Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

Fashion seasons and collections come and go but Shein has great clothes available all year round. These clothes are versatile and serve their purpose. The hyper fast-fashion brand has almost everything you will need in your wardrobe, so why not hoard it?

They sell great hoodies, jackets to shirts and denim, trousers, and even accessories. It is easy to get overwhelmed by seeing a wide array of clothes and accessories at such cheap prices. It needs a lot of time and a creative eye to look for expensive-looking garments and accessories. If you don’t have either, it’s OK we have your back.

Let us walk you through our findings, we are bringing to you jackets, shirts, trousers, and hoodies. All the items on our list are affordable but look expensive, and with the right styling, you will look red carpet ready.

  1. Textured Button Front

A button front is such a staple piece, I own it, you own it, everyone does. So why not elevate it to look like high-end luxury shirts? This shirt is the definition of that.

The camel-colored shirt has a patched pocket, regular fit, made from polyester, so you know it’s got a long life.

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

Styling this shirt won’t take much effort, you can go casual with black pants or denim or you can dress it up with expensive accessories and structured blazers or outerwear.

  1. Hoodie Button Front

Well, this is the combination of the best qualities of both – a hoodie and a button front. The two-toned garment makes it look rich and expensive. You will thank us once you wear it.

The hoodie has drawstrings for your comfort plus it is 70% cotton and 30% linen, which makes it ultra-breathable while still having a structure.

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

You can wear this as a casual or smart casual look with denim or in winter you can also layer it with white or khaki-colored coats.

  1. Hooded Puffer

Talking about winter, this is the best piece for this winter. A classic black hooded long-sleeved puffer jacket. Cheap. Functional. Looks expensive. What more can one ask for?

It has drawstrings, pockets (for that extra storage) and is made from 100% polyester, so durability is a given. Even the lining is made from polyester!

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

You can style it as the image shows here, making it an all-black outfit. Or play with colors, add white, red, green to it. Maybe a pop of orange if you want that hippy streetwear vibe.

  1. Pullover

You can style your hooded Puffer with this cream-colored, woven textured, cozy, and comfy high neck pullover and show up to date to impress or family dinner.

It looks so luxurious that you can style this as an individual piece, as a casual outfit or it can be worn as formal office wear when it’s too cold.

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

What we love about this, besides the fact that it looks expensive, is the light creamy off-white color. It can be styled so easily that you don’t really need any assistance. Pair it with other classic staples like leather jackets.

Oh, you’re looking for a leather jacket too? You’re gonna love this piece.

  1. Leather jacket

Once associated with the biker community, this garment has since been reimagined by designers all over and continues to evolve as we speak. It has become a standard gender-fluid garment, where it makes everyone look and feel sexy, no matter the place or time.

This jacket is PU leather, the lapels and silver metal detailing on it give it a rather masculine feel which contrasts the soft, supple, and shiny leather. 

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

A go-to garment when you’re in a hurry and need to show up stylish, make sure to add it to your cart if you haven’t already.

  1. Plaid trousers

Nothing makes a man hotter than well fitter trousers, and when it’s corduroy it falters your body a lot better and it’s comfortable, unlike other fabrics that may be rough for your skin.

This recognizable print has made a feature in every celebrity’s closet for a reason. It looks expensive!

Comfort and look-wise, there’s no competition at all. The fit is tapered, but we suggest you get it tailored to your preference since everyone’s body is different and have it fit your liking.

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

These trousers can be donned for formal events and smart casuals. Put it together with a suit and vest or just a black shirt and overcoat, as per the event. You may want to steer clear of the look you’re going for is casual or streetwear.

  1. Black shirt

A man’s wardrobe is never complete without a black shirt, and that has been a fact for decades now. No matter what your style is, this is an absolute must-have.

black color shirt shein

A clean-cut, tailored to your fit, black shirt goes well with a suit, trousers, blazer, or jacket. The versatility has been proven over the decades by celebrities, you need to focus on getting a piece in your wardrobe.

  1. Colour Block shirt

With the new rise in demand for sustainability, patchwork as a design has also become popular. Along with it, this shirt has color blocking which is another classy trend, often associated with high fashion.

This JW Anderson-Esque patchwork shirt has earthy tones complemented by dark deep emerald green.

shein brown jacket

Honestly, this shirt needs to be the center of attention. Don’t overdo it with the styling. Nothing screams expensive more than a minimalistic style. If you wish, add a necklace, sunglasses, and a beanie as per the weather.

  1. Double trouble

The practicality of long sleeve parka has been combined with the snug feeling of a hoodie. The jacket is made out of cotton and lined with fleece. Fleece fabric has the kind of texture which immediately makes you feel cozy during chilly winters and looks expensive.

This hooded jacket has drawstrings, can be worn inside out too as it has a clean lining and pockets on both sides, so you can wear it anyhow you want and you’ll get extra pockets.

leather jacket shein

You can style it as an all-black outfit or flip it inside out and make full earthy tones look. The full black look will make you seem mysterious and cool and the earthy tones look will give the impression of being humble and grounded.

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10+ Shein Fall Outfits Ideas 2022

Wondering what to buy from the SHEIN fall collection? Well, this article is all about it; top SHEIN fall outfits. We will be reviewing the latest fall outfits from SHEIN and also give you some tips on how to style them.

For fall-winter SHEIN has different categories such as sweatshirts, sweaters& cardigans, coats,s, and jackets, etc. The variety is endless and to make it easier and more convenient for you we have looked upon them all and came up with the best ones here on our website. We have pictures and also small descriptions of the products to help you choose better.

