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 Looking for some inspos and outfit ideas for the beach? This article has been compiled with all trending beach fits. We have covered topics such as beach outfits for ladies, Kendall Jenner beach outfits, etc. You’ll find some really stylish and sexy outfits ideas that you can plan to wear to the beach So, read till the end to get numerous ideas and amazing inspos for your beach visit.


Here are some beach outfits we have selected for women that can be your beach outfit next summer:


sheer skirt

This is a perfect outfit for the beach. The sheer skirt on top of a bikini set not only makes you feel comfortable roaming around but also looks stylish.


super comfortable outfits

If you are not really sure about wearing a bikini then this is something you must try. Hot pants with a bralette and a flowy shrug. Pair it with super comfortable slippers.


outfit with fabric Pants

This is the chic beach outfit. Comfortable cotton/any breathable fabric pants with a scarf-top. Make sure you feel comfortable in it so that you can enjoy your beach moment.


hawaiin oversized shirt

This outfit looks so flowy and cool. A printed Hawaiin oversized shirt with shorts. Simple and perfect for beach.


black bikini beach outfit

Wearing a skirt outside a bikini set is never a bad idea no matter what the reason might be. It looks stylish and pretty. Here the girl is wearing a black bikini set and an almost-sheer skirt. The leopard-printed skirt is going very well with the black bikini.


Here are some inspos for you to wear on your next visit to the beach.


co-ord beach outfit

This is a gorgeous co-ord for the beach. You can wear something like this in other bright colors and prints too!!


low neck dress outfit

This low-neck dress is that dream-beach outfit. This looks stunning and can be worn outside a bikini.


white beach outfits

All white never goes wrong. Especially if you are going for a clean look. This is another low-neck dress of a sheer fabric, flowy and perfect for summer beach visits. The accessories here are also white matching everything; made of white pearls.


flowy beachwear

The color is something everyone would love to wear. The matching bikinis in the darker shade make it look very stylish. This flowy beachwear gives us major Instagram influencer vibes.


polka dotted beach outfit

This polka-dotted wrap-over dress is just the one for you if you want to go for some retro-chic look. The deep-cut neckline helps you to show off your bikini set underneath and the sleeves also look very pretty and pinteresty.


Here are some best beach outfits from Shien, you can buy for your beach-look:

cute bikini outfit

This particular one is a cute bikini top and a mini skirt with butterflies on it. This outfit is a mixture of cute and sexy.

purple bra

Another one here is kind of  similar to that of the one shown above. Just the skirt is a little different and definitely the color.


This all-white outfit again is perfect for beachwear. It is a white wrap-over skirt which can be opened easily before going in for a swim. The top is also pretty with a bow in the center.

This sexy outfit from Shien is a must buy. The all black combo is to die for. It is a set of three. A bikini top and bottom set plus a sheer black scarf that can be worn as a tie-knot skirt. The  lace wrap-over bikini top is absolutely gorgeous and sexy. This whole set is a must buy.

This is another floral beach set from Shien. The bikini top has ruffled sleeves and the whole floral print gives off beachy vibes. The wrap-over skirt also looks sexy and has ruffled hem.


Kendall Jenner the fashion queen has given us major fashion inspos so we have compiled some of the best outfits inspos here you might wanna try:


This is a co-ord set of printed bikini top and a wrap-over skirt looks simple yet stylish.


skendall jenner

This is another outift;a crop top and a flowy skirt combo. The color is very pretty and looks great.


Another beach outfit worn by Kendall is this neon yellow bikini set underneath a graphic oversized half sleeved tee; which looks fun and comfortable.


In this one she is wearing a halter-neck top and running shorts with a cropped jacket. The color combination is just perfect and looks very sporty.


Lat but not the least this is a tie and die co-ord set of low-waisted straight-leg trousers and a full sleeved cropped button-down crop-top. It is paired with snakeskin printed bandeau and bag.


Couple goals? Wear matching outfits to the beach. Here are some fresh ideas for you:


couple matching outfits

This is a tropical- printed set of bikini and half-pants and shirt.


black couple matching outfit image

Leopard prints are never out of fashion. Here the outfit they are wearing is matching black shirt for man with the black bandeau for the woman with the leopard printed skirt and half-pants.


white couple matching outfits

Here in this picture the woman is wearing a floral printed dress and the man is matching it with his floral printed shirt which looks exactly same; with half-pants.


black couple matching outfits

 All-black outfits are everyone’s favorite. In this picture, the women is wearing black co-ord of a blouse and a sheer wrap-over skirt. The man is wearing basic black tee with shorts. The color is the common matching factor here. It looks effortless and chic.


cute couples outfit

This last one is super cute watermelon printed outfit worn by both. The man is wearing the watermelon printed pink shirt and matching shorts. However, the woman is wearing the matching wrap-over shirt outside the black top with black shorts. It looks cute and fruity.

These were some of the best beach outfits inspos for all of you. Hope this article helped you in getting inspiration from these outfits and that you’d be styling it to your next beach-visit.

Thanks for the read.

All pictures taken from Pinterest.

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How to Dress on a Dime for College.

If only I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked about how to buy clothes on a budget.

If you’re in college, you mostly don’t have a source of income that would make money rain on you every month.

College in itself is super expensive and chances are that just like most of us you are always looking for ways to cut corners to be able to spend more on books, assignments, dates, or even just partying. So we thought why not bring to you a list of solutions that you can try out to build a wardrobe that won’t make a hole in your wallet.

Clothes are possibly the most convenient option for you to reduce expenses. They are available at almost every price point, even though the quality reduces with the price, you anyway buy 5-6 times a year. The key here is not to reduce the number of times you buy but to reduce the amount you spend every time you go shopping.

Let’s jump into the solutions straight away.


