. Especially if you are going for a clean look. This is another low-neck dress of a sheer fabric, flowy and perfect for summer beach visits. The accessories here are also white matching everything; made of white pearls.


flowy beachwear

The color is something everyone would love to wear. The matching bikinis in the darker shade make it look very stylish. This flowy beachwear gives us major Instagram influencer vibes.


polka dotted beach outfit

This polka-dotted wrap-over dress is just the one for you if you want to go for some retro-chic look. The deep-cut neckline helps you to show off your bikini set underneath and the sleeves also look very pretty and pinteresty.


Here are some best beach outfits from Shien, you can buy for your beach-look:

cute bikini outfit

This particular one is a cute bikini top and a mini skirt with butterflies on it. This outfit is a mixture of cute and sexy.

purple bra

Another one here is kind of  similar to that of the one shown above. Just the skirt is a little different and definitely the color.


This all-white outfit again is perfect for beachwear. It is a white wrap-over skirt which can be opened easily before going in for a swim. The top is also pretty with a bow in the center.

This sexy outfit from Shien is a must buy. The all black combo is to die for. It is a set of three. A bikini top and bottom set plus a sheer black scarf that can be worn as a tie-knot skirt. The  lace wrap-over bikini top is absolutely gorgeous and sexy. This whole set is a must buy.

This is another floral beach set from Shien. The bikini top has ruffled sleeves and the whole floral print gives off beachy vibes. The wrap-over skirt also looks sexy and has ruffled hem.


Kendall Jenner the fashion queen has given us major fashion inspos so we have compiled some of the best outfits inspos here you might wanna try:


This is a co-ord set of printed bikini top and a wrap-over skirt looks simple yet stylish.


skendall jenner

This is another outift;a crop top and a flowy skirt combo. The color is very pretty and looks great.


Another beach outfit worn by Kendall is this neon yellow bikini set underneath a graphic oversized half sleeved tee; which looks fun and comfortable.


In this one she is wearing a halter-neck top and running shorts with a cropped jacket. The color combination is just perfect and looks very sporty.


Lat but not the least this is a tie and die co-ord set of low-waisted straight-leg trousers and a full sleeved cropped button-down crop-top. It is paired with snakeskin printed bandeau and bag.


Couple goals? Wear matching outfits to the beach. Here are some fresh ideas for you:


couple matching outfits

This is a tropical- printed set of bikini and half-pants and shirt.


black couple matching outfit image

Leopard prints are never out of fashion. Here the outfit they are wearing is matching black shirt for man with the black bandeau for the woman with the leopard printed skirt and half-pants.


white couple matching outfits

Here in this picture the woman is wearing a floral printed dress and the man is matching it with his floral printed shirt which looks exactly same; with half-pants.


black couple matching outfits

 All-black outfits are everyone’s favorite. In this picture, the women is wearing black co-ord of a blouse and a sheer wrap-over skirt. The man is wearing basic black tee with shorts. The color is the common matching factor here. It looks effortless and chic.


cute couples outfit

This last one is super cute watermelon printed outfit worn by both. The man is wearing the watermelon printed pink shirt and matching shorts. However, the woman is wearing the matching wrap-over shirt outside the black top with black shorts. It looks cute and fruity.

These were some of the best beach outfits inspos for all of you. Hope this article helped you in getting inspiration from these outfits and that you’d be styling it to your next beach-visit.

Thanks for the read.

All pictures taken from Pinterest.

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20+ Outfit Ideas For Couples

Are you looking for ideas on how to dress up like couples while going out with your other half? You are at the right place. We have selected and complied 20+ outfit ideas for couples that will blow up your mind



black couple outfits

Who doesn’t like wearing all black right? Well, you can style up in an all-black outfit matching your significant other. Keep one thing in common such as in this case the leather jacket and the high-neck. The girl can wear pants too instead of a skirt.