You will see most of the garments with colors such as brown, beige, black, white, etc these are not only fall colors but also the colors that are trending in fashion right now. The designs of the SHEIN fall garments are perfectly fitted as it’s trendy and very comfortable to wear. And also not to mention keep you warm this fall.

We have hand-picked up the Top 10 fits from each category that can be your perfect fit for this fall.



The sweatshirt category of SHEIN has a variety of sweatshirts from graphics to solid pullovers and fleece the designs are of the latest trends and there are plenty of designs available for you to choose from. Here are our Top 10 from this category:

10.Flower And Figure Graphic Pullover

10.Flower And Figure Graphic Pullover

This graphic printed pullover looks pretty cool and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I love the graphics on it gives off street style and fall vibes at the same time. The color and design are both very trendy and up in fashion right now.



9. Oversized Fleece Sweatshirt

Oversized Fleece Sweatshirt

If you love styling the “baggy look” this is for you! This oversized fleece sweatshirt is very simple yet looks very comfortable and the color white is something that never goes out of fashion. You can style it in various ways!  I’d love to wear this piece as it gives a very soft look.



8. Solid Thermal Hoodie

 Solid Thermal Hoodie

It’s never too much brown. This chocolate brown thermal hoodie is something you must get from SHEIN as it can be styled in numerous ways. The color is classic and so is the design.



7.Longline Hoodie

Longline Hoodie

To make your fall wardrobe stylish comfortable, versatile, and warm you should get this. It also has hidden pockets to it which makes it very utility-based. I personally think this is so much utility-based as you can just style it on days when you don’t feel like dressing up much.



6.Dragon Sweatshirt

Dragon Sweatshirt

The dragon print on this sweatshirt is I loved the most about it. It looks really pretty and also the colour blocking combo is absolutely stunning. You can street style it



5.Slogan Graphic Hoodie

Slogan Graphic Hoodie

A good drawstring hoodie is the staple for fall – winter. This hoodie however has a design statement with a graphic slogan at the back which makes it look super cool and stylish. The color is very sweet and the fonts used for slogan at the back is pretty unique.



4.Argyle Print Pullover

Argyle Print Pullover

Argyle prints never go out of fashion. And I’d personally would buy as many argyle printed outfits as I can; because it’s literally so timeless. This pullover particularly looks great, the colour the design and everything is perfect for fall wardrobe.



3.Letter Graphic Hoodie

Letter Graphic Hoodie

To spice up your outfit game a little this fall, you can go for hoodies with colours other than blacks, browns, whites and greens. This navy blue letter graphic hoodie can be really nice & comfortable especially if you are a university student and want something casual and cool. It is a zip-up jacket with drawstrings.



2.Beige Letter Graphic Pullover

Beige Letter Graphic Pullover

This letter graphic pullover again is if a sweet beige colour and also the graphic fonts are really sweet. I really love how this model has styled up the pullover with biker shorts. Other than that you can even style it with pants, jeans etc. The colour is very trendy.



1.Color-block Sweatshirt

Color-block Sweatshirt

This color-block sweatshirt looks very instagramy and trendy. I loved this sweatshirt as the design & aesthetic is very pinteresty and also the color blocking combination has my heart. If you like to stay updated with all hot and happening trends then this is for you. As this is the latest trend of 2021.




This category as the name suggests has sweaters, cardigans, ponchos, sweaterdress, knitted cardigans etc. All are very trendy: designs and colours. We’ve selected the best ones from SHEIN which you wouldn’t wanna miss out this fall.

The top 10 from this category are:

10.Gathered Sleeve Sweater

Gathered Sleeve Sweater

This sweater is so sweet. Firstly, look at the sleeves; it’s so pretty. The colors are very soft and minimal. This looks very trendy and something that one should definitely buy from SHEIN.



9.Houndstooth Pattern Cardigan

Houndstooth Pattern Cardigan

Button-up cardigans are always the best. It’s very flexible and looks super chic. This one from SHEIN is absolutely gorgeous. The colour and the design looks so sophisticated. I loved the houndstooth pattern on it and how it adds an aesthetic element to the cardigan.



8.High Neck Sweater Dress

High Neck Sweater Dress

Firstly, I absolutely love Bishop sleeves; it’s so trending and it gives a very aesthetic vintage appeal to the garment. This sweater dress has bishop sleeves which of course looks aesthetic but other than that the colour and the ribbed look to it adds all up. This looks very minimal and aesthetically pleasing.



7.Cable Knit Sweater Vest

Cable Knit Sweater Vest

Sweater Vests are so much into fashion nowadays and it will always be. Because why not? They are both for men and women and they look so classy. The cable knit here is something that I really liked and also the simple black border makes it look very simple yet very classic. Something you can wear year after year and it never gets old.



6.Cable Knit Cardigan

Cable Knit Cardigan

This cable knit cardigan is a must have. I’m sure most of you own cardigans but these are literally so comfy and looks so cute. You can get one or two sizes bigger as well to give it a baggy look. These cardigans are just go-to fits for fall.



5.Fluffy Knit Cardigan

Fluffy Knit Cardigan

Want a luxurious cozy vibe of wearing fluffy cardigans? Well, this is made just for you. This cardigan has plaid patterns which again is a classic design so you wont have to worry about not being able to wear it next year. You definitely can. The fluffy furry vibe will keep you warm and cozy.



