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Harry Styles’ Iconic Fashion Moments

Harry Styles is without a doubt an icon and a legend. His calm and soothing music will take you to a state of trance and his fashion will infuse the energy of 10 Redbull drinks in you. Harry has the charm and confidence to pull off any outfit in the world. His love and adoration for fashion (and Chelsea boots in particular) solidifies his status as a style icon like no other. Even though he attends just a few events a year, his outfit never fails to leave everyone speechless and in awe.

We are happy that Harry is back on tour and to celebrate his Love on Tour we have complied the most iconic fashion moments by Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ Iconic Fashion Moments

The Vogue December 2020 issue cover was quite possibly the only good thing to happen that year. Channeling his idols Prince, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Elton John, and FreddieMercury, Styles made history as the first man to have a solo cover on Vogue. He is wearing a stunning custom Louis blue Gussi dress and blazer

Harry Styles’ Iconic Fashion Moments

Popular for his ultra-stylish suits, this has to be one of our favorites. This metallic red suit with a black floral motif is just the perfect outfit to swoon your fans while performing at New York Radio City.

Harry with white blazzers

Attending the Gucci Cruise show in Rome, Syles showed up in a white blazer with brown buttons and flared pants. The Gucci bag and accessories are what completes the look for us. This was a cultural reset no cap.

Harry styles fashion

Ladies and gentlemen this is how you execute perfect clour-blocking. Harry wore multiple outfits while hosting SNL but this fit was the star of the night. Styles went with a blue shirt, yellow pants, and a light grey blazer for his monologue, an iconic night indeed.

Harry best fashion

In another shot from the Vogue December issue, here Styles is wearing custom Harris Reed styled by Harry Lambert. Harris Reed is an amazing designer who recently dressed Iman for this year’s Met Gala. Harris’ brand aims at creating drama, making the wearer take up a lot of room as you can see in the image. Harry perfectly embodies this signature Harris Reed look.

Harry best outfits

We love how this is a casual outfit for Styles to perform live on tour. Harry loves to make a statement in every city with a jaw-dropping ensemble that keeps that fans on their toes. Creating constant buzz online and keeping the fans excited for what will come next is a cool marketing technique too, but we’re sure Harry is just thinking about having fun.

Harry  Concert Outfits image

Nobody can convince us that this isn’t the perfect outfit to perform your award-winning song at Grammy’s. Styles donned a black Gucci leather suit with no undershirt with a green feather boa while performing Watermelon Sugar.

For performing live in Sacramento, Styes wore a Charles Jeffrey Loverboy silver jumpsuit. The design is exquisite, the pleating is immaculate and Styles looks remarkable as usual. Charles completely understood what Styles or rather what his fans wanted and we’d say he totally nailed the look. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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