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Styling Cropped Flare Jeans in 2021? We’ve Got Your Back!

Denim is back in style and so are cropped flared jeans. Denim has been everyone’s staple since forever. Everyone owns at least one pair of jeans – they’re comfortable, durable, and can be styled in numerous ways. In the mid-1960s, flared jeans were a thing. It has evolved a lot since then. Cropped flare jeans are the basic flared jeans we know of, but just that, as the name suggests, they are cropped to the ankle.

So in this article we are going to discuss some tips on how you can style them, where to buy them, and we will also be answering some FAQs.

Tips for Getting and Styling the Right Cropped Flared Pants!


When choosing flared jeans for yourself, you need to check the fit and get the perfect one for yourself. There are a lot of disadvantages to wearing the wrong fitted clothes; the most important one is that it doesn’t flatter your body and looks very shabby. Please get the correct size of jeans unless you want to go for a baggy look.

In order to get your perfect fit, cropped flared jeans, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • SIZE: It is very important for you to understand the shape of your body and to know your correct size. This helps you choose a better fit for yourself. When you buy your cropped jeans or any other jeans, make sure to select the right size.
  • LENGTH-As the name suggests, we are here talking about cropped flared jeans. So, the perfect length for cropped flared jeans should be the ankle. You need to make sure the fit is not longer than the ankle, because then it is no more than a cropped flared jean.

High-waisted pants are loved by most people nowadays as they make you look kind of taller and give the illusion of having long legs. We get high-waisted features in almost every piece of clothing nowadays, from skirts to trousers to everything in between. Similarly, you can also find some high-waisted cropped flared pants that look super chic. Although low-waist jeans are coming back into trend, high-waist jeans are never going out of style.

But how do you style them?

You can pair up your high-waisted, cropped, flared jeans with a button-down shirt, or just a casual t-shirt, or even a blouse. Whatever you wear with your high-waisted cropped flared jeans, if it’s long, please TUG IT IN.It looks absolutely stunning.

So, you must be wondering why I got so worked up about tugging on the shirt. Tucking your shirt or t-shirt into any high-waisted pants emphasises your curves, elongates your lower body, and creates a visually appealing proportion. Sounds cool, right? So just go and try it!


Cropped Flared Jeans are super chill and comfortable jeans which you can wear everyday. So how do you choose what shoes go with it? Well, you can go for sandals, flats, heels, or anything you want. Just make sure it compliments your upper garments as well. Wearing a solid-coloured button-down shirt with high-waisted cropped flared jeans and heels, for example, will give your outfit a very classy look while also complementing your upper garment. We have attached some pictures for your visual reference:

Having said that, don’t be afraid to try something out of the box. You can wear chunky heels and different colours mixed and matched, which takes us to another point, colourblocking.


Ever heard of colourblocking? No? Well, no worries. We are here to help. Colourblocking is basically using two or more colours which are opposites in a colour wheel to make interesting colour combinations. The colours compliment each other and have contrast.

Does this sound complicated? Well, to make it easier for you, let’s take an example with some visual reference:

First of all, did you know you can get cropped flared jeans in a variety of colours nowadays? You name it, they have it. This year was all about different colours, patterns, and bright and pastel shades. So, for colourblocking, you can use flared jeans of any colour. So, for example, let’s say you have yellow cropped flared pants, so you can wear a pink shirt or t-shirt on top and then pair it up with green heels and a bag. So this not only makes your outfit look super colourful, but also very lively. But if you don’t like too many loud colours, then you can stick to monochromatic outfits. Let’s look at these beautiful colourblocked outfits:


The frayed hem is very popular and trendy. There are brands selling various clothing items with frayed hems. It gives a raw look and you can even make it your home. Cropped flared jeans with frayed hems look very raw and stylish. The distressed look it gives is not very distressing.

So you have cropped flared jeans but without a frayed hem? Don’t worry, you can simply do it at home. All you need is a scissor and tweezers.

  • First you need to cut the hemline of the jeans very carefully. Don’t cut it too short and make sure you measure it on yourself and mark it first.
  • When done cutting, you need to take your tweezers and pull the threads from the hem.
  • Make sure you have a clear idea of what kind of fray you want. So, accordingly, you can pull more or less threads and TADAAAA….. your DIY Frayed Hem Cropped Flared Jeans are ready to be worn.

Top 5 Best Cropped Flared Jeans

armani exchange cropped flare jeans

armani exchange cropped flare jeans

banana republic cropped flare jeans

banana republic cropped flare jeans

black cropped flare jeans zara

black cropped flare jeans zara

citizens of humanity demy cropped flare jeans black

citizens of humanity demy cropped flare jeans black

high waisted embellished dot cropped flare jeans

high waisted embellished dot cropped flare jeans
Are cropped flare jeans still in style in 2021?

Yes, definitely. They are back in style with a lot of colour and are pretty much liked by most people.

What are the best shoes for cropped flare jeans?

You can wear heels & boots with cropped flared jeans

Crop flare jeans with flat sandals?

Yes, of course, why not? Comfort over style. You can wear Cropped Flared Jeans with a flat sandal and a casual tee.

How do you make cropped flare jeans?

You won’t be able to make cropped flared jeans at home or on your own until you have a solid understanding of sewing and measurement. If you have flared jeans, you can simply measure and cut them to the ankle while keeping the frays. You could also get a regular-fit flared jeans and then cut them, but both would cost about the same, so you might as well get the cropped one.
Unless you already own a pair of flared jeans (in which case you can cut and sew a cropped version), you can get one for yourself.

What shoes do you wear with cropped flare jeans?

You can wear any kind of shoes you want, depending on your upper garments. For example, if you’re wearing a spaghetti top, you can pair it with boots.You may also play with colours.

What to wear with cropped flare jeans?

You can wear literally anything you want. From tank tops to sweaters and shirts. Anything. Just style it accordingly.

Where should cropped jeans hit?

Your cropped flared jeans should normally hit your ankle as it is “cropped”. If it is longer, then it is no longer cropped and if it is shorter, it usually doesn’t look that great.

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