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Top Crown Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Crown tattoos are very symbolic and powerful tattoo designs. They are suitable for every gender. You can never really go wrong with a crown, unless you do not get it done from a good tattoo artist. They have a very appealing appearance and can be placed anywhere on your body, according to your choice.

The Meaning of Crown Tattoos for Girls

Crown usually symbolises power and royalty. Crown tattoos can signify strength, ruling one own’s life and being confident, pride, courage, independence and so on. Although the meaning is most likely to differ according to every individual. A couple or best friends getting crowns tattooed together might mean they are going to rule the world together or rule their love/ friendship together. A crown tattoo adheres to every gender with little to no change in its meaning, but also depends on the tattoo holder and his perception of the tattoo.

Crown Tattoos for Girls

A crown on any part of your body is a very simple and attractive design. You can definitely get a skull with a crown, crown with flowers, a very detailed crown, crown with a small quote or a word, rubies or precious stones on the crown, a crown on the head of your favourite wild animal, champion crown tattoo, winged crown tattoo, Greek crown tattoos, a very defined character with a crown on their head are some options for crown tattoos. Girls usually get crowns tattooed on their finger.

Simple Queen Crown Tattoos

A crown with Q written below it, crown tattoo with a key chain, crown with a splash of blood behind it, rubies or diamonds dripping from a crown, detailed picture of a crown, a simple diamond tiara, a thunder with a crown. These designs will surely make you feel powerful and royal, like a queen.

Small Crown Wrist Tattoos

Since wrists do not allow too much space for a very big tattoo, which would not be too appealing either, wrist tattoos should be small. The basic crown, colourful crown, tiara, laurel, your favourite crown from across the world, a word with a crown are designs which can be tattooed on the wrist. Wrist crown tattoos will give you hope and strength whenever you look at it and obviously look extremely alluring to everyone. 

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Why Louis Vuitton is trending after BTS airport appearance, explained.

BTS, the K-pop sensation has taken the world by storm once again, and no, this time it isn’t by releasing a chart-topping song. While we are still dancing to the bop that is Butter, BTS was papped at the airport. They are flying down to New York to represent their country at the UN General Assembly.

This is the first time ARMY has seen them at an airport since the pandemic broke out and all the members look impeccably dressed for a long flight. All of them donned the best of Louis Vuitton, getting the brand trending on Twitter. Call it the BTS effect, perhaps.

Have a look at what they wore.

Looking extremely dapper in a light blue LV monogram button-up paired with brown LV monogram trousers, V definitely made a few thousand fans swoon.

RM, the leader of the band stepped out in a grey LV hoodie and pants, a very practical fit for a more than 14 hours flight.

Jungkook turned the party up in this black tee styled with co-ord tie dye LV monogram jacket and cargo denim pants.

Jimin made heads turn in an all black outfit, LV tee shirt and pants. His LV Petite Malle bag is what we’re living for! He also added a little bling with his LV Volt One pendant and Vendome FLex Chelsea boots.

Jin kept things casual in this End Goal LV Crewneck and LV x NBA Flared Denim. But what ARMY is obsessed with is the cute RJ Baby Silicone Keyring on his LV green Litter Bag.

Suga looked comfy in a LV Cuffs Cashmere Crewneck with Damier Knit travel pants.

J-Hope pulled off a look which not many people would dare to wear. SHowing off his legs in a GoodBoy Golden shorts with a LV x NBA Zip hoodie and LV Petite Malle bag in the classic LV monogram.

Garnering millions of likes, tweets and sales for LV is a side effect of their charismatic personalities and unbelievable talent.

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Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

Acrylic nails are colorful nail extensions made out of a powder mixture and a liquid. They fit your nail perfectly if done by a good nail artist. They are usually time-consuming to get but last a considerable time and do not damage your nails. The best part about acrylic nails is that anyone can get them, it is possible to make them of any desired length, shape, color, and design.

Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

Top 10  Acrylic Nail Designs

As said before, acrylic nail designs can be according to each individual’s preference. There are several options like the basic short nails with a neutral colour, long acrylic nails with colourful water dripping upside down, simple glittery acrylics, acrylics with marble designs and golden or silver lines, geometric line and designs on acrylics, French manicure blended with the nail colour, floral designs, colourful water colour effect designs, several designs with favourite food, flowers, designs with quotes and lastly nails with cloudy effects as a design.

Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

How To Use Colored Acrylic Nail Powder?

Coloured Acrylic Power needs to be used very carefully. It should always be taken in very small quantities and spread evenly all over. It normally flows so let it flow down and lightly tap it and blend it with the nail. The product must not be very thick over the nail but should be thin. It is usually recommended to not mix two colors without experimenting because it might ruin the design. All in all, it takes practice to perfectly make acrylic nails so surely practice and you will do a good job.

Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

What Can You Use With Acrylic Powder?

You can use monomer liquid, water, especially warm water as it helps harden the acrylic nails faster, polyester resin. You can make the liquid at home as well with water and washable glue, it works perfectly, just like a proper acrylic liquid.

Acrylic Powder: Acrylic Nail Design, Usage, Advantages, and Shopping Guide

How to Buy Acrylic Powder?

You can buy Acrylic Powder from Amazon. It is very easily and readily available there. You can find the powder at different nail salons, other online options are,,, and so on.
If you are a beginner you are recommended to use Mia Secret Professional Acrylic Nail Kit for Beginners, Coscelia Acrylic Nail Kit and Liquid Set, Fashion Zone Acrylic Nail Art Kit are some options.  

How do you make acrylic powder?

It is not possible to make the Polymer Powder with the Monomer Liquid. By adding water to the mixture, you can separate the monomer and extract the polymer powder.

Can you use acetone with acrylic powder?

You aren’t supposed to use acetone with the powder but make sure to clean your nails beds with acetone before applying the powder, also make sure the acetone dries before the powder is applied.

How do you make colored acrylic powder?

You can use colored chalks, soft pastels and mix them with the acrylic powder and create colorful powders.

How long does acrylic powder last?

Acrylic nails last for a considerable amount of time, about two to three weeks or a month, with proper care, after which your nails start to grow.

Do you need a UV light for acrylic powder?

No, you do not require a UV light for curing or drying the acrylic nails. They are supposed to be air-dried.

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Ultimate Ways to Plan a Females’ Vintage-themed Party

Party! The first thing that caught you and why you’ve been here. We know you never miss out the trend. That’s why we’re here to help you plan a retro party of your own.Showing off the vintage teacups in your tea party, putting on a top vintage outfit for the party isn’t just enough to get your best vintage attire. Let’s delve into this post to uncover what you may do to make your party look like in the 70’s.

  1. Show your theme with your Cards

Well, If you are thinking of throwing a party, the first thing that you have to do is to send out invitations. These days, people prefer inviting people over a phone call, text message or an online invitation.

But, When you are going with the retro theme, you have to invite your female friends, peers, colleagues and family with giving out paperback vintage themed cards. This helps them recognise the theme without you actually telling them.

When they see the retro style cards you’ve sent, they can actually imagine how the party’s going to be. So, Now you know how to show your theme with your invites.

  1. Ask your friends to get along with the theme

After sending out invites, you can have a talk with your friends and also encourage them to wear appropriately so as to get along with the vintage-theme.  You can ask you best friends to wear the same 70’s model hat as yours, or a crochet dress with the same colour as yours.

This will be also be a good time to recollect memories with your buddies. You will also have a chance to go through all your old stuff, that bell bottom jeans you wore to your college, or the tie-dye top you had in your closet for years.

Your females can also send out pics on your groups and wait for reactions if it’s of the right vibes of the theme.

  1. Vintage themed party outfit

If you are worried where to buy a vintage outfit for the party, you were worried for nothing. You can style your old clothes in a vintage style with the help of your mom or grandmother.

