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Tiktok Fall 2021 Trends

TikTok started off as a platform to share short funny videos but now has become a treasure trove of knowledge. Yes! Many have even gone so far as to say that TikTok has taught them much more than school. And you will also agree once you see all that the platform has to offer.

Fashion-wise, TikTok is the new Instagram. Remember back in 2018 how significant it was for every fashion brand – big or small – to have a super cool Instagram page? That is now the case with TikTok, major brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Off-WHite are creating content to tap into a younger generation of customers.

Not just brands, it is a money-minting platform even for individual creators looking to get big or step into the fashion world. The content can be as simple as posting your OOTD to high production “How to Style” videos. Many influencers have garnered millions of followers and are getting invited to sit front row at fashion shows.

So how can we benefit from all that there is out there? Let us analyze the trends and hop on the train. This could be just to impress your friends or partner or even if you want to get started as an influencer yourself, it is vital to keep up with trends and serve them on time.

We’re looking at fashionistas having millions of followers, so you know it’s legit.

Don’t worry, these trends are very inclusive, in terms of money as well, they will not make a hole in your wallet and you will look stylish AF. We’ve done the job for you, read through to stay updated and bring these trends to life.

  1. Print Media

Most of the time to seem “classy” people opt for plain, clean-cut clothes. But that has now become so blasé, check out these fashion heads breaking out of the constraints and dishing out super cool looks.

Credits (from left to right)- Seth Froese, Stephen Omotayo, Tim Dessaint, Asim Riaz.

TikTok has created a safe space for people to explore and go wild. You can be a part of that too. You can go all out on prints, mix and match 3 to 4 prints to create a fantasy outfit, or if you want to play safe, perhaps you’re a beginner, start by styling one bold print with your casual/regular outfits, like your denim or chinos or crisp white tees.

You can also style your prints with other trends, keep reading to know more.

  1. College boy aesthetic.

Close to 95% of the TikTok users are Gen Z, so it becomes obvious that trends that include them do well. And the “college boy” aesthetic is a part of that. The aesthetic is just as the name suggests, what a college boy would wear in his daily life.

Now, there are other categories under this too like eboy, goth, nerd guy, tech dude, etc, etc. But for now, let’s begin with a regular super stylish college boy. It is mainly oversized clothes, tote bags, basic colors, with a mix of pastels and graphic printed clothes.

Credits (from left to right) – Stephen Omotayo, Seth Froese, Joseph Damian, Tim Dessaint.

You can find all these in your wardrobe right now, all you have to do is put them specifically. You should lean towards tee shirts, hoodies, and cute sweater vests. Go ahead and style them with matching colors, accessorize your whole look with pastel bucket hats, or fanny packs, or just a tote bag.

  1. Anonymous Star

Want to get that “celebrity trying to hide from paparazzi” look? We’ll look no further, an all-black outfit with a face mask will give you a high level of anonymity if you are trying to avoid some acquaintances. Now that TikTok influencers are famous enough for paparazzi to run after them, this look is super popular on the platform.

This look can be donned on a date at a super expensive restaurant, or a formal gala with your superiors, or even for just casually running errands, It is that versatile. All you have to do is get accessories to either dress up or dress down based on the occasion.

Credits (from left to right) – Seth Froese, Tim Dessaint, cam.Stylez, Thomas Chu.

Tip – If it is a formal event or a date style the look with silver accessories, and have your clothes fit you properly. In case of casual events, you can opt for oversized hoodies, layer it as much as you like, with a tee-shirt, overcoat/blazer, and feel free to style it with track pants,

Accessories –

  1. Oversized

If you are our regular reader, you would remember a few months back we forecast the trend of baggy, oversized denim. Gen Z decides the trends on TikTok and they fully said “RIP skinny jeans.”

But it is not only denim, all your clothes are now getting oversized. Tight and uncomfortable clothes are no more practical after the hectic year we’ve all had. No one wants to feel cramped up in anything,

The Gen Z mindset of wanting more of a sense of being free and yourself have ushered the trend of comfortable and oversized clothes. From your formal wear to tracks everything is now coming in an oversized version and business-wise doing better than fitted clothes.

Credits (from left to right) – Thomas Chu, Albert Muzquiz, Seth Froese, Tim Dessaint.

Tip – Opt for oversized clothes in semi-structured fabrics. You don’t want the garment to stand on its own, but you also don’t want it to completely stick to your body. So, in the case of semi-structured garments, they will hold their shape while flaunting your natural features at the same time which makes sure your body shape isn’t lost in the garment.

Since the clothes themselves will take so much space make sure your accessories are at a minimum. Don’t try to overdo the bling and layer to a maximum of 2 layers.

  1. Outerwear, specifically, oversized outerwear.

Fall means layering and yes, even your outerwear is now getting oversized. Not sure how to style it? Go through our ultimate guide on how you can rock oversized clothes.

Keep in mind the fit of the rest of the look when styling an oversized jacket. Let it be known that, now, oversized blazers are perfectly alright at high-end events and parties. So ditch the tight three-piece suit and let loose and party all night in a super loose-fitting blazer and trousers.

Credits (from left to right) – Thomas Chu, Albert Muzquiz, cam.Stylez, Seth Froese, Corey J Bradford.

Also, there is no rule that you need to style your oversized outerwear with only skinny clothes. Remember, in 2021, skinny clothes ≠ practical. Pull out your flared pants and large hoodies to style with oversized coats. Get those chunky Nike shoes you always wanted and read Ovalstylefashion to stay on trend not only this fall but every season.

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