This has become a really popular “trend” in recent years but it’s not just a trend, it is a pretty viable option. Being in college nobody cares if you’re wearing Nike, Converse, Rick Owns, Off-White, or thrifted. All you have to do is attend classes, and chill with friends, no one is expecting you to show up dripping in logos and monograms as an influencer at New York Fashion Week.

We will not be discussing the environmental friendliness of this option as you probably already know it. Some people really look down on thrifting and getting second-hand clothes. But if the clothes are of good quality, look new and are cheap, what’s the issue?

How to dress on a dime for college.

Via – https://verilymag.com/2016/06/thrift-store-tips-tricks-vintage-shopping-thrifting-hacks

You can get great jackets, vintage tee shirts, pants, and even rugs and bedsheets! All you have to do is have a concrete plan before you enter the store, as it can get a little overwhelming and you may get carried away by the sea of clothes. Having a list with you helps a lot, seems stupid but do it!

Take out a day and look hard for quality clothes and keep in mind the entire outfit you want to create and your personal style.

  1. Project 333

Project 333 is a minimalistic way to live. It means you own 33 pieces of clothes for 3 months. You can take this up for yourself and if you feel it’s not for you, you can switch back to your regular wardrobe after 3 months.

The 33 pieces of clothes you will own for 3 months also include shoes, jackets, glasses, etc. The aim of this project is to declutter your wardrobe and essentially your mind as well. If you find yourself struggling each morning trying to decide what to wear, then this might be just your thing.

Being in college, this project saves a lot of time, which you can dedicate to do other important activities, like sleep for some more time perhaps.

This also forces you to get versatile pieces, as you know you have limited options, which will prove to be an asset in the long run. The people who tried out this project said most of their colleagues never even noticed that the person was repeating outfits.

How to dress on a dime for college.

Via – https://wadrobedia.blogspot.com/2020/01/everyday-minimalist-mens-wardrobe.html

One tip we can give you for this is to learn how to style your clothes. Mix and match all the options you have to get more variety out of the same clothes and also to get more wear out of each garment. Let us know if you are thinking of giving this project a try.

  • Layering

You will automatically get a hang of how to layer your outfits if you give Project 333 a try. But if you don’t feel like taking up that project, you can use layering for your regular wardrobe too.

Layering is essentially wearing more than one layer of garments, so your tee shirt and jeans become layer one, a shirt/sweater over it becomes layer two, a trench coat over it becomes layer 3 so on and so forth, but be careful because you don’t want to look like Joey putting on all of Chandler’s clothes at once.

Mostly, layering is done for winter in extremely cold places, but you can totally try it in summer too just with lighter clothes that are breathable.

Via – http://outfitideashq.com/top-must-shoes-winter-men/

The first step is to just start.

Having a knowledge of what color goes with what is pretty easy to develop once you start experimenting. You will then also learn what prints works with what and what texture compliments the entire outfit.

This will help your pocket a lot as you won’t need 20 different tee shirts you can get 5 tee shirts and 5 jackets and then mix and match to get much more variation. 

  • Avoid herd mentality

Now, we’re sure you have heard this advice quite a few times. But let us modify it for you in terms of fashion.

Do not always buy trendy clothes. Yes, you can shop for a particularly trendy item if you really love it and if you feel you will wear it very often.

But don’t plan or buy an entire wardrobe filled with trendy pieces because if they go “out” of trend you will stop wearing it hence it becomes a sunk cost, not very desirable for a young college man.

Go for usual basic clothes, or classic pieces and pair that with one trendy item if you feel like it.

  • Invest in accessories

This is honestly the most practical advice I can give. Accessories can make or mar a look. You need to have good shoes, few good watches, a few pairs of good glasses and a signature scent.

And when we say “good” we mean good in quality, ones that you can wear for years to come. This, unlike your clothes, will be with you for a long long time, so spending more on it is like an investment.

Via – https://unsplash.com/s/photos/mens-accessories

You can really make a statement at any event and elevate your plain white tee and black trousers with a high-end brand, good quality watch, belt, shoes, and perfume.

Since you know you have to wear it for a long time, be smart and get the ones that really go well with most of your outfits.

You should go for a black watch over a green one, a comfortable pair of Nike Air Force in solid color over a pair of uncomfortable neon red shoes. 

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Styling Cropped Flare Jeans in 2021? We’ve Got Your Back!

Denim is back in style and so are cropped flared jeans. Denim has been everyone’s staple since forever. Everyone owns at least one pair of jeans – they’re comfortable, durable, and can be styled in numerous ways. In the mid-1960s, flared jeans were a thing. It has evolved a lot since then. Cropped flare jeans are the basic flared jeans we know of, but just that, as the name suggests, they are cropped to the ankle.

So in this article we are going to discuss some tips on how you can style them, where to buy them, and we will also be answering some FAQs.

Tips for Getting and Styling the Right Cropped Flared Pants!


When choosing flared jeans for yourself, you need to check the fit and get the perfect one for yourself. There are a lot of disadvantages to wearing the wrong fitted clothes; the most important one is that it doesn’t flatter your body and looks very shabby. Please get the correct size of jeans unless you want to go for a baggy look.

In order to get your perfect fit, cropped flared jeans, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • SIZE: It is very important for you to understand the shape of your body and to know your correct size. This helps you choose a better fit for yourself. When you buy your cropped jeans or any other jeans, make sure to select the right size.
  • LENGTH-As the name suggests, we are here talking about cropped flared jeans. So, the perfect length for cropped flared jeans should be the ankle. You need to make sure the fit is not longer than the ankle, because then it is no more than a cropped flared jean.

High-waisted pants are loved by most people nowadays as they make you look kind of taller and give the illusion of having long legs. We get high-waisted features in almost every piece of clothing nowadays, from skirts to trousers to everything in between. Similarly, you can also find some high-waisted cropped flared pants that look super chic. Although low-waist jeans are coming back into trend, high-waist jeans are never going out of style.

But how do you style them?