Don’t want to wear matching outfits? Well, then you can dress up differently but in the same vibe. Like in the picture both of their outfits are different however, the vibe matches as the color worn by both blends in together perfectly. You can even dress up in an outfit of different shades of the same color your other half would be wearing. Like for example if your significant other is wearing navy blue then you can wear something sky blue or pastel blue, sea blue. It belongs to the same color family.


white tshirt and blue jeans couple outfit

Wear the same color outfits but differently. Here the white top, blue jeans, and white shoes are the same. But the girl is wearing a tank top which makes it a little different but matching at the same time.


red and black color couples outfit

For couples who want to look like couples but don’t want to wear the same garments. This is perfect for you. The guy is wearing a red high-neck that matches with the red on the girl’s skirt. The color palette for both are the same but the way they’ve worn it is totally different. It is effortless and looks great.


 monochromatic colors couples outfit

Go monochromatic with your partner. Here’s the perfect inspo for you. One of you can wear full white and the other can wear full black as shown in the picture. Here’s a hack to make something similar in the two, both of them are wearing Jordans of the same color. You can do the same. You can choose monochromatic colors other than white and black as well. Such as sky blue and navy blue or purple and lavender.



As you all must now have understood how making a few elements the similarity between both the partners can make a huge difference than just wearing the same outfit. Here’s one more example of that. In this picture, the color palette is perfectly matching. The similarities here are the boots, the jacket, and the white t-shirt. You can even make trousers as one of the matching elements instead of a t-shirt.



Here both of them are wearing outfits of their choice the only similarity here is the color of the jacket. Very little effort, no such planning, just very casual but yet very couple-ish.



This Korean couple outfit inspo is perfect for right out of K-drama feels. Here both are wearing similar sweaters with different colors. Not much similar but looks very cute and gives major couple goals. You can also style something other than a sweater too with your other half.



The vibe here is absolutely perfect. The way the outfits are planned- mixed and matched looks very aesthetic. The color of the pants of one of the partners is the same as the top worn by the other. The outfit styling here gives off soft vibes and is very Korean-like.



Want minimal similarity in the outfits but want to still look like a couple? This is what you should go for! Pick one color that is in both you and your partner’s wardrobe and you both have at least 1-2 clothes/accessories/ etc. Mix, match and wear it. Like in the picture if you go for it you can wear shoes and a beanie of the color you both decided on and your other half can wear a jacket of the same color. Or even vice versa. This way there are small elements of the same color that makes you look like a couple



Love pastel hues? This inspo is for you. Pick your favorite pastel shade and ask your other half to do the same. Get the same outfit in two different pastel shades, pair them along with different shades but the same shoes. As in the picture both are jordans but of different pastel shades. This way both of you are wearing your favorite color but also giving off major couple goals.

You can choose other colors, and style them this way. It does not have to be pastels necessarily, give it your own personal touch to the look.



This is yet another monochromatic inspo for couples who love to experiment with monochromes. The styling of the outfits in the picture above is quite interesting. Both of them are not wearing all black or all white. They have total opposites, like, The girl is wearing a white hat, the guy is wearing white. The combination is interesting. You can style this with your partner in B7W as it is easily found in your wardrobe, or you can also experiment with other colors using the same styling.



Another interesting way of styling outfits and looking like influencer-couples. The colors are different, not even from the same color- family. Although the garments are the same just of different colors. I think it looks beautiful. Not very planned but very visually appealing and Instagram.



Here is the conventional style of couples wearing the same clothes, same color and everything same. Some couples might find it boring but others might love it. If this is what you are going for then you’ll need to buy two sets of the same garment and wear it together with your partner.



Another inspo for the conventional style of matching outfits with your partner. You can always add some elements of your own and style it up. Here both of them are wearing different color shoes and except for that everything else is the same. Similarly, you can wear different pants/jeans and a similar top etc.





Jaden with Aldon in this outfit looks absolutely adorable. This is a very comfy go-to outfit that you can wear anywhere. The common black color brings out the similarity. Here Jaden is wearing a yellow sweatshirt with black pants and a cap. Aldon however went all black wearing a black dress with a black bag and stockings.




Justin and Hailey as always give us the best couple goals. Here Justin is wearing a colorful printed shirt with a white t-shirt paired with black pants and sneakers. Hailey is styled with the printed dress and heels. Again, something in common is the black color.




Travis and Kylie here are in two outfits. One in which Kylie is wearing an olive green dress and Travis is wearing an all-black suit. The vibe is perfect. In the second picture, Kylie is wearing all white and Travis is wearing a chocolate-colored suit.




Jake& Julia here gives off major relationship goals. Jake in this picture is wearing a super comfy hoodie with black jeans and white shoes. Julia is wearing a strapless top with jeans and black boots, along with a black cap. They both look adorable in this fit.




Ariana and Dalton have been the cutest and trendiest when it comes to couple outfits. Here in this picture, Dalton is wearing a plaid hoodie with joggers and sneakers and Ariana is wearing a hoodie dress with knee-high boots.