If you didn’t find any old dresses that your mom or grandma has kept, you can always go to nearby vintage stores or can also try putting some lacy cloth in hands of a tailor.

You should also suggest your friends to choose their outfit with more detail, and never forget about the retro style accessories you can put on, too.

  1. Retro music and decors

Most of us think that wall decors and stuff aren’t necessary and you might also think that it’s just hours of manual work remain unnoticed. But, the decor of a party has its own significance.

It isn’t enough if you and the other ladies are dressed with the vintage themed party outfits and say it’s a vintage themed party. You can do the following to help decorate your venue to bring the retro vibes:

  • You can try hanging polaroid photos of your past memories with your friends.
  • Putting on a retro CD player or an old vintage cassette player with your favourite 90′ songs would be a great thing to bring out the vintage vibes.
  • Placing some antiques here and there at the venue.
  • Retro clocks can be a great decor thing too.
  • Placing a few vintage books in a corner can also help you feel that cozy vintage vibes.
  • Placing a guitar, can be a vibe changer, entirely.
  1. Make-up for Vintage Up

When you are going with a vintage-themed party, make-up and getting your hair done is just as important as the retro outfit you put on. You have to try putting on your make up seriously, too, keeping in mind the vintage vibes.

So, don’t use your latest matte lipsticks here, just apply your favourite red old lipstick, the classic ones. You can advice your females to put on some lavender or some classic lipsticks as yours,  thus finding the retro vibe in everyone and everything in the party.

When, coming to hair, go with the classic curls, and also putting on a small bow can look moe classy and compatible with the clothing and the vintage theme. You can also try headbands, the lacy ones or fancy hats as final touch to your vintage attire.

  1. Serve the best drinks

Drinks are never a thing that can be forgotten about partying. Serving the best drinks can do you more good, you can chit-chat with your female buddies all night while drinking your favourite drinks.

Bringing out that fancy glasses you have at your home, can add more feel to the drinks, too. You can choose the best bartenders out there, based on your preferences and you can be rest assured with the drinks.


Whether it be a birthday celebration, tea party, dinner party, baby shower, anniversary party or a bachelorette party, retro can lead to a never ending preparations. Don’t worry, go through the basic process to plan your vintage party and go on what all you can do along with that. Don’t worry if something’s lacking, just invite your friends in, have fun with them all night clicking endless pictures, laughing at the old polaroids and drinking to the full, all night.

How to dress for a 70’s themed party?

When going to a 70’s themed party, you can put on your favourite ankle-length maxi dress or also choose embroidered blouses with bell bottoms.

What are the vintage-themed party outfits?

There are no vintage theme party outfits in particular, you can put your old clothes, your mum’s clothes and try them on with your grandma’s suggestions.

What to wear to a 1960’s themed party?

Loose and comfortable clothes were on the top at the 60’s. So, you can try tie-dye or bright colourful tops with long midis in earthy colours.

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4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

So many of us look at others on Instagram and compare their wardrobe with ours, but we don’t know where to start.

If you feel the same, let us walk you through the process of building an impressive wardrobe. It is much simpler than you think, and all you need is a clear idea of what is needed, something like a blueprint. Consider this blog as exactly that.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

Start with the basics.

What is the simplest step in building a wardrobe, and yet is it overlooked by many? Take a look at your wardrobe and separate the basics from the fancy outfit.

By “basics,” we mean plain and versatile pieces. A plain white tee shirt is a basic piece, and a red leather pant is not.

Once you’ve seen what you have, go and buy what you don’t. This does not mean buy a tee shirt in every colour available, and we want you to pick pieces that you feel you can style differently.

To make it simpler, you can get two or three plain white tee/shirts, a black tee/shirt, and a blue tee/shirt. Now pastel-colored tee/shirts are optional. This way, you can wear the white tee with black jeans and maybe throw on a jacket to dress it up or put on some bling to feel fancy. Our main goal here is to get maximum wear out of a garment, which means how many times you will wear it before you throw it out.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

Bottoms up!