You can pair up your high-waisted, cropped, flared jeans with a button-down shirt, or just a casual t-shirt, or even a blouse. Whatever you wear with your high-waisted cropped flared jeans, if it’s long, please TUG IT IN.It looks absolutely stunning.

So, you must be wondering why I got so worked up about tugging on the shirt. Tucking your shirt or t-shirt into any high-waisted pants emphasises your curves, elongates your lower body, and creates a visually appealing proportion. Sounds cool, right? So just go and try it!


Cropped Flared Jeans are super chill and comfortable jeans which you can wear everyday. So how do you choose what shoes go with it? Well, you can go for sandals, flats, heels, or anything you want. Just make sure it compliments your upper garments as well. Wearing a solid-coloured button-down shirt with high-waisted cropped flared jeans and heels, for example, will give your outfit a very classy look while also complementing your upper garment. We have attached some pictures for your visual reference:

Having said that, don’t be afraid to try something out of the box. You can wear chunky heels and different colours mixed and matched, which takes us to another point, colourblocking.


Ever heard of colourblocking? No? Well, no worries. We are here to help. Colourblocking is basically using two or more colours which are opposites in a colour wheel to make interesting colour combinations. The colours compliment each other and have contrast.

Does this sound complicated? Well, to make it easier for you, let’s take an example with some visual reference:

First of all, did you know you can get cropped flared jeans in a variety of colours nowadays? You name it, they have it. This year was all about different colours, patterns, and bright and pastel shades. So, for colourblocking, you can use flared jeans of any colour. So, for example, let’s say you have yellow cropped flared pants, so you can wear a pink shirt or t-shirt on top and then pair it up with green heels and a bag. So this not only makes your outfit look super colourful, but also very lively. But if you don’t like too many loud colours, then you can stick to monochromatic outfits. Let’s look at these beautiful colourblocked outfits:


The frayed hem is very popular and trendy. There are brands selling various clothing items with frayed hems. It gives a raw look and you can even make it your home. Cropped flared jeans with frayed hems look very raw and stylish. The distressed look it gives is not very distressing.

So you have cropped flared jeans but without a frayed hem? Don’t worry, you can simply do it at home. All you need is a scissor and tweezers.

  • First you need to cut the hemline of the jeans very carefully. Don’t cut it too short and make sure you measure it on yourself and mark it first.
  • When done cutting, you need to take your tweezers and pull the threads from the hem.
  • Make sure you have a clear idea of what kind of fray you want. So, accordingly, you can pull more or less threads and TADAAAA….. your DIY Frayed Hem Cropped Flared Jeans are ready to be worn.

Top 5 Best Cropped Flared Jeans

armani exchange cropped flare jeans

armani exchange cropped flare jeans

banana republic cropped flare jeans

banana republic cropped flare jeans

black cropped flare jeans zara

black cropped flare jeans zara

citizens of humanity demy cropped flare jeans black

citizens of humanity demy cropped flare jeans black

high waisted embellished dot cropped flare jeans

high waisted embellished dot cropped flare jeans
Are cropped flare jeans still in style in 2021?

Yes, definitely. They are back in style with a lot of colour and are pretty much liked by most people.

What are the best shoes for cropped flare jeans?

You can wear heels & boots with cropped flared jeans

Crop flare jeans with flat sandals?

Yes, of course, why not? Comfort over style. You can wear Cropped Flared Jeans with a flat sandal and a casual tee.

How do you make cropped flare jeans?

You won’t be able to make cropped flared jeans at home or on your own until you have a solid understanding of sewing and measurement. If you have flared jeans, you can simply measure and cut them to the ankle while keeping the frays. You could also get a regular-fit flared jeans and then cut them, but both would cost about the same, so you might as well get the cropped one.
Unless you already own a pair of flared jeans (in which case you can cut and sew a cropped version), you can get one for yourself.

What shoes do you wear with cropped flare jeans?

You can wear any kind of shoes you want, depending on your upper garments. For example, if you’re wearing a spaghetti top, you can pair it with boots.You may also play with colours.

What to wear with cropped flare jeans?

You can wear literally anything you want. From tank tops to sweaters and shirts. Anything. Just style it accordingly.

Where should cropped jeans hit?

Your cropped flared jeans should normally hit your ankle as it is “cropped”. If it is longer, then it is no longer cropped and if it is shorter, it usually doesn’t look that great.

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How To Dress In 2022

Taking notes from the Spring/Summer 2022 collections.

With Paris Fashion Week coming to an end, just like every year, stellar collections were put out by a lot of talented designers this year too. Of course, our lives have changed drastically owing to the pandemic and so has the fashion industry, but now everyone is looking forward to getting better than before. A lot of shows consisted of new silhouettes, bright colourful designs, drama with elegance and also bringing the Y2K style with a modern twist to it.

This reminds us of a quote by Karl Lagerfeld – “There is nothing worse than bringing up the ‘good old days.’ To me, that’s the ultimate acknowledgment of failure.”

So this feels like an apt time to talk about next year’s fashion and how to dress in 2022. We are looking at runway looks from the Spring/Summer 2022 collections by brands like YSL, Moschino, Alexander McQueen, YY/Project, Junya Watanabe, Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, Dior Men, GmBh, and Dries Van Noten.  In this blog, we will be discussing what caught our eye and why.

All Black Chic

Although it is no new information that luxury/couture designers love black, this Spring/Summer we got a lot more fits in all black than we were expecting. At Junya Watanabe, we got to see the new era for menswear with skirts and blazers in all black. It looks very effortlessly classy and comfortable too.

Saint Laurent is known for his classic, chic and timeless black and white colour palette, which has trickled down to menswear designs as well, almost the entire collection was a sea of black and white just like Rick Owens. But other than the colour palette nothing else is similar about the two giants. The silhouettes at Rick Ownes were a lot more pronounced with deconstructed knits and trains.