Shawn and Camila look the cutes in this fit. Camila is wearing a cute oversized colorful hoodie with denim and shoes. Shawn however is wearing a pullover with black jeans and shoes. The perfect comfy fit to wear. Very cozy as well as stylish and couple-ish.




Meghan and Kelly here in this picture look like fashionistas as they are. Meghan wearing all black wrap-over top ,leather pants and boots .And on the other hand Kelly wearing white and grey pullover with white joggers and white shoes. The monochromatic combo looks amazing.




Dua Lipa and Anwar look like our next relationships goal setter in this picture. Dua Lipa wearing a turquoise Chanel top with black pants and shoes and Anwar here is wearing a casual full-sleeved tee with yellow checkered pants and shoes.




Bella and Zayn is the couple goals icon for the teens of this generation. Hence we can not miss them out. In this picture Bella is wearing carefully color-blocked look. Brick red blazer, beige top, blue jeans colorful muffler ,yellow socks and white shoes. Here Zayn is wearing black jacket and t-shirt with blue jeans and black shoes. Giving us major relationship outfits goals!!




Priyanka and Nick look perfectly styled for each other. Priyanka in her pastel pink blazer and skirt with white top and Nick in his black and white combo outfit with white jacket and shoes. Looks like a couple of outfit goals you must put onto your list and try for yourself.

I hope this article gave you some ideas for a couple of outfits that you can try out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with styling your clothes with your partner. Mix and match in different ways, and choose whatever makes you both feel like yourselves. Add your personal elements /touch to the outfits. You don’t necessarily have to buy new pair of clothes to match your partner’s outfit. Just style from whatever is already there in the wardrobe.

Thanks for the read!!

All the pictures were taken from Pinterest & Google.

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Dan Levy Style Review 2021

Here’s how Dan Levy is fashionably basking in his fame

Dan Levy, the actor, writer, director, comedian, and producer of the Canadian super hit show Schitt’s Creek, has now become a familiar face to us.

What started as a humble project ended up being one of the most talked-about and ultra-binge-able shows. The final season of the show, deservedly, won 9 (nominated for 15) Emmys, becoming the first-ever sitcom to do so.

The show is deeply rooted in Dan’s upbringing and personal life. As his dad Eugene Levy, who co-produced and played his father in the show, was and is a big deal in Hollywood, Dan says he came from a house of privileges and that was his social circle, and he always wondered what “absolute riches to rags” story would look like. The show has received many accolades worldwide and Dan is at the center of every event, so is his wardrobe.

Today we dive deep into Dan’s style and fashion game in 2021, on and off the red carpet.

9. High GQ

Dan Levy Style

Posted on his Instagram story on 5th November, Dan was at Soho Farmhouse, England in a full Loewe look styled by Erica Cloud. He was invited to the BMW x GQ Heros event. This is a classic Loewe outfit from head to toe. The sweater is a patchwork cashmere jumper along with wide cuffed jeans.

He must’ve been cold so threw on that navy blue layered trench coat. The flowy fabric pieces look gorgeous as the wind blows.

Style tip – wide-leg denim is in vogue, so opt for it over skinny jeans to not only look fashion-forward but also be comfortable while running errands.

8. Floral Fever

Dan Levy Style

He loves floral print and we love it on him. For his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show he wore the first look (the brown and white suit) by Maison Valentino. The suit looks fresh and exciting, covered in large floral print, which is not something commonly seen in mens fashion. We love that he is taking risks and is being a trailblazer. Although we are not sure about the black boots

The second look is by Loewe for the CLash De Cartier event at Place Vendome, Paris. The event was a debut for Cartier’s jewelry in rose gold, so the floral print works well here. Here we love the cream shoes to stand out from the all black look but not to over power the yellow and red floral print.

7. SNL Hit

Dan Levy Style

For his SNL guest appearance and specifically monologue, he looked dapper in this black sparkly Celine suit and Cartier bling. This is just to let everyone know that a black and white suit is still acceptable as long as it’s sparkling with Swarovski crystals.

     6. Classic Dior Homme

Dan Levy Style

Here, Dan is wearing Dior. What is remarkable about this outfit is that he is one of the celebs to embrace the luxe-loungewear, niche luxury brands are creating to cater to a client base that prefers comfort over trends. This fit looks relaxed and flattering, it is also in a colour combination that we rarely see put together. We never knew light mauve and chocolate brown would look so good together.