Once you feel happy about your shirts and tee shirts, you can look for versatile pants. You may need a few different ones to suit every occasion. The most popular pants would include jeans, trousers, and chinos, which will be appropriate for every event.

Solid colored trousers can be worn to formal events and out o dates, and a pair of black and blue jeans can be kept for casual events.

Just like you rummaged your closet for basic tee shirts, now do that for bottoms because almost all of us already have versatile trousers or jeans.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

Now you will see your wardrobe coming together. You can pair your plain shirts and tee shirts with solid coloured trousers and jeans. For example – your black jeans can be paired with a black shirt for a night out partying. If that feels a little bland, our next step is for you.

Top it all with some chic accessories

Let us get one thing out of the way immediately – accessories are not just for women.

You will see the change a few rings, the right kind of watch, sunglasses, or even a locket will make to your entire outfit. If you use the right amount and kind of accessories, you can go to a gala in just your basic tee shirt and trousers, letting the accessories take that center stage.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

From Justin Bieber to Harry Styles everyone is stepping up their fashion game with the help of accessories and we feel you should too.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

Accessories also include shoes. Shoes can make or ruin the entire outfit, so we suggest getting a pair of classic Nike shoes for running errands, a versatile boot for formal events, perhaps a pair of Chelsea boots that you can pair with your shirts and trousers.

Final step –

Have fun!

Once you have the basics down, it’s your wardrobe you can funk it up as much as you want.

Now you can think about layering your basics. Like that blue jacket, you saw for sale? Go get it!

Get a few good cardigans and sweater vests for winter to add a pop of color and energy to your closet.

And then another staple every man should have is a suit. A well-tailored suit goes a long way. We’ll discuss that some other time perhaps, you go start working on your wardrobe.

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How to dress like Kendrick Lamar

Do you know who’s got their fashion game on fleek? The iconic rapper, Kendrick Lamar. He knows how to put on a performance for sure, but he pretty well also knows how to nail an outfit every damn time. If you don’t believe us, just keep reading.

How to dress like Kendrick Lamar

Denim on denim will always stay relevant and make you the talk of the event. Pairing his denim jacket with a white tee and some silver jewelry is as smart as his iconic song Humble’s lyrics.

How to dress like Kendrick Lamar

Attending an event where you would be interviewed in front of thousands of people? Stand out in all black! This all-black ensemble by Pièces Uniques combines different textures which just makes it so interesting to look at. The black and white bandana and shoes really tie the whole look together.

This would also be a dope date night fit.

dress like Kendrick Lamar

Playing with prints is the new chic. To let the print shine through, Kendrick put on a black hoodie and classic Nike shoes. If this is not the perfect outfit for a late-night out with friends, we don’t know what is.

Kendrick Lamar OUTFITS

A classic monochrome look with white pants and a light cream Sherpa jacket by Off-White is a super easy combo to pull off.

 Kendrick Lamar Fashion

Kendrick’s wardrobe is super playful. A printed sweater over a hoodie – a staple every guy should have. And also a big, chunky necklace, if you’re releasing record-breaking songs every year.

 Kendrick Lamar yellow tracksuit

This man just gets fashion, he just gets it! Performing live on stage wearing a yellow varsity-style jacket and matching pants with black stripes is the perfect combo to make sure the spotlight is on you. At all times.

Air Force 1 Low NBA shoes in white to go with the white hoodie.

For his New Freezer music video with Rich The Kid, Kendrick put together “Kobe Bryant 24” Icon Edition Jersy with yellow track pants by Daniel Patrick and of course, the Nike Air Force 1 Low NBA shoes in white to go with the white hoodie.

silk tuxedo button-up with purple track pants

Best for the best indeed. Performing at Dave Chapelle Kendrick donned a silk tuxedo button-up with purple track pants, showing us how much he enjoys playing with his style.

