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How To Dress In 2022

Taking notes from the Spring/Summer 2022 collections.

With Paris Fashion Week coming to an end, just like every year, stellar collections were put out by a lot of talented designers this year too. Of course, our lives have changed drastically owing to the pandemic and so has the fashion industry, but now everyone is looking forward to getting better than before. A lot of shows consisted of new silhouettes, bright colourful designs, drama with elegance and also bringing the Y2K style with a modern twist to it.

This reminds us of a quote by Karl Lagerfeld – “There is nothing worse than bringing up the ‘good old days.’ To me, that’s the ultimate acknowledgment of failure.”

So this feels like an apt time to talk about next year’s fashion and how to dress in 2022. We are looking at runway looks from the Spring/Summer 2022 collections by brands like YSL, Moschino, Alexander McQueen, YY/Project, Junya Watanabe, Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, Dior Men, GmBh, and Dries Van Noten.  In this blog, we will be discussing what caught our eye and why.

All Black Chic

Although it is no new information that luxury/couture designers love black, this Spring/Summer we got a lot more fits in all black than we were expecting. At Junya Watanabe, we got to see the new era for menswear with skirts and blazers in all black. It looks very effortlessly classy and comfortable too.

Saint Laurent is known for his classic, chic and timeless black and white colour palette, which has trickled down to menswear designs as well, almost the entire collection was a sea of black and white just like Rick Owens. But other than the colour palette nothing else is similar about the two giants. The silhouettes at Rick Ownes were a lot more pronounced with deconstructed knits and trains.

 At Louis Vuitton as well we saw quite a few all black outfits, although each one was styled with a different pop of colour, and this green and black combo really spoke to us.

How To Dress In 2022

The trend of denim never fades

We have already discussed about denim in our previous blogs, let us reiterate denim is making a comeback this Spring/Summer. This time designers really put their thinking hats on and manipulated denim in unthinkable ways, which was very fun to watch.

Rick Ownes’ take on denim stunned us the most! Making a long and baggy t-shirt out of denim in a deconstructed style is genius. Junya Watanabe has made really commercial denim jackets for the Spring. GmbH understood the assignment by pairing a blue denim jumpsuit with a brown belt to cinch the waist and also zippers placed all over the garment in a very enticing way. Y/Project also took a dive into the denim on denim look but their pants have two layers, the one on the inside is darker than the one on the outside, giving it a sense of depth. And Louis Vuitton went big with a colourful jacket in what looks like a tie dye print and paired it with acid washed denim with the classic LV monogram

How To Dress In 2022

How To Dress In 2022

For some reason, quite a few designers are anticipating demand for knits this coming spring. Demand or no demand we are here to enjoy the show and high quality artistic knits.

How To Dress In 2022

Y/Project really stunned us with this textured knit sweater with cutouts near the neckline, almost like a fishing net or a bunch of ropes tied smartly to create drama. At Dior it was a knit fest, to say the least, they showcased knits with fun designs, motifs, and their monogram too, which shows the craftsmanship of the brand.

Moschino showcased campy sweaters in bold colours and paired them with denim to let the sweater shine through.


I’m sure you all know by now what monochrome is (if not we recommend you to go through our colour blocking masterclass)

This season monochrome was done differently. It was done in both usual and unusual colours. Rick Ownes and Dries Van Noten chose to showcase outfits in white and khaki monochromatic scheme. While Rick’s whole outfit looks extremely editorial and edgy, Dries Van Noten’s suit deserves to be worn by an A-lister on a red carpet.


Then we have Louis Vuitton and Dior, who took a road less traveled. Louis Vuitton played with texture and volume in this blue outfit, it looks like armor over a raincoat with a hat and mufflers. If you feel this is a bit too much, you always have the option to pick and chooses elements from the look. Dior also showed a look in minty, almost neon, green paired with the same coloured bucket hat.


This seems like a usual garment to be included in every collection, this fueled the designers to add their own flair to it. Dior put long panels of fabric on the sides of the shorts, that look like pockets in the size of paper bags that you get take-outs in, this definitely looks like the next big trend.

At GmbH we got shorts paired with their signature crisscross designed coat. The shorts look super commercial and something their clientele will really enjoy.


Moschino also included shorts with a food motif all over them, Jeremy knows everyone is craving to eat at fancy places so he made an outfit to match the mood. While the food motif is not new at Moschino, here it feels quite fresh.

Saint Laurent designed chic, comfortable yet classy formal wear for their collection. It seems like a perfect outfit for an outdoor summer wedding, because who wants to be in uncomfortable tight pants and sweat all day long anyway. And luxe loungewear got a new face at Dries Van Noten, with bold colours and silky soft shirts and shorts.


Opulence, extravagance, and drama are what we have been craving for some time now, and designers really showed up and showed out. With eye-catching colors, cutouts in interesting places (almost weird too), shiny fabrics, costume outfits, face masks covering the entire face, we were really served a wide range of drama.


Louis Vuitton made monochromatic fits but added elements of drama like a chessboard print face mask covering the entire face paired with a hot pink coat and pants or cartoon-ish ear muffs with cat-like ears on them. Also, their combination of soft furry ear muffs with all leather outfit screams drama in itself.

Y/Project really explored cutouts this season and this coat really impressed us. The construction is so interesting. By putting out this scarf-like shirt having cutouts near the naval with a well-tailored jacket, Y/Project is letting the big players know they are one to watch out for.

Moschino and GmbH explored new fabrics and showcased this stunning sequins suit in a shiny royal purple color. While GmbH did their signature coat in white fur, adding snow king drama this Spring/Summer

Which one of these styles impressed you and what will you dare to wear this coming spring/summer let us know in the comments below.

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