 At Louis Vuitton as well we saw quite a few all black outfits, although each one was styled with a different pop of colour, and this green and black combo really spoke to us.

How To Dress In 2022

The trend of denim never fades

We have already discussed about denim in our previous blogs, let us reiterate denim is making a comeback this Spring/Summer. This time designers really put their thinking hats on and manipulated denim in unthinkable ways, which was very fun to watch.

Rick Ownes’ take on denim stunned us the most! Making a long and baggy t-shirt out of denim in a deconstructed style is genius. Junya Watanabe has made really commercial denim jackets for the Spring. GmbH understood the assignment by pairing a blue denim jumpsuit with a brown belt to cinch the waist and also zippers placed all over the garment in a very enticing way. Y/Project also took a dive into the denim on denim look but their pants have two layers, the one on the inside is darker than the one on the outside, giving it a sense of depth. And Louis Vuitton went big with a colourful jacket in what looks like a tie dye print and paired it with acid washed denim with the classic LV monogram

How To Dress In 2022

How To Dress In 2022

For some reason, quite a few designers are anticipating demand for knits this coming spring. Demand or no demand we are here to enjoy the show and high quality artistic knits.

How To Dress In 2022

Y/Project really stunned us with this textured knit sweater with cutouts near the neckline, almost like a fishing net or a bunch of ropes tied smartly to create drama. At Dior it was a knit fest, to say the least, they showcased knits with fun designs, motifs, and their monogram too, which shows the craftsmanship of the brand.

Moschino showcased campy sweaters in bold colours and paired them with denim to let the sweater shine through.


I’m sure you all know by now what monochrome is (if not we recommend you to go through our colour blocking masterclass)

This season monochrome was done differently. It was done in both usual and unusual colours. Rick Ownes and Dries Van Noten chose to showcase outfits in white and khaki monochromatic scheme. While Rick’s whole outfit looks extremely editorial and edgy, Dries Van Noten’s suit deserves to be worn by an A-lister on a red carpet.


Then we have Louis Vuitton and Dior, who took a road less traveled. Louis Vuitton played with texture and volume in this blue outfit, it looks like armor over a raincoat with a hat and mufflers. If you feel this is a bit too much, you always have the option to pick and chooses elements from the look. Dior also showed a look in minty, almost neon, green paired with the same coloured bucket hat.


This seems like a usual garment to be included in every collection, this fueled the designers to add their own flair to it. Dior put long panels of fabric on the sides of the shorts, that look like pockets in the size of paper bags that you get take-outs in, this definitely looks like the next big trend.

At GmbH we got shorts paired with their signature crisscross designed coat. The shorts look super commercial and something their clientele will really enjoy.


Moschino also included shorts with a food motif all over them, Jeremy knows everyone is craving to eat at fancy places so he made an outfit to match the mood. While the food motif is not new at Moschino, here it feels quite fresh.

Saint Laurent designed chic, comfortable yet classy formal wear for their collection. It seems like a perfect outfit for an outdoor summer wedding, because who wants to be in uncomfortable tight pants and sweat all day long anyway. And luxe loungewear got a new face at Dries Van Noten, with bold colours and silky soft shirts and shorts.


Opulence, extravagance, and drama are what we have been craving for some time now, and designers really showed up and showed out. With eye-catching colors, cutouts in interesting places (almost weird too), shiny fabrics, costume outfits, face masks covering the entire face, we were really served a wide range of drama.


Louis Vuitton made monochromatic fits but added elements of drama like a chessboard print face mask covering the entire face paired with a hot pink coat and pants or cartoon-ish ear muffs with cat-like ears on them. Also, their combination of soft furry ear muffs with all leather outfit screams drama in itself.

Y/Project really explored cutouts this season and this coat really impressed us. The construction is so interesting. By putting out this scarf-like shirt having cutouts near the naval with a well-tailored jacket, Y/Project is letting the big players know they are one to watch out for.

Moschino and GmbH explored new fabrics and showcased this stunning sequins suit in a shiny royal purple color. While GmbH did their signature coat in white fur, adding snow king drama this Spring/Summer

Which one of these styles impressed you and what will you dare to wear this coming spring/summer let us know in the comments below.

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Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Winter isn’t coming, it is already here! You better get some good and cozy new sweaters to have fun this season. And to help you decide we have made a list for you.

Before we dive into the list let us be crystal clear that by sweater we mean a garment that is made of knitted or crocheted material, it comes with both, long sleeves and sleeveless.

Sweaters are traditionally made from wool but with technology now they also come in cotton, synthetic fibers, or any combination of these. We will be covering everything that falls under the sweater category, call it a sweater, pullover, jumper, slipover, sweater vests, or anything you like.

Sweaters have been around for over a century now and almost all variations of them have been explored by humans all around the world. From Mick Jagger wearing a turtleneck sweater back in 1965 to Harry Styles rocking cute sweaters in 2020.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Now that we have established that sweaters are always hot, in this blog we will also be showing you different ways to style each sweater on the list.

Zara has so many stunning pieces that it doesn’t take you long to find a good piece. We explored the whole store and bring to you the best of the best Zara sweaters.

  1. Grey Purl-Knit Sweater

Remember Drake’s hit song Hotline Bling? Now let us show you what he wore in the music video.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Well, Zara must have had Drake on their mood board for this grey Purl Knit, just take a look at this –

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Pretty similar right? Now, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this! This sweater is made from spun cotton fabric so you know that it is super breathable. It is a heavily textured, chunky turtleneck with long sleeves with ribbed trims. It feels just as cozy as it looks.

It has a different pattern for the sleeves and the body which not only makes it much more interesting but also accentuates your shoulders to make them look wider.

You can wear this for a cute date night and pair it with black jeans and add a pop of red to make it look hotter.