4.Pointelle Knit Sweater Dress

Pointelle Knit Sweater Dress

A good sweater dress would change your outfit game this fall and SHEIN has got plently of them; out of which I think this was the most basic but prettiest. The black colour which is perfect for fall. The pointelle knit on the dress looks very nice. This dress would look so pretty with knee high boots. The perfect sweater dress for your fall-winter wardrobe.



3.Brown Floral Pattern Cardigan

Brown Floral Pattern Cardigan

Who doesn’t like floral prints right? This cardigan has a very sweet coffee brown colour and has some flower prints on it. Florals are on 2021 trend list and also the colour combination is perfect.



2.Sage Green Floral Pattern Cardigan

Sage Green Floral Pattern Cardigan

Firstly, can we please appreciate how pretty this colour is? And the flowers on it looks so pretty and  perfect. It looks very cute and this cardigan is something I WILL buy for myself this fall. It has got drop sleeves and is a short cardigan. For someone who loves soft girl vibes this is a MUST buy.



1.Mock Neck Plaid Knit Poncho

Mock Neck Plaid Knit Poncho

Ponchos are something that are often overlooked and does not get a lot of attention from people but it actually looks super fashionable and chic. Like this mock neck poncho has a plaid design and can be styles in various ways. It actually looks quite nice and also keeps you warm.

BUY IT HERE         



In this category SHEIN has various different styles, designs of coats and jackets. Here are the Top 10 we have come up with which is a mixture of trendy and classic pieces for your wardrobe this fall:

10.Plaid Pattern Raw Trim Overcoat

Plaid Pattern Raw Trim Overcoat

This mid length overcoat is very classic and the raw plaid pattern on it looks stunning. Something that will keep you warm and stylish. The design and construction are very minimal and elegant. I love the model has paired it up with a black high neck dress and a purse.



9.Beige Flap Pocket Coat

Beige Flap Pocket Coat

Beige is the colour that can be worn throughout the year. And honestly, I cannot just get enough of beige in my wardrobe. This beige coat with flap pockets on the front looks simple and utility based. Not much of designs done on it, yet it looks elegant.



8.Plaid Flap Pocket Long Coat

Shein Fall Outfits

The colour combination of this plaid long coat is giving me major fall vibes. This coat looks very warm and cozy and defiantly very much fashionable. It has flap pockets in the front and is upto knee length. Apart from the styling of this coat that the model have done you can also layer it up on top of high-neck & skirts or also  fitted sweater dresses.



7.Prints Jacket

Shein Fall Outfits

Bohemian vibes? AHH…I love it. This jacket is all prints and different colours. It is s pretty and looks very vintage. This particular jacket caught my attention real quick because of the geo prints on it; it is a button down .This jacket looks like a mixture of cultures and the prints are so aesthetically pleasing .This is perfect for your fall wardrobe if you like boho-indie clothing.



6.Zipper Slant Pocket Puffer Coat

Shein Fall Outfits

Puffer coats are again something that would be people’s favorite forever. Firstly, because it is warm and secondly it looks very cool. This is short in length and the colour is of course gorgeous. This puffer coat can be worn throughout fall-winter as layers.



5.PU Leather Trench Coat

Shein Fall Outfits

A leather jacket is a MUST-HAVE  in your list of fall-winter outfits. Leather jackets can be worn literally any time of the year and it again never goes out of fashion- trends. One leather jacket and you can style it again and again for years differently and still look pretty fashionable.

This particular one from SHEIN is a Pu leather jacket; which is basically like a trench coat- very long. It is double-breasted and also has a belt with it.



4.Black Trench Coat

Shein Fall Outfits

Trench coats are very common for fall and these are the very basic clothing almost everyone owns but just in case if you don’t you can go for this particular trench coat. It has raglan sleeves and is single-breasted trench coat; it also has buttons.



3.Cow Print Open Front Fuzzy Coat

Shein Fall Outfits

Cow prints made a big fashion statement in 2020 and the trend is still on this year. This absolutely adorable brown on white cow print coat feels really soft and comfy from the picture itself. It is a below hip length coat. You can even order a size bigger to give it an oversized look.



2.Color-block Bomber Jacket

Shein Fall Outfits

This bomber jacket is not just for fall and can be worn throughout the year. The color-blocking is totally lit; beige & brown combination. It has a lettering attached to the left of the jacket. Bomber jackets of various colours are available on SHEIN; all of which looks nice  and can make a fashion statement every-time but the colour combination of this particular one is something I loved about it.



1.Button Front Flannel Jacket

Shein Fall Outfits

Without this flannel-jacket your fall-winter shopping would be incomplete. This button front flannel from SHEIN has a little fluffy look and is short as seen in the picture; the design and colour is adorable and soft. It also looks very comfortable hence is a must buy. Perfect for fall and winter seasons.




In this category SHEIN has put up a variety of dresses like by occasion or by style by trend, length, wedding, colour etc. They have also put up a special subcategory for “ fall dresses” where you can find a variety of dresses from the new collection and also has variety of colours and styles, designs available there.

Here are the Top 10 picks from this category :

10.High Neck Floral Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

This fall colours floral dress from SHEIN is everything. It has shirred high neck which looks so cool during fall and also has flounce sleeves; which just looks perfect for fall. The colour combination and the floral prints are very pretty and very autumish. And flounce sleeves being so trendy right now, I love it.



9.Ruffled Hem Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

Ruffled hem being back on fashion this dress is all you need for fall. The design is 10/10 ; flounce sleeves looks perfect and also the squared neck and not to mention the shirred bodice. This dress is undoubtedly dreamy and right out of a fantasy. The chocolate brown colour of it is just so soothing to the eye. This is a MUST buy if you’re looking for dreamy ruffled fall dresses.



