Ultimate Ways to Plan a Females’ Vintage-themed Party

Party! The first thing that caught you and why you’ve been here. We know you never miss out the trend. That’s why we’re here to help you plan a retro party of your own.Showing off the vintage teacups in your tea party, putting on a top vintage outfit for the party isn’t just enough to get your best vintage attire. Let’s delve into this post to uncover what you may do to make your party look like in the 70’s.

  1. Show your theme with your Cards

Well, If you are thinking of throwing a party, the first thing that you have to do is to send out invitations. These days, people prefer inviting people over a phone call, text message or an online invitation.

But, When you are going with the retro theme, you have to invite your female friends, peers, colleagues and family with giving out paperback vintage themed cards. This helps them recognise the theme without you actually telling them.

When they see the retro style cards you’ve sent, they can actually imagine how the party’s going to be. So, Now you know how to show your theme with your invites.

  1. Ask your friends to get along with the theme

After sending out invites, you can have a talk with your friends and also encourage them to wear appropriately so as to get along with the vintage-theme.¬† You can ask you best friends to wear the same 70’s model hat as yours, or a crochet dress with the same colour as yours.

This will be also be a good time to recollect memories with your buddies. You will also have a chance to go through all your old stuff, that bell bottom jeans you wore to your college, or the tie-dye top you had in your closet for years.

Your females can also send out pics on your groups and wait for reactions if it’s of the right vibes of the theme.

  1. Vintage themed party outfit

If you are worried where to buy a vintage outfit for the party, you were worried for nothing. You can style your old clothes in a vintage style with the help of your mom or grandmother.

If you didn’t find any old dresses that your mom or grandma has kept, you can always go to nearby vintage stores or can also try putting some lacy cloth in hands of a tailor.

You should also suggest your friends to choose their outfit with more detail, and never forget about the retro style accessories you can put on, too.

  1. Retro music and decors

Most of us think that wall decors and stuff aren’t necessary and you might also think that it’s just hours of manual work remain unnoticed. But, the decor of a party has its own significance.

It isn’t enough if you and the other ladies are dressed with the vintage themed party outfits and say it’s a vintage themed party. You can do the following to help decorate your venue to bring the retro vibes:

  • You can try hanging polaroid photos of your past memories with your friends.
  • Putting on a retro CD player or an old vintage cassette player with your favourite 90′ songs would be a great thing to bring out the vintage vibes.
  • Placing some antiques here and there at the venue.
  • Retro clocks can be a great decor thing too.
  • Placing a few vintage books in a corner can also help you feel that cozy vintage vibes.
  • Placing a guitar, can be a vibe changer, entirely.
  1. Make-up for Vintage Up

When you are going with a vintage-themed party, make-up and getting your hair done is just as important as the retro outfit you put on. You have to try putting on your make up seriously, too, keeping in mind the vintage vibes.

So, don’t use your latest matte lipsticks here, just apply your favourite red old lipstick, the classic ones. You can advice your females to put on some lavender or some classic lipsticks as yours,  thus finding the retro vibe in everyone and everything in the party.

When, coming to hair, go with the classic curls, and also putting on a small bow can look moe classy and compatible with the clothing and the vintage theme. You can also try headbands, the lacy ones or fancy hats as final touch to your vintage attire.

  1. Serve the best drinks

Drinks are never a thing that can be forgotten about partying. Serving the best drinks can do you more good, you can chit-chat with your female buddies all night while drinking your favourite drinks.

Bringing out that fancy glasses you have at your home, can add more feel to the drinks, too. You can choose the best bartenders out there, based on your preferences and you can be rest assured with the drinks.


Whether it be a birthday celebration, tea party, dinner party, baby shower, anniversary party or a bachelorette party, retro can lead to a never ending preparations. Don’t worry, go through the basic process to plan your vintage party and go on what all you can do along with that. Don’t worry if something’s lacking, just invite your friends in, have fun with them all night clicking endless pictures, laughing at the old polaroids and drinking to the full, all night.

How to dress for a 70’s themed party?

When going to a 70’s themed party, you can put on your favourite ankle-length maxi dress or also choose embroidered blouses with bell bottoms.

What are the vintage-themed party outfits?

There are no vintage theme party outfits in particular, you can put your old clothes, your mum’s clothes and try them on with your grandma’s suggestions.

What to wear to a 1960’s themed party?

Loose and comfortable clothes were on the top at the 60’s. So, you can try tie-dye or bright colourful tops with long midis in earthy colours.

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