  1. Basic High Neck Sweater

We cannot stress how important it is for every man to have a staple piece like this in his closet. This is a versatile basic high neck sweater in a calming off-white color to complement the chilly winter weather. Specifically, this is a lightweight straight fit sweater with a high neck and long sleeves with ribbed trims

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

You can pair this with a dark coloured blazer and trousers to impress people at a formal event or a flannel shirt for a semi-casual event. Or even if you just show up in this and either monochromatic trousers or dark coloured trousers or jeans, you will still nail the look. Besides who doesn’t like a turtleneck? Other than looking chic it also helps you hide some hickeys.

Accessorizing the look with a blazer or hoodie and glasses with a Fossil watch on will give you the title of always looking like a boss. Either that or a nerdy teacher depends on how you style it. Either way, having fun with the outfit is more important, isn’t it? 

  1. Timeless Black Turtleneck

Another staple piece every man should own is a black turtleneck. This basic and versatile piece has all the power to spice up your wardrobe and give you the image of the man that makes every woman swoon. Black other than being a slimming colour also has an eerie blanket of enigma around it that makes the wearer seem sexy, powerful, mysterious, and irresistible. 

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

This is a turtleneck sweater made out of wool blend featuring long sleeves and ribbed trims. This can be donned for a formal event, first date, or even a red carpet. “If you are ever finding it difficult to put looks together, just look up what Zayn is wearing and try to recreate his looks. His looks are mostly very chic, timeless, and powerful”, said some wise man. So let’s do that now

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Zayn Malik walked the red carpet many times, looking all hot and sexy in this same black turtleneck, just styled differently with different accessories.

Looking solid in solid colors, you can also pair this black turtleneck with a navy blue blazer or suit and the same colored trousers and finish the look with some silver jewelry to look uber rich. Carry some Ray-Bans too, if you are going out.


This shirt style was often worn by the Britishers with Jodhpur pants while playing the game polo, hence the name. This style was later popularized by Ralph Lauren in America. It is just recently that this style has been adapted in different materials and variations of it are explored by designers.

Zara made it into a long sleeve sweater with collars, front buttons, and ribbed trims to make it fit well

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

This look can be sported, pun intended, with loose-fit denim, a baseball cap, and Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. It is a very “soft boy” look aesthetic, which is very popular with the younger generations.

Want to go out to the cafe to catch up with some old friends or just to work this look is not only comfortable but also makes you look well put together.

 So even if you don’t have your life figured out, your outfit can give that illusion, isn’t that great?


We know what you are thinking “Oh! Another purl knit sweater?” Well, yes. You simply can’t have “enough” sweaters in your closet, not when Zara is still making such fabulous ones.

This is a knit sweater made out of a cotton blend, V neck, and long sleeves with ribbed trims. For us, this sweater just screams airport comfy-luxe, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

It is heavily textured and the V neck is in a different pattern which draws attention to your neck, so make sure there are no hickeys, and perhaps have a chain on to make it even more exciting.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

This sweater would look really good if you have some classes to attend early in the morning. If it is offline, you can pair it with come comfy track pants and loafers or slip-on.

Now that we have shown you some versatile and chic basics, let us move on to some funky sweaters for all you risk-takers out there.

  1. Textured Sweater
Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/textured-sweater-p03332336.html?v1=116414276

The idea of men only wearing dark and plain colors is way too old. Gen Z considers flaunting bold and vibrant colors and prints are more manly now. This soothing pastel pink textured loose-fitting sweater with a round neckline, long sleeves, and ribbed trims look so effortlessly rich.

Paired with green or brown trousers it would be a really amazing look for a day out in the park or on a brunch with some close friends.


Staying in line with fun prints and cool colors, next up on the list we have an ombre jacquard sweater that is the definition of a party look to impress your crush.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via- https://www.zara.com/in/en/ombr%C3%A9-jacquard-sweater-p05755308.html?v1=135328315

This is a loose-fit ombre jacquard print sweater with a crew neck and long sleeves, which is honestly, great for a movie night or casual dinner or even for shopping at Zara as retail therapy. 

You can pair it with blue or black jeans, baggy or skinny fit both will look stunning. Just remember to keep the sweater as the center of attention. Add only selective accessories to keep the whole look light.

  1. Mountain Jacquard Cardigan

Harry Styles may have been the pioneer of fun and colorful cardigans by wearing the patchwork multi-colour cardigan by JW Anderson. But it is now time to take it ahead by donning this mountain print cardigan.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/mountain-jacquard-cardigan-p04938313.html?v1=131955365

This print pays homage to the majesty of the Alps while keeping you warm at the same time. The pastel blue contrasting the grey and the black of the cardigan make the pattern seem tranquil. With pastel colors being the hit this season get this sweater to stay on trend as always.

  1. Colour Blocking Sweater

We informed you in our color blocking masterclass (if you haven’t read it already, we highly recommend you check it out to amp up your fashion game) that colors can be used smartly to accentuate the body parts you like.

If you have narrow shoulders and a wider waist and want to make the shoulders look bigger while making the waist smaller, you will love this color blocking sweater.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/colour-block-sweater-p04216300.html?v1=117791377

Or even if you have wide shoulders and want to flaunt them you can opt for this loose-fit sweater made out of spun cotton fabric, having a round neck with long sleeves.

Zara is tricking our brain with colors – the dark color of the torso makes it look slimmer and pushes it to the back, and the bright and light colors make it seem closer to us thus making it look bigger than it actually is.

You can pair them with black trousers, which will elongate your legs.

  1. Abstract Jacquard Sweater

We have not come across anything more punk rock than this black and white graffiti-like print sweater.

We are sure everyone has had a goth phase growing up, if not then perhaps a rebel phase. And this sweater perfectly embodies the energy and mood of that phase.