8.Plaid Pattern Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

This plaid pattern dress from SHEIN is so beautiful and the silhouette of the garment is perfect. It’s bishop sleeves as I mentioned above has my heart. It as a collared neck and half button down. The colour and the pattern is again very up to date with fashion trends and also the sleeves. Something I’d definitely choose to buy for fall 2021.



7.Solid Olive Green Belted Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

Flowy dresses are good for fall to wear with stocking and high boots. This particular dress which again has bishop sleeves and is belted. The design is pretty flowy and light and the colour is also very much made for fall. It looks very simple with minimal design and no prints but also very elegant and classy.



6.Plaid Print Overall Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

Plaids are everywhere this fall-winter, this plaid print overall dress again has my heart because of the structure of the garment. The long V- neckline with straight silhouette with buttons on it. The colour as you can see is almost same like in most of the other outfits as it pretty much seems to be trending. The colour might bore you but again the design is very interesting and easily wearable.



5.Houndstooth Bodycon Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

Houndstooth designs are really classic and ever-green designs which I personally love a lot. This bodycon dress looks very elegant and has a sophisticated vibe with it as it doesn’t have a lot of colours but again very timeless and will make anyone look like a fashion-nova.



4.Solid Bodycon Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

Black is always a staple colour and a safe choice when you are indecisive of choosing a color. But that being said Black is also very versatile in nature ; it almost mixes and matches with every other colour and looks very elegant. This bodycon dress from SHEIN is your go-to staple fall dress if you can’t decide what to buy. It is high neck and knee length dress which is skin-fit. It also has a side slit.



3.Brown Ruched Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

This orangish-brown ruched dress gives off strong boss-lady vibes. The side slit makes the whole statement here. I love how the model has styled it up with knee-high boots. This dress looks very elegant and chic. Layering this up an overcoat can literally make it the best fall outfit for you this year!



2.Floral Embroidery Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

Floral embroidered black dress; the intricate thread-work of the embroidery and the bishop sleeves look literally perfect. A classic and elegant design. Very trendy and obviously a MUST buy for this fall.



1.Ribbed Knit Belted Dress

Shein Fall Outfits

We have seen a lot of knitted dresses above but this one is my favorite. This ribbed knitted dress has raglan sleeves and a side split hem. The mock neck makes the whole outfit look very nice visually appealing. It also has a belt to emphasize your curves. The model has beautifully styled. This dress would look flattering on literally anyone wearing it.



So, as we discussed all SHEIN fall outfits 2020 in this article. We’ve also included the links to the products so that it is easy for you to go to the website’s product page and buy it for yourself. We hope this article made you decide what to buy for yourself this fall season and made your SHEIN shopping experience much easier.

Also, just to let you all know SHEIN now has come up with a winter jackets collection named – #SHEINcoldbreak which has a variety of jackets for winters.

They have also come up with other collections such as :

Return To Retro- which is the denim collection,

Hello, Kitty Friends x SHEIN: which is the winter fall collection in collaboration with Hello Kitty.

Do check these latest collections out on the SHEIN website here.

 Thanks for the read!

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25+ Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits Ideas (Guide ) 2022

Tennis Skirts are actually called Skorts. They are traditionally pleated and are usually worn by women playing tennis due to the freedom of movement in them. They have inbuilt shorts underneath the skorts which give off a modest look and are extremely comfortable to do physical activities in.

Aesthetic tennis skirt outfits

Tennis skirts are very feminine in their outlook and go very well with almost every kind of clothing item. If you plan on achieving some aesthetic looks, you can pair your skort with a pair of either long sleeve or sleeveless colorful sweaters and some sneakers, some cropped baggy top paired with the skort, a cropped bralette, and a jacket on top of the skort. The colors must be chosen very carefully, some nude colors like brown, cream, beige, or lavender with a soft-toned skort go very well.

black tennis skirt outfits

Black skorts with blacktop, a very simple and attractive outfit idea. Black skirts come in checks, stripes, and various other styles, they can be paired with a white crop top or a simple sweatshirt. For a less casual look, a black skirt paired with a sparkly top or a bralette or bandeau. A black skort goes a long way, from a field to a club, it can be worn anywhere.

cute outfits with a black tennis skirt

A white t-shirt crop top, a baggy graphic tee, olive green sports bra, pink or a nude feminine colored top, a simple corset, a noodle strapped top on top of a white tee are some options that will make you look cute with your black skort. Except for the corset, every other clothing item is easily available in everyone’s closet, making the outfits easy to achieve and super attractive.

fall outfits tennis skirt

For fall, you might want to pair a nice beige, pink, maroon, black or blue skort with a well-coordinated sweatshirt or sweater. A full-sleeved shirt with a sleeveless sweater and stocking paired with a skort can be warm as well cute. Baggy clothes with a jacket or a long coat paired with a skort are extremely favorable for fall and can be worn during winter too. A turtle neck top, a hoodie can be a good outfit option with a tennis skort.

Korean tennis skirt outfits

Almost every Korean outfit portrays a schoolgirl look. A school skort with a white shirt, a bow tied around the neck of a top, a baggy black or white tee, a quoted tee, a top with a bomber jacket, an off-shoulder top are some options which will go very well with a skirt and will give you a Korean undertone to the outfit.

