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4 ways to Style a Hoodie in 2022

Hoodies have come a long way, from being a utilitarian garment to a fashion statement to your girlfriend’s favorite piece from your closet, it has had quite the journey.


Having its origins in the US back in the 1930s, the hoodie was devised by the brand Champion, mostly for workers in New York. They started attaching hoods to sweaters and that’s how hoodies came into being.

In the 70s, with the rise of hip-hop culture, designers started glamorizing hoodies in their collections, trying to make them a wardrobe staple. Well, we can say, mission accomplished

Fun fact – The term “hoodie” was only popularized in the late 1990s

Later, the hoodie was donned as a way to conceal your identity, the youth loved the hoodie for it provided them with anonymity as they committed acts they shouldn’t be doing. On the contrary, celebs were using it to hide from the paparazzi.


The hoodie is now regarded as a unisex garment making it extremely versatile. Multiple designers have showcased unique hoodies, there are brands that only sell hoodies and it is also a very popular “merch” garment.

From celebs to athletes to college students, everyone has embraced and accepted the hoodie as an integral part of the wardrobe.

Just a disclaimer- A hoodie can be worn in multiple ways, there is no right or wrong. All you need to do is find what suits you the best and run with it. In this story, we will guide you and let you know all the possible combinations you can try out with your hoodie.

We’ll discuss how you can style your hoodie with a –

  1. Pair of shorts
  2. Track pants/co-ords
  3. Denim
  4. Shearling jacket, and
  1. Pair of shorts

This combination is pretty unusual as a hoodie is to make you warm and you wear shorts in summer, so it is a “confused about the weather” look. But it’s not about the weather, as much it is about the vibe and the aesthetic, in this new world of Instagram and TikTok that’s what matters more.

Take inspiration from Burberry, Iceberg, and Fear Of God. You can opt for neutral, earthy, and muted tones and build a cohesive, monochromatic look or go all bold and wild with unusual or neon colors.

Style a Hoodie

You can also have a co-ord set of hoodies and shorts. It looks classy and relaxed, it would make a great outfit for a long road trip.

Celeb spotted –

Style icon Harry Styles was spotted wearing a neon pink hoodie by Pangaia, a loungewear brand beloved by many. He styled the knit hoodie with a yellow tote bag, which added a color blocking effect, Vuori shorts (with a 5-inch inseam allowance), and white Nike Cortez sneakers.

Perhaps not the best color if you want to hide from paparazzi, but we love seeing Harry in bold clothes even off stage.

Style a Hoodie
  1. Track Pants/co-ords

If there ever was a perfect airport look, it would be this. Pair your hoodie with track pants that match and boom ready to fly. It looks casual and luxe at the same time.

Style tip – Be mindful of the colors, keep a maximum of 2 colors in the whole outfit, don’t go overboard with it.

The Iceberg Spring Summer 2019 show had quite a few co-ord looks. They paired their black/red and blue/red hoodies with similar colored co-ords. Notice that the shoes and the accessories match. Another look we loved is from Pangaia, the light grey co-ord set is color-blocked with lavender accessories.

Burberry also did a similar look with their iconic striped print as the hood.

Style a Hoodie

Celebs spotted –

Jay Z and Pete Davidson were spotted sporting a cool, ultra-chic streetwear style look. They styled their hoodie with track pants and hat (and a lollipop too)

Style a Hoodie
  1. Denim

What is better than one classic piece, well, two classic garments are styled together. Both the hoodie and denim were made for the working class in the US and have made a huge impact globally.

The denim can be your jeans or a jacket or both, even. And you don’t have to worry about the colors because literally, everything works well with denim. Feel free to mix and match your denim too, go for a light blue denim jacket and dark blue ripped jeans for an “Instagram model” look.

Style a Hoodie

Celebs spotted –

Given that this combo is so iconic, it is obvious that almost every celeb has been snapped wearing it. To point out a few, Drake and Justin are known for their hoodie/denim look, but even The Weeknd stepped out with his then-girlfriend Bella Hadid in an oversized hoodie and ripped denim.

Style a Hoodie
  1. Shearling Jacket

Let’s be honest, this is a very obvious combination. It’s cold outside and you put on the two garments that you feel will keep you warm. Other than its functionality, this look is also uber stylish. Wanna flaunt your fashion sensibilities while looking hot? Wear a shearling jacket and hoodie.

Style a Hoodie

Unlike denim, here you will have to look out for certain colors that will work well together. Opt for monochromatic combinations like the ones shown below.

Celeb spotted –

Kanye West was spotted not once but twice in this look. He has the eye and the talent to make a basic combination look new, fresh, and memorable. The dark brown shearling jacket is giving planet of the apes, early stone age man vibes. He beautifully styled it with a red velvet hoodie. The oversized shearling jacket also looks good with the white hoodie and military pants.

Style a Hoodie


Before we talk about the unusual, let’s see what the usual is. Cotton and merino wool hoodies are usually the most popular ones. But designers all over have taken the freedom to explore and break down boundaries.

Style a Hoodie

JuunJ is one such designer, who in their 2017 Spring Summer collection showcased leather hoodies and oversized and extra-long lace-up sleeves to add an interesting element to a staple-like hoodie.

Celebs spotted-

Timothee Chalamet made heads turn and jaws drop when he arrived for the premiere of his movie The King, in this high fashion high drama hoodie by Louis Vuitton. Virgil Abloh designed this special hoodie that has thousands of sequins and Swarovski crystals all hand-sewn, truly raising the bar for men’s fashion

Style a Hoodie

Talking about raising the bar for men’s fashion, we can not talk about Dan Levy. His iconic character David Rose in the superhighway show Schitt’s Creek is known worldwide for bold fashion statements, from his Helmut Lang hoodie to D.GNAK lace-up hoodie. One of the most memorable looks from that show is this Mohair Dotted Hoodie by Random Identities.

Style a Hoodie

Now that you know what options are available, you can make an informed decision and make a bold fashion statement even on a casual day running

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