Best Zara Sweaters for Men
Best Zara Sweaters for Men

Via- https://www.zara.com/in/en/abstract-jacquard-sweater-p06771300.html?v1=110785917

The tie dye-like edges of the abstract white stripes makes the sweater look grotesque and violent. Pairing it with black pants and silver jewelry will definitely make you look like the coolest hitman that has ever walked on this planet. If you would have told us that this sweater was designed by Alexander McQueen or Rick Owens we would have agreed with you.

The next two sweaters are specifically for super funky people, it is not for the faint of heart so proceed to buy with caution.


Want to become the talk of the night? This sweater looks like it was designed for the VIP members of the rave club. The high contrasting yellow and black exude drama. They may seem loud, but if styled correctly, you will look classy.


Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/jacquard-sweater-with-lettering-p06771301.html?v1=112901557

The sudden change of the colors in a cut-like design on the chest looks interesting. The letters are randomly placed and don’t necessarily spell anything, but it can be a fun ice breaker, right?

The yellow and black combo makes it a bit difficult to pair it with anything other than black trousers, but you can always try it with some shorts or even a black hoodie over it to add another layer perhaps. If you want to look invincible, you may as well add a black face mask to get a high level of anonymity.


Via – https://www.zara.com/in/en/–faes-waves-sweater-p02893300.html?v1=114345407

This is a loose-fitting sweater with a round neckline, long sleeves, and Jacquard Faes print. The dark green leaning toward teal color seems to compliment the light green wavy designs. To talk about the print looks like a modern-day digital art inspired by the painting – The Great Wave of Kanagawa  

Again, just like the previous sweater, the colors make it fit well with mostly black. If you are feeling adventurous we would recommend you style it with green pants that relate to the sweater and blue or red or yellow glasses to add a pop of color.

This is a great look for a day out running errands or window shopping with friends. We can only image high-end designers or famous influencers wearing this at Paris Fashion Week, so you need to hurry up and get this right now!

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5 Best Ways to style a basic tee

A tee shirt is a versatile piece anyone can own. It can be worn to a party or wedding or a dinner or a date, all you have to do is style it in different ways. In this blog, we’ll show you 5 ways to style a basic tee to look ultra-stylish and appropriate for every event and also to get the most out of a tee.

Tee and jeans.

style a basic tee

This is a timeless combo and we mean it. For decades now this look has been trendy and will stay trendy for a long time.

Not sure what to wear? Throw on a tee-shirt, jeans, some jewelry, and bam you’re ready to serve looks. You can spice up the look by playing around with the accessories – the belt, shoes, sunglasses, shoes, maybe add a pop of color if you feel like it.

Check out this look on the world’s most famous heartthrobs – Shawn Mendes was spotted out in Los Angeles last year in the classic look, David Beckham donned it to go out for Christmas shopping, and Timothée Chalamet added a twist of acid-washed denim, and they all look stunning as always.

This is a timeless combo and we mean it. For decades now this look has been trendy and will stay trendy for a long time.

Not sure what to wear? Throw on a tee-shirt, jeans, some jewelry, and bam you’re ready to serve looks. You can spice up the look by playing around with the accessories – the belt, shoes, sunglasses, shoes, maybe add a pop of color if you feel like it.

Check out this look on the world’s most famous heartthrobs – Shawn Mendes was spotted out in Los Angeles last year in the classic look, David Beckham donned it to go out for Christmas shopping, and Timothée Chalamet added a twist of acid-washed denim, and they all look stunning as always.

  1. Denim on Denim
style a basic tee

Another classic combo to always fall back on is the denim on denim look paired with a crisp nice tee shirt. Here we would suggest you go a little soft on the bling, if you want, add maybe just a watch, belt, and sunglasses.

Want some inspiration? Take a look at this Levi’s campaign or Vicky Kaushal or even Ryan Gosling! You can also explore fun prints on denim or denim of different colors.

  1. Just some shorts
Just some shorts

Every once in a while we all need to step out in some comfy casuals. Pairing a tee shirt with some shorts seems like a perfect solution. You can make it sporty with some Nike Air Force Shoes and a watch, maybe a tote bag if you need to carry things with you. Just take a look at Zac Effron from years ago to Childish Gambino to Justin Bieber in 2021, nearly every celeb has stepped out and been papped in this, perhaps, chic look

Every once in a while we all need to step out in some comfy casuals. Pairing a tee shirt with some shorts seems like a perfect solution. You can make it sporty with some Nike Air Force Shoes and a watch, maybe a tote bag if you need to carry things with you.

Just take a look at Zac Effron from years ago to Childish Gambino to Justin Beier in 2021, nearly every celeb has stepped out and been papped in this, perhaps, chic look

  1. WIth a Flannel or Plaid
WIth a Flannel or Plaid

Flannel and plaid are versatile not only because they are so universal but also because they are androgynous. It makes you look dressed up, but not too dressy, it has just the perfect punch. From BTS” Jin to Post Malone it looks so effortlessly cool. You can go out for a chill night or to the movies in some track pants and a tee-shirt with a flannel shirt over it. With the bucket hat, we would say it’s a pretty cool airport look too.

Flannel and plaid are versatile not only because they are so universal but also because they are androgynous. It makes you look dressed up, but not too dressy, it has just the perfect punch. From BTS” Jin to Post Malone it looks so effortlessly cool. You can go out for a chill night or to the movies in some track pants and a tee-shirt with a flannel shirt over it. With the bucket hat, we would say it’s a pretty cool airport look too.

  1. Blazer up
Blazer up

Long gone are the days where wearing a tee shirt to a formal event was taboo. Tee shirts are not just for informal and casual events, you can totally put them on for a formal gala. Make sure you pair it with a suit or blazer and well-fitting trousers.

Icons Robert Downey JR and Harry Styles are here to show you exactly how it’s done. 

You can definitely look out for other fun options to look dapper. Options like colorful boots, baggy trousers, maybe sequins pants or jacket, just remember to have fun.