Nike tennis skirt outfits

A Nike skort goes well with a tank top, a college sweatshirt, bralette or sports bra, one-sleeved tee, a bodysuit, and obviously a baggy tee. You can pair these up with accessories of your choice and according to the time of the year, you are planning to wear the outfit.

tennis skirt outfit ideas black girl

There are no exceptions made according to the color of skin when it comes to clothes. You should wear exactly what you wish to! A statement skort can be worn with a white top, a white top can be worn with a pink skort. An orange tee, blue top, or any colored tank top with a white or black skort can be very appealing.

tennis skirt outfit ideas pinterest

The very first look you can achieve is if you have a sleeveless, baggy crop top, pair it with a full-sleeved sweatshirt and wear a skort the same color as the sweatshirt, checked skorts with a fitted top, woolen sweaters with skorts, a white shirt and a tee which shows only the collars of the shirt which is untidily tucked worn with a skort. These ideas can be used if you wish to have a Pinterest-inspired outfit.

tennis skirt outfits 2021

Polka dotted tops, matching pair of skort and top, cardigan, well fitted cropped sweater, corsets, cropped sweatshirt, and baggy sweatshirts are in trend in 2021, which can be paired with the skort. There have not been too many changes in the style of wearing a skort over the years, but people tend to experiment these days therefore, we find new ideas which could never be thought of before. Always follow your own mind and heart and decide what you want to wear after taking inspiration. Make sure you add your own touch of style to your outfit!

why do tennis players wear short skirts

Tennis players tend to wear skorts as they allow freedom to do several activities and they are feminine. Well suited for sportspersons as these have shorts underneath them, the name SKORT comes from Skirt plus Short.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

A trendy top with ribbons and a white tank top underneath goes so well with the skirt, as you can see. It is cute and comfortable with sneakers. Perfect for a summer morning outing with your friends. It gives off a soft tone which makes the outfit look so nice.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits
This outfit is perfect for a day full of sporting activities and if you wish to go to a café later. A white top to go with the skort and a nice pink jacket and a cap complete the look. Very stylish and comfortable.
Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

A very different outfit idea, matching skirt with a bandeau top. The blue looks ravishing with the accessories. Perfect for an afternoon or evening outing. Will make you stand out and is surely a must-try.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

A denim top with a white skort looks very casual yet looks very put together. A cap and the half tucked-in top give off a very “less effort” look, making it even more attractive for late summer and fall season wear.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

Perfect for a morning match, comfortable and airy so you won’t sweat as much. The colours are well coordinated too, orange sports bra and white Nike skort with black sneakers, to top off the look a perfect pair of sunglasses and a bun. If you wish to go to a sports club and spend the day, this is very appropriate.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

Extremely classy, a black turtle neck top with a checked skirt, a long coat, some accessories, sunglasses and a pair of boots. It is perfect for fall and mild winter. Simple and achievable also very put together.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

For running errands, if you wish to dress up well yet casual this is the outfit. A nice skort with a white collared t-shirt underneath a black sweatshirt, with a thick jacket on top and a pair of stockings. This is perfect for winter.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

 White skirt and white collared t-shirt with a woollen, sleeveless purple sweater, pair of sneakers, a necklace and a brown bag. Suitable for a morning or afternoon outings. Very fashionable and warm.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

Simple white cropped top with buttons and a skort, looks casual, cute and comfortable. Can be worn for late summer, spring or fall.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

Very simple and casual, a new design of skort with a simple top. Very colour coordinated, can be worn by a coach or a sportsperson.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

Suitable for fall or spring, a cosy outfit. A beanie, blue top, accessories, sunglasses, leather jacket, blue checked skirt, a bag, stockings and boots. Very put together and chic.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

A summery outfit idea, all white and comfortable. The baggy sweatshirt goes so well with the skort and is suitable for almost every vibe.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

A very chic outfit! Pink cropped tank top and a skort, the outfit will attract attention easily for the bright pink colour.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

Extremely unique and out-of-the-box outfit. A tie-died, baggy sweatshirt with chained necklace, messy bun, and skirt. Looks effortless yet very well organized.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

A white skort with a silver belt, lavender top, and jacket with boots, very appealing and has a soft vibe. Suitable for an outing with friends, any time of the day.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

 A light blue coloured turtle neck with a belt, skort, a bag and boots. An ultra-modern look, makes you look bougee yet comfortable. Suitable for a spring or fall and mild winter times.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

Gives off a Halloween vibe, with the shoes, socks and the tee. A vintage look which can also be worn as a costume for a horror movie. Suitable for summer and end of summer.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

Extremely sophisticated yet effortless outfit idea. A stripped crop top, skort and an oversized coat. Warm tones and is warm enough for fall or spring too.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

 A white collared tee with a pink sleeves top and skirt. Ideal for a casual day out for picnic or school. Very cute and soothing to look at and wear as well.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

A very vintage look. An actual tennis player in her attire. Very elegant and up to the mark. This from the 70s and can never go wrong. Pink and white matching top and skort with a tennis racket to complete the look. Very ravishing.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

Absolutely marvellous, no one knew you could wear a skort to a ball. This outfit is the proof that you can. A black one shoulder top and a pearl necklace w the skort. Ideal for any night time parties.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

 A simple sweater crop top paired with a skort gives off the perfect summer vibe. Looks very put together and stylish. Can be worn for any morning and afternoon outings.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

 A perfect tennis outfit, all white with a racket, cap and hand band to complete the look. For playing tennis on a warm summer morning, comfortable and sweet when looked at.

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

A cropped t-shirt with sneakers and skort. Best suited for a morning day out look. Very cute and simple, definitely comfortable and airy. Better to wear this in the summer. 

