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Complete Guide On How To Choose Best Swimsuits For Love Handles

We often see that finding a flattering swimsuit when you’re not so happy with your tummy is a challenge for all body types. To combat this situation, we have gathered the best bathing swimsuits options that not only hide stomach fat or love handles but are also super adorable and pocket-friendly! There are many swimsuit designs to help disguise the love handles and once you know what to look for, you will no longer struggle to choose a bathing suit you will love and feel confident in.

Best Swimsuits Guides 2021

There are a plethora of bathing suits available on the market today. Very often, women try to conceal their bodies and hide their unwanted body parts because they do not know what else to do.

Love handles are one of the most common insecurities everybody has and are a common complaints that many women have about their own bodies. Nobody wants to have extra weight on them, but this is unrealistic. If you have a little extra tissue on your love handles or a little bulge in your belly, you can still look awesome with a few style tricks that will slim your stomach in no time. On that note, here are some swimsuit options for you to look like swimsuit beauty and rock your summers.

  1. High waisted swimsuit

If you wish to make your love handles less visible and your body looks best in a swimsuit, high-waisted swimsuits are a no-brainer. These types of bathing suits help you to look and feel amazing because you are able to conceal your love handles, show off your curves and look confident. Go retro and classic with a high-waisted bikini bottom to add a sexy figure by emphasizing your naturally curvy shape. High-waisted styles are best for giving you all the support you need to conquer your next summer holiday. High-waisted swimsuits also tend to give the illusion of a peachier look since the high waistband lifts and hugs your buttocks.

  • Printed swimsuit

Prints. Who doesn’t love a good print on their swimsuit? Prints can act as a great tool for camouflaging a belly pooch. Look for colorful, fun, floral,  vibrant eye-catching prints. Prints and patterns on swimsuits are yet another way that allows you to hide tummy bulges and distract the eye from the unwanted area. Prints and patterns also help to highlight just the right areas of your body and hide the rest. they are way better and fun at concealing problem areas than simple swimsuits.

  • Ruched swimsuit

One of the first things to always look for when trying to hide tummy bulge is ruching. Ruching is looked flattering on all body types but is especially good for hiding love handles. It makes the waist appear slimmer, especially if the ruching is diagonal. Swimsuits that have ruching (gathered, folded fabric) are perfect for hiding belly fat. The gathered fabric helps to disguise the belly and gives a more streamlined silhouette.

  • Ruffled swimsuit

Ruffles are always a hot topic. Tiered ruffles are yet another way to distract the sight from the area you are not comfortable with. You have options here, you can either choose ruffles for upper area like arms, shoulders, or bottom belly part. Ruffled swimsuit work amazing for the purpose of hiding your love handles and they never go out of style.

  • Solid dark colored  swimsuit

 You probably are already familiar with how dark colors work like magic when it comes to giving an illusion of a slim body. And there’s no doubt that dark colors will help you conceal the love handles. One-piece solid-colored swimsuits with some unique designs need to be your top pick. But when it comes to dark, it does not mean just plain and simple black. You can experiment and have fun with all sorts of dark colors like burgundy, dark blue, maroon, brown and the list goes on.

Hope that these swimsuit options were helpful for you to choose the best pick and slay your sunny days.


Health is wealth. Your health matters much more than having a tiny waist or a thigh gap. You are you and you are beautiful the way you are. So, chin up ladies, and celebrate your individuality and uniqueness. Always remember that everyone has insecurities. If you don’t focus on yours then others won’t either. So don’t let a silly bathing swimsuit sabotage your fun in the sun.

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