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4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

So many of us look at others on Instagram and compare their wardrobe with ours, but we don’t know where to start.

If you feel the same, let us walk you through the process of building an impressive wardrobe. It is much simpler than you think, and all you need is a clear idea of what is needed, something like a blueprint. Consider this blog as exactly that.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

Start with the basics.

What is the simplest step in building a wardrobe, and yet is it overlooked by many? Take a look at your wardrobe and separate the basics from the fancy outfit.

By “basics,” we mean plain and versatile pieces. A plain white tee shirt is a basic piece, and a red leather pant is not.

Once you’ve seen what you have, go and buy what you don’t. This does not mean buy a tee shirt in every colour available, and we want you to pick pieces that you feel you can style differently.

To make it simpler, you can get two or three plain white tee/shirts, a black tee/shirt, and a blue tee/shirt. Now pastel-colored tee/shirts are optional. This way, you can wear the white tee with black jeans and maybe throw on a jacket to dress it up or put on some bling to feel fancy. Our main goal here is to get maximum wear out of a garment, which means how many times you will wear it before you throw it out.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

Bottoms up!

Once you feel happy about your shirts and tee shirts, you can look for versatile pants. You may need a few different ones to suit every occasion. The most popular pants would include jeans, trousers, and chinos, which will be appropriate for every event.

Solid colored trousers can be worn to formal events and out o dates, and a pair of black and blue jeans can be kept for casual events.

Just like you rummaged your closet for basic tee shirts, now do that for bottoms because almost all of us already have versatile trousers or jeans.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

Now you will see your wardrobe coming together. You can pair your plain shirts and tee shirts with solid coloured trousers and jeans. For example – your black jeans can be paired with a black shirt for a night out partying. If that feels a little bland, our next step is for you.

Top it all with some chic accessories

Let us get one thing out of the way immediately – accessories are not just for women.

You will see the change a few rings, the right kind of watch, sunglasses, or even a locket will make to your entire outfit. If you use the right amount and kind of accessories, you can go to a gala in just your basic tee shirt and trousers, letting the accessories take that center stage.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

From Justin Bieber to Harry Styles everyone is stepping up their fashion game with the help of accessories and we feel you should too.

4 step guide to building your wardrobe from scratch

Accessories also include shoes. Shoes can make or ruin the entire outfit, so we suggest getting a pair of classic Nike shoes for running errands, a versatile boot for formal events, perhaps a pair of Chelsea boots that you can pair with your shirts and trousers.

Final step –

Have fun!

Once you have the basics down, it’s your wardrobe you can funk it up as much as you want.

Now you can think about layering your basics. Like that blue jacket, you saw for sale? Go get it!

Get a few good cardigans and sweater vests for winter to add a pop of color and energy to your closet.

And then another staple every man should have is a suit. A well-tailored suit goes a long way. We’ll discuss that some other time perhaps, you go start working on your wardrobe.

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Complete Guide To Wear Minimizer Bra

A bra is supposed to be a well form-fitting undergarment designed to support and elevate a woman’s breasts. It is very important that a woman chooses the right and suitable type of Minimizer bra in order to protect the general health of the breasts. A bra that doesn’t fit well and does not offer support can possibly displace breast tissue. Over time, the breasts may sag.

What is a Minimizer Bra? The key function of a minimizer bra is to make your chest appear slimmer. It is best to reduce breast size. These are specially made to help give the appearance of a smaller bust. But does a minimizer bra actually do that? Does it hurt? What’s the best minimizer bra for you? Minimizing underwear is perfect for those looking to smooth their silhouette and look smaller. The cups in minimizer bras are specially created to reduce the bust size and give you a more rounded shape.

By the end of this, you’ll know all the right answers. A minimizer bra is best known for its breast-reducing effect. It’s a preferred choice for full-figure breast sizes. A minimizer bra can reduce the appearance of your breasts by 2 inches! It is done by distributing the weight of the breasts.

Unlike your normal bras, a minimizer bra fits each breast tissue in a very neutralized manner. So your breasts appear smaller and more tight-fitting outfits.

Now the question arises “Who Should Wear a Minimizer Bra”

Features of Minimizer Bra

Choosing the right minimizer bra is very crucial. Here are some key features of a minimizer bra.

  • Works best for fuller breasts women
  • Provides great support
  • Gives appearance of a smaller bust
  • Supports and uplifts the breasts
  • Seamless and minimal look

Do Minimizer Bras Actually Work?

Yes! minimizer bras work, they help to reduce your bust size. It depends on the design of the bra and your cup size.

How Does It Work?

Minimizer bras work by either compressing or redistributing the breast tissue within the cup. Minimizer bras redistribute by guiding the breast tissue towards the armpit or towards the center of the body giving you more of a cleavage. The bust becomes wider and flatter. Some minimizer bras use a combination of both tissue redistribution and compression.

A minimizer bra is structure-driven. The framework of the cups gives support while ensuring a soft lift. The cups are aligned in such a manner that it creates an illusion of a V shape. On the other hand, in a push-up bra, the breasts lift up and toward each other.

The material is stretchy and flexible but avoids any sort of sagging or bulging. The band underneath the cups helps the breasts to stay upright without looking huge. A minimizer bra’s band has an innovative frame too. To prevent bulges or skin irritation, the majority of them have high back support. The straps also add support to the breasts to keep them upright. It also fully manages the weight between the bust and the back.

Minimizer bras have padding on all sides. The reason behind this is that padding creates a seamless yet shapely structure. So your breasts look slimmer but not squished.

Who Should Wear A Minimizer Bra?

Ideally, a minimizer bra is suitable for fuller busted ladies who want their breasts to look smaller. So a minimizer bra comes in handy. If your size ranges between slightly medium to large. Having a pair of minimizer bras is a must. It complements the way you dress.

A minimizer bra provides your bust a seamless and minimal appearance. Not only that but it’s also a great way to enhance the shape of your breasts without enlarging them.