Sexy Tennis Skirt Outfits

A sweatshirt which is oversized with a white t-shirt’s collar being visible and also the sweatshirt covering a lot of the skort, is a genuinely nice outfit idea. Perfect for fall and can be worn with friends as shown in the picture. A warm outfit which is easy to style and looks effortless.

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Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Winter isn’t coming, it is already here! You better get some good and cozy new sweaters to have fun this season. And to help you decide we have made a list for you.

Before we dive into the list let us be crystal clear that by sweater we mean a garment that is made of knitted or crocheted material, it comes with both, long sleeves and sleeveless.

Sweaters are traditionally made from wool but with technology now they also come in cotton, synthetic fibers, or any combination of these. We will be covering everything that falls under the sweater category, call it a sweater, pullover, jumper, slipover, sweater vests, or anything you like.

Sweaters have been around for over a century now and almost all variations of them have been explored by humans all around the world. From Mick Jagger wearing a turtleneck sweater back in 1965 to Harry Styles rocking cute sweaters in 2020.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Now that we have established that sweaters are always hot, in this blog we will also be showing you different ways to style each sweater on the list.

Zara has so many stunning pieces that it doesn’t take you long to find a good piece. We explored the whole store and bring to you the best of the best Zara sweaters.

  1. Grey Purl-Knit Sweater

Remember Drake’s hit song Hotline Bling? Now let us show you what he wore in the music video.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Well, Zara must have had Drake on their mood board for this grey Purl Knit, just take a look at this –

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Pretty similar right? Now, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this! This sweater is made from spun cotton fabric so you know that it is super breathable. It is a heavily textured, chunky turtleneck with long sleeves with ribbed trims. It feels just as cozy as it looks.

It has a different pattern for the sleeves and the body which not only makes it much more interesting but also accentuates your shoulders to make them look wider.

You can wear this for a cute date night and pair it with black jeans and add a pop of red to make it look hotter.

  1. Basic High Neck Sweater

We cannot stress how important it is for every man to have a staple piece like this in his closet. This is a versatile basic high neck sweater in a calming off-white color to complement the chilly winter weather. Specifically, this is a lightweight straight fit sweater with a high neck and long sleeves with ribbed trims

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

You can pair this with a dark coloured blazer and trousers to impress people at a formal event or a flannel shirt for a semi-casual event. Or even if you just show up in this and either monochromatic trousers or dark coloured trousers or jeans, you will still nail the look. Besides who doesn’t like a turtleneck? Other than looking chic it also helps you hide some hickeys.

Accessorizing the look with a blazer or hoodie and glasses with a Fossil watch on will give you the title of always looking like a boss. Either that or a nerdy teacher depends on how you style it. Either way, having fun with the outfit is more important, isn’t it? 

  1. Timeless Black Turtleneck

Another staple piece every man should own is a black turtleneck. This basic and versatile piece has all the power to spice up your wardrobe and give you the image of the man that makes every woman swoon. Black other than being a slimming colour also has an eerie blanket of enigma around it that makes the wearer seem sexy, powerful, mysterious, and irresistible. 

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

This is a turtleneck sweater made out of wool blend featuring long sleeves and ribbed trims. This can be donned for a formal event, first date, or even a red carpet. “If you are ever finding it difficult to put looks together, just look up what Zayn is wearing and try to recreate his looks. His looks are mostly very chic, timeless, and powerful”, said some wise man. So let’s do that now

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Zayn Malik walked the red carpet many times, looking all hot and sexy in this same black turtleneck, just styled differently with different accessories.

Looking solid in solid colors, you can also pair this black turtleneck with a navy blue blazer or suit and the same colored trousers and finish the look with some silver jewelry to look uber rich. Carry some Ray-Bans too, if you are going out.


This shirt style was often worn by the Britishers with Jodhpur pants while playing the game polo, hence the name. This style was later popularized by Ralph Lauren in America. It is just recently that this style has been adapted in different materials and variations of it are explored by designers.

Zara made it into a long sleeve sweater with collars, front buttons, and ribbed trims to make it fit well

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

This look can be sported, pun intended, with loose-fit denim, a baseball cap, and Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. It is a very “soft boy” look aesthetic, which is very popular with the younger generations.

Want to go out to the cafe to catch up with some old friends or just to work this look is not only comfortable but also makes you look well put together.

 So even if you don’t have your life figured out, your outfit can give that illusion, isn’t that great?


We know what you are thinking “Oh! Another purl knit sweater?” Well, yes. You simply can’t have “enough” sweaters in your closet, not when Zara is still making such fabulous ones.

This is a knit sweater made out of a cotton blend, V neck, and long sleeves with ribbed trims. For us, this sweater just screams airport comfy-luxe, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

It is heavily textured and the V neck is in a different pattern which draws attention to your neck, so make sure there are no hickeys, and perhaps have a chain on to make it even more exciting.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

This sweater would look really good if you have some classes to attend early in the morning. If it is offline, you can pair it with come comfy track pants and loafers or slip-on.

Now that we have shown you some versatile and chic basics, let us move on to some funky sweaters for all you risk-takers out there.

  1. Textured Sweater
Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/textured-sweater-p03332336.html?v1=116414276

The idea of men only wearing dark and plain colors is way too old. Gen Z considers flaunting bold and vibrant colors and prints are more manly now. This soothing pastel pink textured loose-fitting sweater with a round neckline, long sleeves, and ribbed trims look so effortlessly rich.