Style tip – Even though it’s not a major part of the look, the white undershirt and shoes really tie the whole look together. You can use this tip if you feel your outfit looks a little off.

         5. SAG Awards (Part 1)

Dan Levy Style

In his 73 questions with Vogue, Dan said his favorite designer was Dries Van Noten, so getting this Dan x Dries Van Noten moment for SAG Awards is special.

Dan Levy Style

This was the actual runway look and we love how it fits into Dan’s current aesthetic, loose fit, baggy pants, and funky accessories like the gold buckle on shoes. Dan is also known for experimenting with colours and this earthy maroon color looks great on him.

We are seeing a pattern now, he is following that general rule of thumb of styling darker colors with lighter ones.

         4. SAG Awards (Part 2)

Dan Levy Style

Dan gave us another chic moment at the SAG Awards, this time in a The Row oversized cream suit with a cravat and of course Cartier bling.

           3. Military Man

Dan Levy Style

It was a very fulfilling year full of award shows for Dan (most of them from the home of course). For the Critics Choice Awards, he wore this military-inspired Dior suit by Kim Jones. The black and white classic combo but with a fun twist and inspiration to it. We appreciate how the thin belt-like cummerbund matches the white in the rest of the suit and the military-style high ankle boots hit the nail on its head.

With this look, he was really stepping out of his oversized style and into something different for him and we must say it really paid off.

            2. Shine Bright Like a DIamond

Dan Levy Style

Another major moment we had this past year was Pierpaolo Piccioli’s first Valentino menswear haute couture. Dan wore it for the Golden Globes and was shot by Lewis Mirrett for Vogue.

The yellow suit really pops against the neutral gray background, and in this signature oversized suit style he looks comfortable and confident. The attention to detail is what is interesting here, notice how the shiny sequin turtleneck matches the glitzy golden shoes.

  • Honorable Mention

We are cheating and bringing in a look from 2020. Dan wore this stunning red velvet jacket by Tom Ford for his People’s Sexiest Man Alive Issue. We like how the trousers are different from the jacket but the glasses and the turtleneck match. It is almost creating this cut in half visual illusion where the top half is seeking more attention.

Dan Levy Style
  1. Icon Status – Met 2021.
Dan Levy Style

After the insane year and success of his show, it was only obvious that he attended the MET. A huge deal nonetheless, and he chose to make a powerful statement in this head-to-toe Loewe by Jonathan Anderson look.

“Jonathan built upon an image of two men kissing from Wojnarovicz’s work, F— You F—– F—–, named after a homophobic cartoon the artist had come across. But rather than feed on the message of hate, we wanted to celebrate queer love and visibility — acknowledging how hard artists like Wojnarovicz had to fight, while also presenting the imagery in a way that offered a hopeful message,” Dan wrote on Instagram. “Tonight, we’re celebrating the resilience, the love, and the joy of the community while honoring a crucial American voice that was taken from us too soon.”

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Best 2021 Halloween Looks

It was a spooky time in Hollywood where every A-list celeb, influencer, athlete, and model stepped out in their scary costumes for Halloween. While most of us dress up as our favorite celebs, it is always exciting to see what our favorite celebs wear for Halloween. Just like every year, we had a few hits and a few misses. One thing for sure is that a handful of Halloween enthusiasts – like Harry Styles, Neil Patrick Harris, Bretman Rock – never disappoint and fans are truly waiting all year to see what they come up with.

Generally, the shows/actors that made headlines during the year or iconic characters from the past are the go-to costumes for Halloween, so naturally this year, a few common themes this year were Squid Game (their signature tracksuit and schoolgirl doll look), Morticia Addams form the famous series The Addams Family and Lil Nas X and Satan from his iconic Call Me By Your Name music video.

But our beloved celebs showed us range in their creative thinking, so let us count down the best Halloween 2021 looks. Our criteria were – the idea and the resemblance to the character played in terms of execution, including clothes, makeup, and pose (and humor is always a plus point). So let’s begin –

8/8 – Troye Sivan

While attending the Spotify party in West Hollywood, Troye showed up as a punk rock alien ghoul. He painted his face green, which matched with his green lenses, extremely long spiky grey hair (as though just electrocuted).

Best 2021 Halloween Looks  Troye Sivan

He styled his Misfit screen printed tee shirt and sparkly see-through pants and shiny grey underwear with chunky black boots and antler-like nails. This is how you rock a Halloween look even without going for an obvious character.