Yves Saint Laurent bomber jacket paired with grey skinny jeans

Flaunting his drip in Yves Saint Laurent bomber jacket paired with grey skinny jeans (also from YSL). The shoes? Oh, that’s Reebok x Kendrick Lamar Classic Leather.

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Everything You Need to Know About Sports Bra

So you want to buy a sports bra for yourself and you do not know where to start? Or just confused and don’t know which one to choose? Well, we have got you all covered in this article.

Sports bras are, as the name suggests, bras for sports. People wear it to gyms while playing any sport, just for style, or simply any physical activity. Sports bras are for comfort while doing any physical activity. Many sports brands sell various types of colors. shape and size of sports bras. So, how do you know which one would be perfect for you? To know this, we first need to understand the types of bras and what they are most suitable for.


Sports bras are divided into three major categories:


Everything You Need to Know About Sports Bra

This bra, as the name suggests, is to compress your breast tissue to avoid it moving in and out, keeping it in place. It is recommended for people who normally wear A-or B-cup bras. These bras can come with very light padding and do not have separate cups. This bra is most suitable for low-impact workouts such as yoga and Pilates.


Everything You Need to Know About Sports Bra

Encapsulation bras are quite the opposite of compression bras. These bras have separate cups and are hence preferred by women with heavy busts. These bras help with the up and down movements of the breasts and keep them intact. It provides support for each breast individually. This type of bra is suitable for high-impact workouts such as running, dancing, etc.



Compression-Encapsulation bras are a mixture of both. Compression and Encapsulation bras. These bras are suitable for all cup sizes. It gives maximum support and helps in reducing both the up-down and in-out movements of the breasts. These are popularly used by runners and are pretty much suitable for all high-intensity workouts.

Sports bras can come in different designs as well, such as racerback, hooks, straps, cross-straps, etc. It can also come in various colors.

So, now that you know what the different types of sports bras are and where they are used, let’s discuss where you can get one.

We have personally handpicked the best brands selling sports bras online:

Where to Buy a Sports Bra Online?

You can buy sports bras from any sportswear brand such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. Other than that, many lingerie brands also sell sports bras. You can even get a variety of sports bras from different brands on Amazon, Myntra, etc. You just need to choose the perfect one for you.

Now, as we have covered almost everything about sports bras, We have also answered all the possible questions you might have, and we hope that now you can go and buy one for yourself confidently, as you have already gained a lot of knowledge about it by reading this article.

What are the top-rated sports bras for high impact?

Here are some top-rated sports bras for high impact (with links attached to them):

How did sports bras get started?

The first exercise bra was called the “jockbra”, later known as the “jogbra”, in 1977 by Lisa Lindahl and Poly Smith (a theatre costume designer). This idea was brought up when Lisa and her sister Victoria realized the harm normal bras did to their chaffing and sore breasts.

Later, the “jogbra” was bought by the Playtex brand. After that, Christine Haycock, who was associate professor of surgery at The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, started her research on sports bras and women’s breasts.

After that, a hairdresser named Renelle Braaten, who also faced trouble wearing normal bras while playing outdoor games, decided to manufacture bras that could be worn while doing physical activity. So, she opened a company named Enell Incorporated, collaborating with a freelance apparel designer named Heidi Fisk. In the year 2001, she somehow made Oprah Winfrey wear her bras and they received a positive response and a good number of orders.

After this, sports bras started to become quite popular among athletes and people who generally do some physical activity or other.

What are the top-rated sports bras for high impact?

Here are some top-rated sports bras for high impact (with links attached to them):

Can I Wear a Sports Bra in Public?

Yes, you definitely can. If you’re comfortable and confident wearing it in public, then you can wear it.

Can I Wear a Sports Bra Every Day?

Yes, you can. Sports bras are typically worn during physical activity, but you can wear them every day if it feels comfortable for you. However, please do keep in mind DO NOT wear it at night and DO NOT wear a tight sports bra which probably doesn’t fit you or is the wrong size for the whole day.