Paired with green or brown trousers it would be a really amazing look for a day out in the park or on a brunch with some close friends.


Staying in line with fun prints and cool colors, next up on the list we have an ombre jacquard sweater that is the definition of a party look to impress your crush.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via- https://www.zara.com/in/en/ombr%C3%A9-jacquard-sweater-p05755308.html?v1=135328315

This is a loose-fit ombre jacquard print sweater with a crew neck and long sleeves, which is honestly, great for a movie night or casual dinner or even for shopping at Zara as retail therapy. 

You can pair it with blue or black jeans, baggy or skinny fit both will look stunning. Just remember to keep the sweater as the center of attention. Add only selective accessories to keep the whole look light.

  1. Mountain Jacquard Cardigan

Harry Styles may have been the pioneer of fun and colorful cardigans by wearing the patchwork multi-colour cardigan by JW Anderson. But it is now time to take it ahead by donning this mountain print cardigan.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/mountain-jacquard-cardigan-p04938313.html?v1=131955365

This print pays homage to the majesty of the Alps while keeping you warm at the same time. The pastel blue contrasting the grey and the black of the cardigan make the pattern seem tranquil. With pastel colors being the hit this season get this sweater to stay on trend as always.

  1. Colour Blocking Sweater

We informed you in our color blocking masterclass (if you haven’t read it already, we highly recommend you check it out to amp up your fashion game) that colors can be used smartly to accentuate the body parts you like.

If you have narrow shoulders and a wider waist and want to make the shoulders look bigger while making the waist smaller, you will love this color blocking sweater.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/colour-block-sweater-p04216300.html?v1=117791377

Or even if you have wide shoulders and want to flaunt them you can opt for this loose-fit sweater made out of spun cotton fabric, having a round neck with long sleeves.

Zara is tricking our brain with colors – the dark color of the torso makes it look slimmer and pushes it to the back, and the bright and light colors make it seem closer to us thus making it look bigger than it actually is.

You can pair them with black trousers, which will elongate your legs.

  1. Abstract Jacquard Sweater

We have not come across anything more punk rock than this black and white graffiti-like print sweater.

We are sure everyone has had a goth phase growing up, if not then perhaps a rebel phase. And this sweater perfectly embodies the energy and mood of that phase.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via- https://www.zara.com/in/en/abstract-jacquard-sweater-p06771300.html?v1=110785917

The tie dye-like edges of the abstract white stripes makes the sweater look grotesque and violent. Pairing it with black pants and silver jewelry will definitely make you look like the coolest hitman that has ever walked on this planet. If you would have told us that this sweater was designed by Alexander McQueen or Rick Owens we would have agreed with you.

The next two sweaters are specifically for super funky people, it is not for the faint of heart so proceed to buy with caution.


Want to become the talk of the night? This sweater looks like it was designed for the VIP members of the rave club. The high contrasting yellow and black exude drama. They may seem loud, but if styled correctly, you will look classy.


Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/jacquard-sweater-with-lettering-p06771301.html?v1=112901557

The sudden change of the colors in a cut-like design on the chest looks interesting. The letters are randomly placed and don’t necessarily spell anything, but it can be a fun ice breaker, right?

The yellow and black combo makes it a bit difficult to pair it with anything other than black trousers, but you can always try it with some shorts or even a black hoodie over it to add another layer perhaps. If you want to look invincible, you may as well add a black face mask to get a high level of anonymity.


Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/–faes-waves-sweater-p02893300.html?v1=114345407

This is a loose-fitting sweater with a round neckline, long sleeves, and Jacquard Faes print. The dark green leaning toward teal color seems to compliment the light green wavy designs. To talk about the print looks like a modern-day digital art inspired by the painting – The Great Wave of Kanagawa  

Again, just like the previous sweater, the colors make it fit well with mostly black. If you are feeling adventurous we would recommend you style it with green pants that relate to the sweater and blue or red or yellow glasses to add a pop of color.

This is a great look for a day out running errands or window shopping with friends. We can only image high-end designers or famous influencers wearing this at Paris Fashion Week, so you need to hurry up and get this right now!

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A fashion breakdown of Justin Bieber’s style

 Do you know how he rules the game?

Justin Bieber is known to make a statement at every event with his unique and interesting style, which he has developed over his career. He is also one who revels in taking fashion risks every once in a while. One can find him casually sporting trendy fits or dabble in high fashion or wear his own line for a chill night out with friends. He has proved that he is incredibly versatile and fashion-wise, 2021 has been a great year for him, so let’s break it down so you can emulate it.

Being an A-lister comes with the perk of having access to any designer in the world and a styling team to get him on the “best dressed” list. But in this article, we will be looking at his Instagram, where we can see a much more personal side of him and his closet.

A fashion breakdown of Justin Bieber’s style

Here, Justin has smartly paired his tie-dye style Cactusplantfleamarket Rave Cowboy Pullover with blue jeans by Cherry, a Los Angeles-based brand, and a blue tee to achieve that perfect monochromatic look. His Ian Charms Remi and Petra necklace go well with the pullover and Nike Air Force Ones in white. This is a very classic style, super comfortable, and easy to style with different accessories.

A fashion breakdown of Justin Bieber’s style

This look is our personal favorite, for various reasons – let us break it down for you. Firstly, he is sporting the soft boy aesthetic, a style very popular with Gen Z. His pink Secret Crewneck by Drew House is styled with Sadire Overthinking baseball cap and socks by Hanes. The soft and pastel colors work together and the minimalistic style hits a home run, hands down.

