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How to dress like Wi Ha-Jun – the Squid Game superstar

Squid Game has become a global phenomenon catapulting its cast to global fame and it shows no signs of slowing down as the show has been renewed for season two now. Even though its cast was a part of quite a few notable movies, shows, and events after Squid Game they are now invited to most major events and signed as brand ambassadors, and they need their fashion to reflect their popularity.

In the show, Wi Ha-Jun played Hwang Jun-Ho, a police officer who is in a desperate search of his brother. Don’t worry we will not give any spoilers, in case you have not watched the show yet (what rock are you living under if you have not watched it yet)

In this blog, we will be looking at Wi Ha-Jun’s hot fashion game outside the show, mostly his Instagram posts. We can notice his post Squid Game fame elevated his fashion too, now that he has huge brands waiting for him to wear their clothes. But even in his daily life, when not dressed by big brands, he shows amazing fashion sense.

We can see him sporting strong impeccably tailored suits to casual yet stylish streetwear, let’s discuss that.

  1. Burberry Jeju

Burberry signed a few high-profile celebs to launch its store in Jeju, South Korea. And it was obvious that Wi Ha-Jun was one of them.

Give adventurous vibes in this cream puffer jacket, black turtleneck, and brown trousers.

The mix of textiles is something you can draw inspiration from. The matte puffer jacket gels well with the shiny brown trousers and to not overcomplicate the look he styled it with a plain black turtleneck tucked in and a pair of brown boots.

Wi Ha-Jun burberry

This would make a great luxurious vacation outfit. The fabrics make you look like a million bucks and you will stand out in group pictures too.

  • Burberry Jeju II

All black outfit styled with a red-ish brown sleeveless varsity jacket with dramatic shoulders and Burberry’s BB monogram on the chest. The Burberry imaged landscape looks stunning, no doubt, but Wi Ha-Jun truly stole the show.

Burberry Jeju II

This is a really awesome look to emulate. All you have to do is get a chic varsity jacket you love and pair it with an all-black outfit. Why all black, you ask. Because it’s super easy to style almost any color with black, which gives you the freedom to pick the jacket in the color you love.

  • Red all over

Out of all his Esquire Korea feature for November Issue, Wi Ha-Jun’s red ribbed sweater look really caught out eye. Let us give props to the set director and photographer too, the muted colors of the sofa and background let his red sweater take the center stage.

Red all over

Want to know how you can style your sweaters? Check out our Best Zara Sweaters to check out great options similar to this.

  • BTS

Presumably, a behind-the-scenes snap posted on his Instagram, Wi Ha-Jun is wearing a classic, college boy vibes and easy fit – a black shirt and shorts with a crisp white tee. The shoes and socks match the entire outfit and on a closer look, you’ll notice that the gray hat matches the grey in his shoes. The devil is in the details.

  • Moments before fame

Wi Ha-Jun donned this oversized suit styled with a white graphic printed tee tucked in, for the online press conference release of Squid Game.

For a while now celebs have been breaking out of the customary black and white suit and this takes that a step further. A suit can be styled with not only turtlenecks and floral print shirts but with tees as well.

Moments before fame

If you are going for a printed tee, you can match/complement the colors on the tee to that of the suit like Wi Ha-Jun did here, the red, pink, and yellow complement the maroon suit.

  • Casualness overload

For his “off-duty” looks, Wi Ha-Jun really sticks to classics. You can take that route too. This denim look is simple yet effective and has been around for quite some time now.

If your tee and track pants feel too basic, throw on a jacket and that will instantly elevate the whole look.

Casualness overload

Furthermore, you can also style the fit with cool shoes, a watch, sunglasses, and matching jewelry.

  • Ditto

Posted on Instagram with the caption “A cup of coffee before the shoot.” Keeping in mind, his love for the classic college boy aesthetic this look really hits differently.

You can also recreate this look, as you won’t need much but all that you already have in your wardrobe.


Get a pair of shorts and match your accessories with them. Throw on a crisp white or black tee and match your shoes with it. Simplicity is the key. This look is so classic that you can sport it at the airport without any hesitation.

  • Jimmy oh Jimmy

The cast was invited to the Jimmy Fallon show and Wi Ha-Jun made a statement in this red and black Prada jumper paired with black trousers and black boots.

We have been saying for a long time now that black and red is a super hot combo to wear at a first date, this may not be a date but he did leave everyone breathless. So let’s take notes.

Jimmy oh Jimmy
  • Shark – The Beginning

For his movie, Wi Ha-Jun donned a sculpted, well-tailored suit. He knows when to dress up and how to turn looks for a particular event.

The black shirt was a great choice as it allows the neutral khaki-ish color of the suit to pop and it also complements his fair skin tone.

Style tip – shoes can make or mar the entire look, so make sure they are in sync with the rest of the outfit.

Shark - The Beginning

Overall, his style is very easy to draw inspiration from. He opts for casual classic and versatile streetwear pieces for his regular life and then amps it up for special occasions by looking dapper in suits that are appropriate for the occasion

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