Can You Sleep in a Sports Bra?

Please DO NOT sleep with your sports bras or any normal bras on. Some research says it is not advisable to do so as it could possibly hamper your blood circulation at night.

Can You Swim in a Sports Bra?

It is not very advisable to wear a sports bra to swim unless you don’t mind your sports bra becoming pale in its color because of the chlorine present in the water. Other than that, sports bras are also quite restrictive when it comes to swimming, and you might want to wear your normal swimwear for a more comfortable experience.

Can You Wear a Sports Bra as a Top?

The answer is yes. You can definitely wear a sports bra as a top. We have all seen many celebrities, influencers, etc. styling up their sports bras with their everyday looks. It can be paired up with everyday clothes, most preferably joggers or pants, to give it a more athletic as well as casual look.

Should I wear a sports bra to hike?

Yes, of course. You should wear sports bras that are low to high-intensity depending on how rough your hike will be. However, it is important to pick the correct size to avoid any discomfort or chafing. Also, please avoid wearing an underwired sports bra as it might make your hiking experience very uncomfortable

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Iconic 70s Hairstyles That Are Still A Trendsetter

Have you recently noticed that a lot of people are wearing flared jeans, platform heels, and big hats? If you wait long enough, just like every fashion era makes a comeback around sooner or later. Right now, it’s the 70s era in the spotlight.

It’s a no-brainer that 70s inspired trends have been resurfacing in the past few years. Famous celebrities like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and Kendall Jenner have been slaying the ‘70s trends like flared pants, colorful crochet tops, hairstyles, and vintage sunglasses in the past.

 At the beginning of 2021, Farrah Fawcett’s infamous feathery waves became the hot topic of many hairstyle tutorials on many social media platforms. Apart from Farrah’s hairstyle, other ‘70s inspired hairstyle trends, like boho braids, voluminous waves, hairstyles with scarves and headbands, afro hairstyles have been also trending.

Every decade has its own style statement when it comes to hair. During the 70s, a unique hairstyle was key for self-expression. Unique yet funky hairstyles were also popular, particularly for the younger generation, and offered a way to express one’s personality.

Conservative hairdos like shag hairstyles or flirty bobs also had room for personal expression in the 1970s. Many of these 70s hairstyles are in vogue now because they are first and foremost classics. Adding a modern twist such as hair highlights, a bit of color, or a touch of straightening to a seventies look can freshen up the retro style. Hair accessories such as scarves and headbands can also be used to give your hairstyle a more fun look.

If you are intrigued and want to recreate the most iconic and classic hairstyle, here we have listed some of the most popular 70s hairstyles to try right now.

Farrah Fawcett hairstyle

Iconic 70s Hairstyles That Are Still A Trendsetter

The legendary Farrah Fawcett was an extraordinary actress with a great personality and fashion sense. This Charlie’s Angels actress was not only famous for her versatile acting skills but also famous for her iconic hairstyle. It is still one of the best ‘70s hairstyles of all time.

Shag hairstyle

Iconic 70s Hairstyles That Are Still A Trendsetter

Looking for a major hair makeover? Well! Consider the newly upgraded shag haircut. Choppy, funky layered hairstyle from the ‘70s never goes out of style. This hairstyle particularly features crisp choppy ends, a lot of layering, tons of texture and is a simple hairstyle if you’re searching for a cut that will add more volume, texture to your hair. Singer Billie Eilish is also seen rocking the shaggy bob haircut like her mother.

Natural afro

Natural afro

One of my personal favorite 70’s hairstyles for black hair in 2021. This kinky hairstyle is a must to try this season. This type of afro-textured hair isn’t easy to handle but with the right tools, you can easily maintain and embrace this look.



Saw this one coming huh! One of the most eye-catching and magnificent hairstyles ever. Dreadlock hairstyle is the most coolest and stylish hairstyle to try right now. Dreadlocks also require a lot of patience as they can take years to complete fully. If you cannot wait that long and want to try this hairstyle right away, you can try faux locs.

