Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

Fashion seasons and collections come and go but Shein has great clothes available all year round. These clothes are versatile and serve their purpose. The hyper fast-fashion brand has almost everything you will need in your wardrobe, so why not hoard it?

They sell great hoodies, jackets to shirts and denim, trousers, and even accessories. It is easy to get overwhelmed by seeing a wide array of clothes and accessories at such cheap prices. It needs a lot of time and a creative eye to look for expensive-looking garments and accessories. If you don’t have either, it’s OK we have your back.

Let us walk you through our findings, we are bringing to you jackets, shirts, trousers, and hoodies. All the items on our list are affordable but look expensive, and with the right styling, you will look red carpet ready.

  1. Textured Button Front

A button front is such a staple piece, I own it, you own it, everyone does. So why not elevate it to look like high-end luxury shirts? This shirt is the definition of that.

The camel-colored shirt has a patched pocket, regular fit, made from polyester, so you know it’s got a long life.

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

Styling this shirt won’t take much effort, you can go casual with black pants or denim or you can dress it up with expensive accessories and structured blazers or outerwear.

  1. Hoodie Button Front

Well, this is the combination of the best qualities of both – a hoodie and a button front. The two-toned garment makes it look rich and expensive. You will thank us once you wear it.

The hoodie has drawstrings for your comfort plus it is 70% cotton and 30% linen, which makes it ultra-breathable while still having a structure.

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

You can wear this as a casual or smart casual look with denim or in winter you can also layer it with white or khaki-colored coats.

  1. Hooded Puffer

Talking about winter, this is the best piece for this winter. A classic black hooded long-sleeved puffer jacket. Cheap. Functional. Looks expensive. What more can one ask for?

It has drawstrings, pockets (for that extra storage) and is made from 100% polyester, so durability is a given. Even the lining is made from polyester!

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

You can style it as the image shows here, making it an all-black outfit. Or play with colors, add white, red, green to it. Maybe a pop of orange if you want that hippy streetwear vibe.

  1. Pullover

You can style your hooded Puffer with this cream-colored, woven textured, cozy, and comfy high neck pullover and show up to date to impress or family dinner.

It looks so luxurious that you can style this as an individual piece, as a casual outfit or it can be worn as formal office wear when it’s too cold.

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

What we love about this, besides the fact that it looks expensive, is the light creamy off-white color. It can be styled so easily that you don’t really need any assistance. Pair it with other classic staples like leather jackets.

Oh, you’re looking for a leather jacket too? You’re gonna love this piece.

  1. Leather jacket

Once associated with the biker community, this garment has since been reimagined by designers all over and continues to evolve as we speak. It has become a standard gender-fluid garment, where it makes everyone look and feel sexy, no matter the place or time.

This jacket is PU leather, the lapels and silver metal detailing on it give it a rather masculine feel which contrasts the soft, supple, and shiny leather. 

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

A go-to garment when you’re in a hurry and need to show up stylish, make sure to add it to your cart if you haven’t already.

  1. Plaid trousers

Nothing makes a man hotter than well fitter trousers, and when it’s corduroy it falters your body a lot better and it’s comfortable, unlike other fabrics that may be rough for your skin.

This recognizable print has made a feature in every celebrity’s closet for a reason. It looks expensive!

Comfort and look-wise, there’s no competition at all. The fit is tapered, but we suggest you get it tailored to your preference since everyone’s body is different and have it fit your liking.

Expensive looking outfits from Shein (Men Edition )

These trousers can be donned for formal events and smart casuals. Put it together with a suit and vest or just a black shirt and overcoat, as per the event. You may want to steer clear of the look you’re going for is casual or streetwear.

  1. Black shirt

A man’s wardrobe is never complete without a black shirt, and that has been a fact for decades now. No matter what your style is, this is an absolute must-have.

black color shirt shein

A clean-cut, tailored to your fit, black shirt goes well with a suit, trousers, blazer, or jacket. The versatility has been proven over the decades by celebrities, you need to focus on getting a piece in your wardrobe.

  1. Colour Block shirt

With the new rise in demand for sustainability, patchwork as a design has also become popular. Along with it, this shirt has color blocking which is another classy trend, often associated with high fashion.

This JW Anderson-Esque patchwork shirt has earthy tones complemented by dark deep emerald green.

shein brown jacket

Honestly, this shirt needs to be the center of attention. Don’t overdo it with the styling. Nothing screams expensive more than a minimalistic style. If you wish, add a necklace, sunglasses, and a beanie as per the weather.

  1. Double trouble

The practicality of long sleeve parka has been combined with the snug feeling of a hoodie. The jacket is made out of cotton and lined with fleece. Fleece fabric has the kind of texture which immediately makes you feel cozy during chilly winters and looks expensive.

This hooded jacket has drawstrings, can be worn inside out too as it has a clean lining and pockets on both sides, so you can wear it anyhow you want and you’ll get extra pockets.

leather jacket shein

You can style it as an all-black outfit or flip it inside out and make full earthy tones look. The full black look will make you seem mysterious and cool and the earthy tones look will give the impression of being humble and grounded.

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