7/8 – Tyga

Tyga served two extremely different yet equally spooky looks for this Halloween. His first costume was The Nun of the blockbuster 2018 movie.

Best 2021 Halloween Looks Tyga

The makeup is crazy good and the angle of the picture is even better, wouldn’t you agree? The outfit itself looks pretty cool to go out partying in LA.

Another costume he put on was Barnabas Collins, a vampire from the 1966 show Dark Shadows.


We love Tyga’s attention to detail, not only is the hair and the pose right, he even got the correct number of layers of clothes down to the scarf and necklace.

6/8 – Harry Styles

Being on tour during Halloween did not deter Harry Styles from putting on a costume. He dressed up as Dorothy of Wizard of Oz and his team dressed as the characters of the same  movie, for his “Harryween” concert at NY’s Madison Square Garden

Best 2021 Halloween Looks harry styles

He carried a basket of stuffed Toto with a cloth of the same checkered blue fabric as his frock and bow on his head, red leggings, and red shiny Custom Gucci boots. With heavy rouged makeup, he performed a cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and it was magical, to say the least.

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

5/8 – Adam Rippon

Adam’s costume made several people spit their coffee. He dressed up as Nicki’s cousins’ friend who got the vaccine. Don’t know about him? Check out this tweet by Miss Minaj.

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

And now, gentlemen, we present to you, Adam Rippon –

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

It is so witty, humorous and unexpected, that we just had to include him in this list. Also, check out the vaccine certificate that he is carrying. Barbz will get why it’s so funny.

4/8 – Bretman Rock

Bretman has become a household name and is invited to most fashion shows as a first-row guest. But he knows when it is time to put on his funny hat. For Halloween, he always has a fun costume, usually a cartoon character which is instantly recognizable (which makes his costumes so good). This year he sported two looks – one with Ezekiel and another with Cleo

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

Ezekiel, his nephew was dressed as Sullivan, and Bretman himself was Boo of the famous Pixar movie Monsters Inc. We have assigned extra points for cuteness and committed (like Sarah Paulson) ugly cry face.

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

With Cleo, on her birthday, they dressed up as Nezuko and Inosuke from the Japanese animated series – Demon Slayer. Bretman is known for using his body (especially abs) as a perfect accessory to compliment his outfit and this is another example of that. His Margiela Tabi shoes are just the perfect addition to this whole fantasy.

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

Another point to note is that his costumes are simple yet effective. Anyone can recreate these looks easily with minimum effort but look chic and deliver on the theme.

3/8 – Neil Patrick Harris

Neil and his family are Halloween royalty at this point. They have served so many spooky looks over the years that no one can touch them. This year they turned their bedroom into a room of nightmare by dressing their kids up as characters from Chucky and The Exorcist, while he and his husband dressed up as psycho, innocent-looking killers.

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

2/8 – LeBron James

Oh, Lebron went all out with his costume. He got us screaming, so…. mission accomplished? He dressed up like Freddy Kruger, the extremely scary character from The Nightmare On Elm Street.

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

The prosthetics to resemble the exposed muscles on the face are just immaculate, the hat, sweater, glove, and knife nails are ditto and the pose – I mean do we even have to explain it? We’d give this look a 10 on 10

1/8 – Lil Nas X

For a few years now, fans have been counting on Nas to turn some dope looks for Halloween, and he delivers. Every. Year.

Nas had 2 costumes planned, his first costume was an homage to Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide – a hit Nickelodeon show. He put a spin on that and called it Nas’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

We love this look for several reasons, the major one being – It’s Lil Nas X.

Also because it fits so well with his song Sun Goes Down, which talks about his prom experience and life before becoming the pop star legend he is now.

The setup is impeccable, Hodo Musa did a good job nailing the look down to the two gold necklaces. And finally, we only have one thing to say.

Wig Another costume he wore was Voldemort

Best 2021 Halloween Looks

Recognizable. Classic. Witty (with his Instagram caption).

Nas posted on TikTok the process of his prosthetics and makeup, to share with the fans the amount of time, energy, and resources that go into the costume and that is exactly the kind of dedication we love, making him get the top spot on our best Halloween costume on our list!

Let us know in the comments below, which was your favorite Halloween costume.

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Date Outfits Ideas for Girls That Guys Love!!

Whether it’s your first date or second. We are always worried about what to wear. Clothing leaves a big impression on people and this is why we want to dress up in the best way possible.