Hairstyle with headbands

Hairstyle with headbands

Yet another ‘70s boho-inspired hairstyle to explore. Experiment with all kinds of headbands and don’t limit yourself.  These are fun and can amp up your look instantly.

Hairstyle with scarves

Hairstyle with scarves

Adding one more to the accessories list here. Scarves were big trend back then and still are to this day. There are various kinds of scarves with vibrant patterns to choose from. It is the perfect accessory to look cool for the summer.



Braids are a classic and most simple hairstyle. Fish style braid, rope braid, dutch braid and so many kinds of braids were popular in the 70s and are still popular. You can watch tutorials and try it out for yourself.

Pixie cut

Pixie cut

Another iconic hairstyle that was common in the 70s. The pixie cut is for those ladies who have short hair and looking for a change in their hairstyle.

Bangs hairstyle

Iconic 70s Hairstyles That Are Still A Trendsetter

Bangs were not only popular now but we’re also pretty popular back in the ‘70s. Bangs are simply strands of hair that fall over your front hairline. There are various types of bangs to try, some of these are curtain bangs, v-shaped bangs, blunt bangs, braided bangs, wispy bangs, and so on.

Bob Cut

Iconic 70s Hairstyles That Are Still A Trendsetter

Bob haircut is the hairstyle that reminds me the most about the ‘70s era. This is yet another classic and retro haircut to try. Sharp, sleek, smooth, and easy to maintain. You can also add bangs to spice it up.

Prom hairstyle

Prom hairstyle

 Want to stand out from the crowd in your prom? Try the ‘70s inspired hairstyles like braided buns to add a vintage look to your outfit. ‘70s hairstyles are suitable for prom as they are versatile and look good in everything.

 Poofy buns

 Poofy buns

Talking about updos, poofy and extravagant buns were considered a showstopper in the  70s. Buns add more structure to your face and look very elegant and beautiful. You can also add accessories like beads to create a more fun look. Buns are evergreen and will always be in fashion no matter what. 

Hope you loved these trendy ‘70s hairstyle and cannot wait to try every single one of them. Let us know which one was your favorite and what are the other kinds of ‘70s hairstyle that are iconic and still are trending.

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Harry Styles’ Iconic Fashion Moments

Harry Styles is without a doubt an icon and a legend. His calm and soothing music will take you to a state of trance and his fashion will infuse the energy of 10 Redbull drinks in you. Harry has the charm and confidence to pull off any outfit in the world. His love and adoration for fashion (and Chelsea boots in particular) solidifies his status as a style icon like no other. Even though he attends just a few events a year, his outfit never fails to leave everyone speechless and in awe.

We are happy that Harry is back on tour and to celebrate his Love on Tour we have complied the most iconic fashion moments by Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ Iconic Fashion Moments

The Vogue December 2020 issue cover was quite possibly the only good thing to happen that year. Channeling his idols Prince, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Elton John, and FreddieMercury, Styles made history as the first man to have a solo cover on Vogue. He is wearing a stunning custom Louis blue Gussi dress and blazer

Harry Styles’ Iconic Fashion Moments

Popular for his ultra-stylish suits, this has to be one of our favorites. This metallic red suit with a black floral motif is just the perfect outfit to swoon your fans while performing at New York Radio City.

Harry with white blazzers

Attending the Gucci Cruise show in Rome, Syles showed up in a white blazer with brown buttons and flared pants. The Gucci bag and accessories are what completes the look for us. This was a cultural reset no cap.

Harry styles fashion

Ladies and gentlemen this is how you execute perfect clour-blocking. Harry wore multiple outfits while hosting SNL but this fit was the star of the night. Styles went with a blue shirt, yellow pants, and a light grey blazer for his monologue, an iconic night indeed.

