Best Streetwear men’s fashion houses

Streetwear is without a doubt a major part of the fashion industry. It’s extremely diverse and dynamic.

Streetwear is super stylish casual wear. Earlier, (and even today) streetwear styles used to include high-end designer knockoffs but now huge houses like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Burberry, Gucci, Prada have included streetwear styles into most of their collections. The tipping point we believe was when Moschinos wing sneakers were seen on every streetwear enthusiast’s feet, the fashion world quickly jumped on the train to tap the market.

Streetwear style originated in New York in the 90s with the rise of pop culture but today it pulls references from Japanese Streetwear, K-pop (with the influence of bands like BTS), sports, hip hop, and haute couture, as we mentioned. The style is usually sported by the youth, earlier it was mostly youth who were into skating and surfing, but with Instagram and TikTok, it has now found a place in every (under 30) person’s closet. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry and millions of people regard streetwear as a lifestyle. So let’s look at the best brands you need to keep an eye out for

  1. Nike

The ever-iconic Nike started as a brand that made sneakers for the best athletes in the world. Now, along with the best sneakers, they have diversified into clothes too.

Best Streetwear men’s

As we mentioned, sports gear has a great influence on streetwear, so it was obvious that when Nike launched their clothes section it became a huge hit with the youth. It became a privilege to own and don pieces having the swoosh logo.

From athletic wear to athleisure to outerwear they have it all.

  1. Supreme

The streetwear brand created almost an empire and army of Supreme lovers dedicated to the brand. James Jebbia founded the brand 27 years ago and still runs it. Their creative take on how they feel the youth loves to dress is impeccable.

The Amerian brand launches a limited range of new items every week making sure that their customer’s wardrobe stays up-to-date with an exclusive drip.

Best Streetwear men’s

Supreme has had a very strong history of collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and many more.

  1. Heron Preston

Heron established his namesake brand to make an impact on menswear with his impressive quality of creating iconic imagery. And also the brain to pull references from different places and blend them perfectly to create a buzz in the market.

The brand has been on the same level as Supreme, Off White, etc as far as popularity goes.

Best Streetwear men’s

His designs are very eye-catching and stand out from the rest of the crowd very easily.

In personal life, Heron is also a DJ and has dj’d for events organized by GQ, Ford, Supreme, and even at Coachella. A lot of his designs reflect his love for music and like any creative person, there are chances that 2 or more of his interests collide and become one to create something much bigger and impactful.

  1. CDG Play

Comme des Garcons Play is the diffusion line of CDG. The luxury house that creates wildlife avant-garde wearable art, CDG Play creates more casual garments.

Best Streetwear men’s

They have a wide range of joggers, hoodies, printed tee shirts with their Instagram famous (among influencers and celebs) bug-eyed heart logo.  Every brand has something instantly recognizable logo or motif attached to it.

  1. Vetements

Vetememts (meaning French for clothing) showed their first collection in 2014-15 in Paris. It has a very distinct style of making provocative designs popular, they create magic while usually commenting on contemporary issues, like climate change and politics.

Founded by Demna Gvasalvia, who is now the creative director of Balenciaga, Vetements has a range of hoodies, track pants, printed tee shirts, underwear, and shorts.

Best Streetwear men’s

These looks from Vetements encapsulate their essence, the main idea, and how they have such a grip over the streetwear market. It acts as a one-shop stop for all your needs. One visit to the store and you can create your entire wardrobe. Very few brands have been able to achieve this feat.

  1. A-Cold-Wall*

A-Cold-Wall* was started by Samuel Ross as an extension of his research process. He was inspired by the British class system, the designer has a rich background of references to get inspired by. A-Cold-Wall looks closely at the codes of social construct and the aesthetic and language of high-end, modern, luxury menswear.

Just this last season, Samuel Ross, wanted to explore abstract ideas and turn them into shapes that cover the body almost like a cocoon. Even though he took a conceptual turn with the silhouettes, he described his clothes as “steeped in functionality.”

Best Streetwear men’s

How can someone not be in complete awe of his designs? They are not only functional but also very aesthetically pleasing. The way he puts colours together is very unique, he may be following Pier Paolo Piccioli’s steps when it comes to colour blocking.

  1. Yohji Yamamoto

He rose to fame for his dark aesthetic that he introduced to women’s wear decades ago. He then beautifully translated it to menswear as well. He also became a household name for his unique style which is regarded as avant-garde tailoring, and dark aesthetic. 

Yamamoto may not exactly be a streetwear brand, he leans more towards high fashion. But to justify, it is his style aesthetic and impact on the streetwear style that got him a title on this list.

Best Streetwear men’s

Vogue noted, and we agree, that with his latest collection “Yamamoto followed himself, not the current trend for skimp and skin reveal. Still, there’s a sensuality to the way the volumes of fabrics draped and moved around the fragile bodies of the models.”

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