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UK bra size Vs US comparison guide

Did you know “About 85% of women are not wearing the right size bra”? The first bra was discovered in 1914 and has gained immense popularity ever since. Eventually, bras have become a very essential aspect of every woman’s wardrobe.

Comfort is key. Wearing the wrong size bra is as bad as all that and it’s high time to examine what exactly is the right size for you and ensure you take care of your breasts. Comfort is achieved by the right size (a bra must never feel tight in any spot) and the right cup. Wearing the wrong bra is not only uncomfortable but it can possibly have a negative impact on your health. Therefore, women need to educate themselves on the influence of getting the correct bra size.

Having the right and correct measurements for your bra is always a plus point. From statistics, it shows that less than 40% of women wear the right bra size due to the conflicting measurements of the lingerie and also fashion each season. Choosing the suitable bra that best fits your body provides various benefits. Why does the size even matter you wonder? Well, it’s simple when you have worn a non-fitting/wrong or small bra, what happens next it causes mental distress and body stress you feel uncomfortable and it may be unhealthy for your breasts. Having the right brassiere for your breasts is a must. Additionally, it also improves your blood circulation, promotes good and healthy breast tissue. Above all, a suitable brassiere provides security and comfort for your breasts so that you can meet your minimal day-to-day activities effortlessly.

UK bra size Vs US comparison guide

How To Find the right size of bra?

It’s very crucial to determine your size before purchasing a bra of any kind. If you think the bras you are wearing are uncomfortable, then you’re probably wearing the wrong size. To select the right size of bra for you we initially need to figure out your bra size and shape of the breast. There’s a significant difference between UK lingerie brands and US lingerie brands due to a lot of reasons such as bra design, underwire, shape, and overall fit of the bra.

Step1. Calculate band size

  • The measuring tape should be well levelled and snug.
  • Round the number obtained, to the nearest whole number. If the number obtained is an event then add 4 inches and if the number obtained is odd then add 5 inches respectively.
  • In this calculation, the sum is your band size. Now let’s move forward to step 2.

Step2. Calculate bust size/ cup size

  • Wrap around the tape to your fullest part of bust
  • Ensure that it’s neither too tight nor too loose and without any falls or twists.
  • And once again, like we did in step 1, round off the number to the nearest whole number.
  • Now, subtract the band size calculated earlier from the bust measurement.

Step3. Results

  • Hence, if the difference obtained between band and bust measurement is 1, then your cup size is A. If the difference is 2, then the cup size will be B and so on.

When it comes to fitting into a bra, it’s not always so smooth. Sizing of bras can be notoriously fickle and can differ across countries. Here, we will explore how UK bra sizing differs from US bra sizing.

Now that you are more informed about your own bra size measurements lets furthermore move ahead and explore the different aspects of bras and how UK and US sizing differ from each other.

  1. Bra band

So to begin with we have a bra back band. This is the first thing you should start with and by far luckily the simplest as the UK and US bra back size is all the same. For the best functioning of wire, it must be held in place by the band of the bra. Throughout the day, your band is responsible for keeping the wires firmly against the body. You should feel it holding securely, but it should not feel to be so tight that it is uncomfortable. You should be able to comfortably run two fingers under both sides of the bra at the same time. If the bra pulls away from your body, it is too loose. If you are

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facing trouble getting your fingers under the band, it is too tight.

 Having your band nice and snug can help to reduce back pain by lifting the breast up. A bra band is labeled by size. The good news is that in the UK vs. US bra sizing, the bra bands are labeled the same. This means that what you purchase as a 32 in the US will fit the same in the UK.

  • Cup size

Next up we have cup sizes which play a key role in determining the right size for you. Here cup sizes vary so much in terms of different sizes. The bra cups are where the UK vs. US bra sizing differs.

Let’s discuss the difference between UK and US bra sizing.  If your cup size is smaller than a DD, you don’t have to worry about anything.  But if you fall under the category of a cup size larger than a DD+ you need to listen up. From A to D cup, the bra cups are similar in the UK and the US. These are the common cup sizes, so it is easy to assume that most people won’t have any issues when buying overseas.

Where it gets down and a little bit tricky is the larger sizing. A triple D is considered E in the UK and a G in America is considered an F in the UK. Similarly, an H size is a double F in the UK. Hence, the chart goes on, but the larger the size, the more you will need to be careful and mindful that the US sizing is not the same as the UK.

US Sizing-

The biggest difference between US and UK bra sizing is their lettering system. A US bra size chart looks like this:


UK Sizing-

On the other hand, we have a UK bra size chart:

AA  A B  C D DD  E F FF G  GG H HH J JJ  K …

Did you notice that the size chart starts to change and look different after a US DDD/F? With the above size chart, you can easily figure out what’s the best pick for you.


If you’re buying bras online, make sure to read about the brand so you get to know which sizing system they are currently using. If you’re shopping at your local store, don’t hesitate to ask your bra fitter for help with bra size to a UK or US brand. Nowadays, Many lingerie stores offer bra fittings. They have expert bra fitters who can help you and take away the pain and frustration out of bra shopping and do all the work for you. If you’ve always been confused with finding bras in the right size, it’s time to make a change.

Importance of bra sizing

We get it – it is frustrating enough to find out your correct bra size without throwing international differences into the mix like when you find out that a 36DDD/F bra in the US is a 36E in the UK, it’s easy to get confused.

Did you know our breast size changes every six months and we do not even notice these changes? Our breasts are made up of tissues and fat. If we do not provide proper support to the breasts; due to their weight they are pulled downwards which can lead to major strain.

A well-fitted bra not only makes you look slimmer but also gives your body a better silhouette. A well-fitted bra gives you posture plus you feel great with all the outerwear that you choose to wear. Additionally, enhancing your physical appearance, a good bra also helps you to deal with shoulder and neck strain. It also helps in securing your neck tissues and nerves and keeping them healthy.


Being able to figure out a suitable brassiere for your breasts is essential. Having a well-fitted bra providing comfort and security with a proper cup size consideration is just magnificent. A well-fitting bra should feel like a second skin, so take your time and figure out what’s best according to you. Have fun looking for the right bra that’s supportive, comfortable, and makes you feel fabulous as you are.

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