Harry best fashion

In another shot from the Vogue December issue, here Styles is wearing custom Harris Reed styled by Harry Lambert. Harris Reed is an amazing designer who recently dressed Iman for this year’s Met Gala. Harris’ brand aims at creating drama, making the wearer take up a lot of room as you can see in the image. Harry perfectly embodies this signature Harris Reed look.

Harry best outfits

We love how this is a casual outfit for Styles to perform live on tour. Harry loves to make a statement in every city with a jaw-dropping ensemble that keeps that fans on their toes. Creating constant buzz online and keeping the fans excited for what will come next is a cool marketing technique too, but we’re sure Harry is just thinking about having fun.

Harry  Concert Outfits image

Nobody can convince us that this isn’t the perfect outfit to perform your award-winning song at Grammy’s. Styles donned a black Gucci leather suit with no undershirt with a green feather boa while performing Watermelon Sugar.

For performing live in Sacramento, Styes wore a Charles Jeffrey Loverboy silver jumpsuit. The design is exquisite, the pleating is immaculate and Styles looks remarkable as usual. Charles completely understood what Styles or rather what his fans wanted and we’d say he totally nailed the look. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Top 6 Ethical Handbag brands for men.

Want to have a guilt-free shopping experience? Here is a list of our top 6 ethical handbag brands that make use of vegan leather or fabric to make stunning and sustainable bags.

Bags earlier were just practical, now these brands are also making them stylish and a wardrobe staple. In this list, we will be talking about each brand’s one-of-a-kind product we think you should quickly get your hands on.

  1. The House of Ganges

All of their products are vegan and cruelty-free. Want some stylish and light bags? Head over to their site to get some stunning waterproof, tear-resistant, and uniquely designed bags.

Top 6 Ethical Handbag brands for men.

We recommend you to check out their Joey Duffle Bag. It is functional, ultra-cool and the epitome of minimal-chic. Named after the character from Friends, this bag can be carried using the attached handles or the detachable shoulder strap.

  1. Aulive

Their aim was to create high-quality products that last forever without harming the environment, and they did just that! They are now a PETA Approved brand. They make use of leaf fiber from pineapple trees and pleather. Most of their products are made to be recyclable and one of their recent collections explored the possibility of having 100% compostable products.

Top 6 Ethical Handbag brands for men.

From their entire product line, ranging from handbags, duffle bags to wallets, we suggest you take a look at their finest creation – The Wall Street bag. Available in different colors, this bag is for the hustler inside you. The gold embellishment complements the rusty colors perfectly.

  1. The Alternate

The Alternate is a brand that serves eco-conscious men (which at this point, we all should be) with products that has the perfect combination of luxury with practicality. This inspiring brand is also associated with PETA, their products are made using faux leather.

We are obsessed with their Brown Rucksack.

The Alternate

It is described as – a combination of style and utility by the brand. It is a spacious chocolate-color rucksack made with PU leather. Super easy to carry around on any given day.

  • The June Shop

Their product line is truly mind-boggling and impressive, to say the least. But for now, let’s focus on their bags which can only be described as fashion-forward, modern, and the zenith of Indian handiwork. Just take a look at this designer vegan leather laptop bag, it is functional yet elegant and its sleek shape is just a cherry on the top. The fun multi-color geometric motif is a cool way to spice up your laptop bag.

The June Shop
  1. Hamelin.

Another cruelty-free, ethically sourced brand that stands out for its ergonomic and stylish designs that are very popular with Gen Z and for good reasons. They believe that collaboration is the best way to make anything sustainable. 

We could not take our eyes off of their Harvey Sling bag. As per the brand it is designed to be your best companion, as it is compact and functional enough to organize essentials. The attention to detail and innovative pockets are what makes this our favorite ever sling bag.


1.   Broke Mate

Broke Mate is an Indian Peta-approved and certified vegan brand, which aims at not only serving their customers with high-quality products but also creating the best working conditions for their artisans.

Broke Mate

We love their strong yet lightweight laptop bag which is spacious enough to carry all your work essentials besides your laptop.

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