Top Crown Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Crown tattoos are very symbolic and powerful tattoo designs. They are suitable for every gender. You can never really go wrong with a crown, unless you do not get it done from a good tattoo artist. They have a very appealing appearance and can be placed anywhere on your body, according to your choice.

The Meaning of Crown Tattoos for Girls

Crown usually symbolises power and royalty. Crown tattoos can signify strength, ruling one own’s life and being confident, pride, courage, independence and so on. Although the meaning is most likely to differ according to every individual. A couple or best friends getting crowns tattooed together might mean they are going to rule the world together or rule their love/ friendship together. A crown tattoo adheres to every gender with little to no change in its meaning, but also depends on the tattoo holder and his perception of the tattoo.

Crown Tattoos for Girls

A crown on any part of your body is a very simple and attractive design. You can definitely get a skull with a crown, crown with flowers, a very detailed crown, crown with a small quote or a word, rubies or precious stones on the crown, a crown on the head of your favourite wild animal, champion crown tattoo, winged crown tattoo, Greek crown tattoos, a very defined character with a crown on their head are some options for crown tattoos. Girls usually get crowns tattooed on their finger.

Simple Queen Crown Tattoos

A crown with Q written below it, crown tattoo with a key chain, crown with a splash of blood behind it, rubies or diamonds dripping from a crown, detailed picture of a crown, a simple diamond tiara, a thunder with a crown. These designs will surely make you feel powerful and royal, like a queen.

Small Crown Wrist Tattoos

Since wrists do not allow too much space for a very big tattoo, which would not be too appealing either, wrist tattoos should be small. The basic crown, colourful crown, tiara, laurel, your favourite crown from across the world, a word with a crown are designs which can be tattooed on the wrist. Wrist crown tattoos will give you hope and strength whenever you look at it and obviously look extremely alluring to everyone. 

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