Do You need to Wear A Small-Sized Bra?

A big no! Wearing a bra tighter than your usual bra can do more harm than good. The effects of wearing a tight bra are dangerous, it can cause headaches, shortness of breath, etc. Let’s not forget, you’d be more irritable throughout the day. A study shows that wearing tight bras can cause improper blood circulation, accumulation of cells, etc.

Who Shouldn’t Wear Minimizer Bras?

Now that we know who should wear a minimizer bra let’s discuss who shouldn’t wear it. Wearing a minimizer bra isn’t bad at all, right? But in one condition, it is to be worn by women with moderate to large breasts only. Then what’s the point of small-chested women wearing a minimizer bra? Other than this, There are some large-breasted women who also shouldn’t wear a minimizing bra.

  • Women who have a full-figured and wide chest

If you fall under this category, wearing a minimizer bra won’t make your breasts look smaller and your breasts will look wider and large. Knowing a specific type of bra to deal with wide and full breasts can help.

  • Sloppy shoulders

This refers to a narrower shoulder. Narrow shoulders require better cup and strap positioning. Falling of straps can be frustrating to deal with and it also fails to support your breasts. With narrow shoulders, the flattening effect of a minimizer bra could make your breasts look wider.

  •  Better cup fitting

A minimizer bra has some specific functions. That is to decrease the appearance of your breasts. You need to purchase a bra that has lightweight cups. And a minimizer bra does not share that attribute.

Going cup-free and wire-free is also a good idea. This ensures that breasts stay the way they are

Complete Guide To Wear Minimizer Bra

How to Buy the Best Minimizer Bra?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when considering buying minimizer bras.

  1. Size

The right fit is the key. Make sure you find the perfect fit. For that, you need to know the right bra size.

  1. Cup

The cups should be supportive enough that they shouldn’t feel tight and uncomfortable. Instead of minimizing, the cups will add more weight and volume to your outfits. Look for a full coverage cup. You can also try a seamless cup.

  1. How you feel

  If you feel uncomfortable, change the bra. The cups shouldn’t dig into your skin. This can lead to boob gaping, bulging, and soreness. By constantly forcing your breasts to sit in smaller cups, the reverse effect of minimizing bras can happen.

  1. Try Before You Buy

 Evaluating whether the bra fits your bust and shoulders. It shouldn’t be loose or too tight.

  1. Fabric

The fabric should be firm to hold and keep your breasts in place.  minimizer bras tend to have a stretchy mesh fabric over the cups to give a fuller coverage.

  1. Straps

Wide and comfortable straps or softly padded straps will ensure comfort to the shoulders and can help to take the weight from your shoulders.

The world of lingerie shopping can often be a confusing and tempting place. There are various styles and types of bras out there that you may not know where to begin with. Know your best fit, what you want, what suits you the best, and make no mistakes.

When to Wear a Minimizer Bra

  • Loose clothing

A minimizer bra helps to reduce the projection of your bust and holds your breasts closer to the chest. Many women suffer from the problem of their chest pushing out their clothing. This can often make you look lumpy or larger than you actually are. Minimizer bra’s illusion of reduction eliminates this frustrating problem. It smoothens out your bust that you can confidently wear loose clothing without worrying about looking shapeless.

  • Tight clothing

You can wear a minimizer bra under tighter tops as well. Minimizer bra redistributes your breast tissue to appear more balanced. These bras are also called contour bras because of their smoothing and balancing effects. If you are conscious about wearing tight tops or dresses because your bust and the areas around your normal bras look lumpy and unflattering, a minimizer bra can help.

 A well-fitting minimizer bra should fit you as well as any Norma bra. However, always try on a minimizer bra in the store before you purchase it. This reduces the chances of you ending up with the wrong size bra that does not fit you as it should. A minimizer bra should provide you with a smooth and streamlined look. The band of a minimizer bra should fit comfortably and fairly tightly. However, it should not dig into your skin because this will ruin its streamlining effect.

Some minimizer bras can just squish down your breasts to minimize the appearance of their size. You need to be aware of these bras as they are not good for your breasts. Pay good attention to the pressure you feel when you try on a minimizer bra. It should make you feel like your breasts are gently supported. Your bust should never feel squished down. If there’s too much pressure in a minimizer bra, make sure you find the correct size first.

Do Minimizer Bras Cause Breast Cancer

There is no such scientific proof for these claims. In the end, there is no concrete evidence that using bras can prevent breast cancer, but for better assurance of your safety then you have to fully understand things. If you are noticing some changes in your breast, then you should consider seeking the help of your doctor.

Benefits Of Minimizer Bras
  • Reduction in Bust Size

The design of a minimizer bra is to make your breast look smaller either by compressing or redistributing the breast tissue within the cup.

  • Stops Breast Protruding

The cups in general on a minimizer bra can help shape your breasts so that they appear flattened and don’t stand out as much.

  • Give A Smooth Silhouette

The seamless and molded cups can help to give a smooth and effortless-looking silhouette.

  • Clothing Fit Better

The minimizer bra’s reduction effect can help stop your shirts or buttoned dresses from gaping. You can also wear tight clothing due to the smoothing and balancing effect.

minimizing bras are anything but uncomfortable to that effect. They do push your large breasts into your chest. But in the most flattering and body-shaping way


Hope all your doubts about minimizer bras are cleared. Now you know, what are the pros and cons of a minimizer bra. The most tricky part is to find the right one. The correct size, perfectly fitting cups, and non-digging straps, not too tight.

Needless to say, any bra that you choose to wear should never be uncomfortable. Minimizer bras are designed to make sure that your breasts are well contained without ever feeling squashed. Most minimizer bras have a supportive cup that helps you feel completely cozy in the bra without ever feeling uncomfortable in any way. With the help of a minimizer bra, less attention is paid to your large breasts.

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