A fashion breakdown of Justin Bieber’s style

Strutting down the street flaunting his swag in Earl Jacket over a white tee and white pants should be the new norm. The laid-back look is made funky by Linda Farrow x the Attico Irene Sunglasses. And then of course his classic and favorite Nike Air force 1. This is a great look to make the jacket the center of focus.

A fashion breakdown of Justin Bieber’s style

We think it’s safe to say that Justin loves to add a pop of color to everything he wears. Here we can see, he put on a red bandana to contrast his white Bode Sheer Striped Shirt and Botter Paris Off White Classic Pleat trousers with shoes by Vans. To bring the look together her added bling from Eliou and Ian Charms. Justin looks fabulous in white, as we could tell from his Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performance back in 2012, we think it’s smart for him to do it more often

A fashion breakdown of Justin Bieber’s style

This is a look that proves that he is versatile while staying very grounded in his style. A semi-formal and classy look – Isabel Marant Fesley Coat paired with classic black trousers. And then bam! A pop of hot pink flamingo beanie by X Karla.

A fashion breakdown of Justin Bieber’s style

Playing with primary colors and sandy tones, Justin put together a Casablanca SS22 shirt with Olsen sunglasses by Dmy By Dmy and the Elliot Chain Necklace by Omnis Studio to keep it casual, playful, and trendy, honestly, perfect for a Sunday brunch.

A fashion breakdown of Justin Bieber’s style

This Prada Re-Nylon Overalls truly seems like the perfect outfit for a night out with friends, it is comfy and stylish at the same time. To add a personal touch Justin decided to wear a pastel pink Simple Gospel hoodie with complimentary blue Converse Color Vintage Canvas Chuck. These three pieces look so different but with smart styling, Justin is pulling it off exceptionally well.

A lot of thought has gone behind putting looks together and making them comfortable, effortless, versatile, rooted in his style, and also so trendy that people will want to emulate it. He has truly grown into his style over the years and stamped his mark on the fashion world which is laudable.

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Complete Guide On How To Choose Best Swimsuits For Love Handles

We often see that finding a flattering swimsuit when you’re not so happy with your tummy is a challenge for all body types. To combat this situation, we have gathered the best bathing swimsuits options that not only hide stomach fat or love handles but are also super adorable and pocket-friendly! There are many swimsuit designs to help disguise the love handles and once you know what to look for, you will no longer struggle to choose a bathing suit you will love and feel confident in.

Best Swimsuits Guides 2021

There are a plethora of bathing suits available on the market today. Very often, women try to conceal their bodies and hide their unwanted body parts because they do not know what else to do.

Love handles are one of the most common insecurities everybody has and are a common complaints that many women have about their own bodies. Nobody wants to have extra weight on them, but this is unrealistic. If you have a little extra tissue on your love handles or a little bulge in your belly, you can still look awesome with a few style tricks that will slim your stomach in no time. On that note, here are some swimsuit options for you to look like swimsuit beauty and rock your summers.

  1. High waisted swimsuit

If you wish to make your love handles less visible and your body looks best in a swimsuit, high-waisted swimsuits are a no-brainer. These types of bathing suits help you to look and feel amazing because you are able to conceal your love handles, show off your curves and look confident. Go retro and classic with a high-waisted bikini bottom to add a sexy figure by emphasizing your naturally curvy shape. High-waisted styles are best for giving you all the support you need to conquer your next summer holiday. High-waisted swimsuits also tend to give the illusion of a peachier look since the high waistband lifts and hugs your buttocks.

  • Printed swimsuit

Prints. Who doesn’t love a good print on their swimsuit? Prints can act as a great tool for camouflaging a belly pooch. Look for colorful, fun, floral,  vibrant eye-catching prints. Prints and patterns on swimsuits are yet another way that allows you to hide tummy bulges and distract the eye from the unwanted area. Prints and patterns also help to highlight just the right areas of your body and hide the rest. they are way better and fun at concealing problem areas than simple swimsuits.

  • Ruched swimsuit

One of the first things to always look for when trying to hide tummy bulge is ruching. Ruching is looked flattering on all body types but is especially good for hiding love handles. It makes the waist appear slimmer, especially if the ruching is diagonal. Swimsuits that have ruching (gathered, folded fabric) are perfect for hiding belly fat. The gathered fabric helps to disguise the belly and gives a more streamlined silhouette.

  • Ruffled swimsuit

Ruffles are always a hot topic. Tiered ruffles are yet another way to distract the sight from the area you are not comfortable with. You have options here, you can either choose ruffles for upper area like arms, shoulders, or bottom belly part. Ruffled swimsuit work amazing for the purpose of hiding your love handles and they never go out of style.

  • Solid dark colored  swimsuit

 You probably are already familiar with how dark colors work like magic when it comes to giving an illusion of a slim body. And there’s no doubt that dark colors will help you conceal the love handles. One-piece solid-colored swimsuits with some unique designs need to be your top pick. But when it comes to dark, it does not mean just plain and simple black. You can experiment and have fun with all sorts of dark colors like burgundy, dark blue, maroon, brown and the list goes on.

Hope that these swimsuit options were helpful for you to choose the best pick and slay your sunny days.


Health is wealth. Your health matters much more than having a tiny waist or a thigh gap. You are you and you are beautiful the way you are. So, chin up ladies, and celebrate your individuality and uniqueness. Always remember that everyone has insecurities. If you don’t focus on yours then others won’t either. So don’t let a silly bathing swimsuit sabotage your fun in the sun.

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