When it comes to date outfits, it mostly depends on the venue/place and time. Whether it’s a dinner date or a fun picnic date. But, no matter what you wear you should be comfortable wearing it. As if you are not it can be clearly understood. You should feel comfortable and confident in whatever you are wearing.

Top 10 Date Outfit Ideas :

Here are the 10 outfit ideas for your date that would surely change your outfit game!

Date Outfits Ideas for Girls

If you have a casual date with your partner such as a movie date or just a stroll at the park; anything casual you can go for this. This is super casual and comfortable. This does not require anything fancy just a basic pair of jeans and a top with sneakers and you are good to go. You can further add an oversized shirt to add up to the look. These look super chill and you’d definitely enjoy your day well as you were comfortably dressed.

Date Outfits Ideas for Girls

Got a picnic date to go to? Well, this is the perfect fit for you. Picnic dates are usually fun and closer to nature. So, for that, you can wear a flowy soft color dress and some comfortable shoes. As shown in the picture, dresses like that and of light pastel colors are perfect for picnic dates. It is very comfortable and looks absolutely dreamy.

Date Outfits Ideas for Girls

This outfit is perfect for dates like museum visits or luxury shopping, fine dining etc. All black always looks classy. For this outfit, you just need a body con dress, a black blazer, and black platform boots. Add a black bag as well. Nothing fancy yet chic. This really gives off boss-girl vibes and will increase your confidence by +100.

Date Outfits Ideas for Girls

This outfit is casual with a hint of sharpness. This can be worn for coffee dates, just grabbing some Starbucks or KFC, even a chill movie theater date. This just needs a basic black dress, any neutral-colored oversized blazer, and pair of knee-high boots. You may take the crossover or shoulder bag; totally depends on you.

Date Outfits Ideas for Girls

This super chill outfit again has all my attention. It is best suited for museums visits again, brunch dates, coffee dates, movies, etc. Just a basic white tee styled with a  pair of blue denim, a shoulder bag, and comfortable flat sandals. Very sweet and soft look. This looks effortlessly stylish which is a big plus.

Date Outfits Ideas for Girls
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This is a semi-formal sort of outfit which gives a very clean and classy look. This can be worn in for lunch dates at a fancy restaurant, drinks date, visiting an art gallery or some monument, etc. Again these include all basic items from your closet. A neutral-colored formal blazer, a white top, black mini skirt/shorts. Pair it up with knee-high boots and a bag. You can just go for platform boots as well. A statement bag would add up a lot to this look, in case you have one.

Date Outfits Ideas for Girls

This outfit looks very trendy and stylish and again includes the basic clothes that most of you might have. For this look you’ll need a white crop-top, black straight types of denim; even skinny fir would do. Pair it up with black platform boots and a jacket at the top for layering. And don’t forget a cute bag.

You may style this in the dark color palette as shown in the picture above or you can also style the same thing in a light color palette. For example, add on a bright-colored jacket instead of a brown one, wear blue jeans and take a funky bag.

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This very light and soft outfit look very calm and flowy. This needs just a white loose shirt, straight pants, and just comfortable slippers. Perfect for beach dates, just taking a stroll on the beach, or can also be worn for picnic dates. Anything nature-oriented venue, you can go for this look.

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This neutral-colored outfit gives off major influencer vibes. The sharp and chic outfit looks absolutely stunning. It is so simple yet so stylish. Just one white full-sleeved crop top and a pair of neutral high-waisted wide-leg pants with a black belt and black bag. For shoes, you can go with flat sandals or pointed-toe stilettos. Can be worn for any venue as it is quite neutral and suits all occasions.

black date night outfit

A black dress is the most classic outfit for a date. Especially MUST wear for fancy dinner dates. It looks very effortless but elegant and timeless. Just any solid black body-fit dress and a pair of stilettos will do wonders. You can add pearl accessories as shown in the picture. You can add statement bags if you have any. Or just any solid-colored bag will work just fine.

So these were the TOP 10 date outfits for girls that guys would surely love, but most importantly YOU should be comfortable and confident enough to pull off these looks. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your outfit. You may take ideas from this article and add some things of your own to give it a personalized style touch to make you feel more of yourself in it.

Last but not least don’t forget to wear a smile on your face while on a date, that’s the best thing you can wear that every guy loves.

Thank you for the read. We hope this article helped you in some way and has given you some idea on date outfits.

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